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All cyclists have that natural urge to increase their speed as soon as they start to pedal and they will automatically wonder how fast they can go. You can use a speedo so you can determine your average speed every time you ride and when you already know about that, you will begin to have a comparison with other riders and if you can go faster. When you are able to keep an eye on your average, it will determine your fitness and development. As you improve, so does your average and only practice and perseverance will make you a better rider. There are ways you can follow so you will be a better cyclist and here they are:

Bending and tucking your elbows

The most common cause of slowing down is because of wind resistance and a lot of these tips pertain to your frontal area and how you drag so you can slice through the wind on a better scale. The easiest thing to do is to put your body on a lower position while riding on the bike. Do it differently by lowering your body so it gets closer to the bars and this can be done by bending and tucking your elbows instead of sitting straight up while on the bike. You will feel how different it is right away.

Listening to music helps


This can be tricky because sometimes you are going to need all of your senses so you will know if there is danger approaching, but is being recommended to try it so you will practice checking over your shoulder frequently, which is not widely done if the rider thinks they can hear everything. According to research, listening to music that is fast-paced and uplifting will reduce your effort levels. That music is able to cancel out fatigue symptoms like burning lungs, lactic acid and beating heart that can be felt in the muscles. Your perception effort us decreased by 10%. You will not notice that you are already working your legs harder and if you listen to music that has the same beat as the cadence, you will pedal faster to match the rhythm of the music to the cadence.

You should ride on the drops

How often do you use the drops if you are on a drop-handled bar bike is something you should practice. There is a chance that you are not doing it enough and riding down will give you enough practice to improve your bike handling skills and your aerodynamic drag will be reduced, which will give you more confidence as you descend. When you ride on the drops, wind resistance is reduced by 20% compared to if you are riding on the top. There are 2 things that people usually do when they are about to encounter a drop because it is either they are not able to reach the brakes or they are not feeling comfortable to ride over the drop. If the bike you are using has a proper fit, you should not have a problem riding over the drops during your ride. It will also help if you do stretching to loosen up your muscles, hamstrings, and lower back because you can move better. Stretching wakes up your mind and body allowing you to have a better mindset so you can ride faster and work your way into becoming the best rider you can be.

Use tighter clothing

There is actually more than one reason why you should use tight clothing while cycling. The first reason is that the material of the clothing is really made for wicking away heat and sweat so you will be kept cool and dry making you less tired as you ride. Another reason is that baggy clothes are dragging and will cause you to slow down. Wear garments that are slim-fitting and do not use tops that are loose. Wearing zip ups makes you go faster and if you are a very serious rider, you can cover your shoes with Lycra booties.

Decrease your weight


If you need to go a little bit faster, shedding off some pounds will really help you a lot. You will be able to go faster even if you put in the same amount of effort. Weighing lighter will help you as you climb uphill because you are not required to move a lot against gravitational force. If you weigh lighter, you will be able to punch a small-sized hole in the air so the drag you use is lesser when you riding on a flat surface. This doesn’t mean you would have to focus too much on losing weight so you will notice that there is a difference. You can ride for 30 minutes more, 3 times a week will make you lose 1 lb. after 1 month.

Make it aerodynamic

If you want to take it to the next level, you can put aerodynamic tubing, spokes that are aero-profile, and rims that have a deep-section reduces the drag that you feel while cycling. Unfortunately, it is the human body that causes 70% of the drag that you experience, which means that an improvement in your riding position is necessary. But before you start spending a lot of money on making improvements, keep in mind that these are only small compared to losing weight, being more fit, and making more time to ride. If you really want to spend money on your bike, then the best thing for you to do is to get your bike fitted and make sure that you have a Lycra kit that is slim.

Improving your riding speed is not impossible and it only takes the proper knowledge and practice so you will become really good at what you do. Make sure that you always have the proper gear on because that can greatly affect your performance, especially if you are trying really hard to increase your speed and power while on the road.

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