3 Ways Shooting Can Help You Relax

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In a time when everything about the world stresses you out, you need to find something that will take the edge off. Most people would probably not think of shooting as the most relaxing thing to do – but when you think about it, the process of pulling that trigger might actually help put your mind at ease.

Shooting has many cognitive functions that people never really thought about. It can increase your visual acuity, your focus, and your mental processing. It also teaches you discipline as you are concerning yourself with gun safety. But most importantly, guns help you relax when all your mind knows is stress – regardless of the reasons.

The more stressed you are, the more reasons you have for getting a membership at the shooting range. No matter if you plan on shooting a range target or going out for game, here are some mental benefits that you might reap by beginning to pull that trigger.

1. It Gives a Sense of Control

Most of the times, our stress is caused by the times when we feel everything is chaotic around us. Our jobs make us feel easily replaceable, our personal lives are slipping out of our fingers – and frankly – everything seems to be going out of control. And the best thing is that you control the gun, not the other way around.

When we can no longer feel in control over the most important things in life, we can immediately feel the stress building up. And obviously, when people are stressed, they begin to underperform – leading to even more stress.

However, when you are shooting, it is you that is pulling that trigger. You are in control of the target that you want to hit. And once you hit that target, you will get the feeling that you have reached that purpose. You will have scored your goal – and ultimately, would get a higher sense of control.

It’s the little things that matter. For example, let’s say that your yard continuously has pests that throw everything off balance. By picking up an air gun, for instance, you can quietly get rid of the pests, ending their reign, and putting you once more in control over your own home. These models can represent a fairly good option in such situations.

It Takes Your Daily Worries Away

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Guns also allow you to gain control over your own fears. For example, when you are shooting, your brain releases cortisol and adrenaline – which, among others, can lead to a slight sense of fear. However, once the fear is released, this will allow you to relax – mainly because you will let go of that fear.

Think about people going for the first time bungee-jumping or jumping out of airplanes – the fear is also there, but the rush along with the feeling of control at the end will help them feel more in control. It’s like reaching a new level: a promotion of your own mind.

2. It Takes Your Daily Worries Away

Shooting takes a lot of focus – so when you are aiming with your gun, you won’t be able to think about how you are falling behind on your mortgage or how you will not be able to keep up with your workload. If only for a few moments, that stress will go away.

Plus, shooting with a gun will also take a lot of mental processing, safety measures, and physical skill. Even if you have all the world’s problems pressing down your shoulders, you won’t have the luxury to think about anything else. One slip, and you might probably miss your target – or worse, hit something that you weren’t supposed to.

Many athletes spend a fair time at the shooting range simply to detach themselves from all the problems. They will forget about the stress – and will only be living in the moment. It’s like clicking the “Refresh” option on your computer after you have closed all of the tabs. It is incredibly relaxing, and you get a satisfactory feeling out of it as well.

3. It Makes You Happier

There are studies pointing out that overall violence is declining, but gun ownership is on the rise. Why’s that, you may ask? Well, there’s a strong reason to believe that the cause is dopamine. And as it was discovered, shooting releases dopamine in the brain, making us feel happier and more excited – thus taking away the stress.

To put it plainly, dopamine is one of our brain’s neurotransmitters that affect our emotional balance. We feel its presence when excitement, engagement, curiosity, and creativity settle on our minds.

It Makes You Happier

Via: https://winchester.com/Blog/2018/05/Best-Ways-to-Grip-a-Pistol

Dopamine is released each time we decide to take a risk or do something that is relatively new. Plus, the release of dopamine reinforces our exploratory behavior, increasing our “survival mode.” We’ll be sp curious to find out what’s next – what happened with our shot – that we won’t even give stress a second thought.

Most of all, the release of dopamine along with serotonin will lower the feeling of helplessness, low motivation, and overall stress. As a result, it will give you relief from anxiety and depression – making you feel overall happy about your life.

Last but not least, shooting will increase the level of adrenaline in your brain, which is directly connected with the need to “do.” Along with the feeling of happiness, you will also get a feeling of responsibility and higher self-esteem.

As your visual accuracy goes higher, you will also feel better about yourself. Therefore, you will no longer feel as depressed. When you are happy, you are relaxed.

Final Thoughts

There’s more to guns than shooting at random objects at the range. Shooting gets your mind and body working – all while putting you in the present. You will not have the time, not the desire to stress over anything.

Granted, one may associate the “fear” of shooting with even more stress – but for those passionate, that “fear” is more synonymous with excitement, and a desire to find out what will happen next. Once you pull that trigger, it’s like putting your stress in the bullet – and releasing it with a bang!

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