10 Top Hunting Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

All you hunting enthusiasts, we have a special treat for you today. We are bringing you the best hunting blogs you need to follow right now.

Nothing says outdoors and recreation like a great hunting trip. Unspoiled nature, fresh morning air and an excellent camping experience combined with the adrenaline thrill of hunting. It comes as no wonder that hunting is one of the most popular weekend activities in the United States of America.

top hunting blogs to follow

However, to have a fun and successful hunting trip it is crucial to learn all you can from people with experience. Where to go, what kind of equipment to use, and most importantly how to stay safe while having fun. This is where a great hunting blog comes in very handy both as a learning method and as an inspiration.​

For those of you that have already become seasoned hunters, these blogs will prove to be an awesome way to stay on track with the current events in the world of hunting. Don’t miss out on all the amazing stories and photos people have created as it may turn out you’ll find someone just like you living somewhere across the state.​

Without any particular order, here are 10 best hunting blogs you need to follow right now:​

It is difficult to imagine better prerequisites for a hunter than a born and raised Texan with active service in the United States Army. Taught by his father and grandfather since childhood, John has become an excellent big game hunter. Wishing to celebrate hunting and to share his knowledge and experiences, John has created his blog several years ago.

top hunting blogs to follow - big game hunting blog

His credentials are almost unmatched as he is a member of National Rifle Association, Outdoor Writer’s Associations of America, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Safari Club International. He is also a prolific author as he is a senior writer for Wide Open Spaces. His Army service took him to Iraq and Afghanistan, but his love for hunting took him all the way to South Africa. His photo gallery is rich and almost unbelievable while his posts are interesting to both novices and professional hunters.

Realtree is one of the biggest brands in hunting today. This trademark represents a trustworthy brand in clothing, accessories, jewelry, and much more. One of the largest resources out there will help you gear up, find the best place to hunt a particular species and the best way to do it. Under this blog, Josh Honeycutt, deer hunting editor has its own column, called Brow Tines and Backstrap

top hunting blogs to follow - realtree

If you're into deer hunting, this is a place to be. Everything you need or want to know is covered in this well-designed site, and the column is amazing. You'll find some quality imagery and amazing stories here. Like the one where a cancer survivor goes on a hunt of a lifetime

The author of this blog  has a well-known name in the hunting community. An expert hunter and outdoor specialist (even though he denies it), Will demonstrates how a good hunting site should be organized and maintained. Will is a bow enthusiast, and his blog is an ineresting, quality resource where anybody can learn and many will find some good time. 

top hunting blogs to follow - Will To Hunt

Reading this blog, you'll see Will wearing and using fantastic gear, which will make you want to go out and crawl in the forest, stalking your pray. Often you'll get a feeling of wonder how he manages to get such great gear. To answer your question, there is a gear page.  

Driven Hunter blog is a project started by a husband & wife duo Pat and Nicole Reeve. Their motto “driven to succeed, driven to persevere and driven to never give up” is the pillar on which their lives and professional careers as hunters are built upon. Their beginnings were humble, but in the end, their quality showed on the surface, and they were top rated by the popular Outdoor Channel, with five Golden Moose Awards won out of twenty-one nominations in total.

top hunting blogs to follow - Driven Hunter

Driven Hunter is the perfect place for all wildlife enthusiasts, not just for hunters. Pat and Nicole document everything, and you can read some interesting stories from their hunts and places they visited. You can also find everything from cool wildlife videos, and trophy photos, to professional hunting equipment and hunting outfit. Driven Hunter is the place to be when it comes to the world of hunting.

Jim Shockey is probably the most iconic figure when it comes to hunting and wildlife in general. This renowned writer, videographer, outdoor photographer and wilderness guide has been active in the top of the hunting world for more than 30 years. Another evidence of his successful career is his television production, which has won 15 Golden Moose Awards in the period from 2009 to 2015. He is an expert in archery and rifle, and he is also serving as Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of 4 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group.

top hunting blogs to follow - Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey knows everything about hunting and the wilderness. His blog is the best place for everyone who wants to discover the beauties of wildlife and hunting. You can also buy books and hunting equipment from the blogs online store, and if you want to experience an adventure with Jim, you can book a hunt and make a memory for a lifetime.

In the world of hunting, deer is the king of all animals, and deer hunting is the pinacle of this way of life.  If you're on a mission to score some impressive horns for your hall, this blog is the place where you need to be when you're not out in the wilderness. Deer & Deer Hunting magazine is a brand every hunter should be aware of.  Since 1977,  this brand has been growing and sharing the best and most exclusive content in this hunting genre. The community behind this brand is made out of best deer hunting professionals and seasoned hunters. 

top hunting blogs to follow - Deer & Deer

Info on deer, best places to hunt, interesting articles on outdoor activities related to hunting, and superb design - this site has it all. You can in prizes, shop in the official store, and follow interesting shows the D&DH crew hosts. There are a lot of great and informative videos as well; the site is maintained by Dan Schmidt, known as one of the best deer hunting specialists.

Here's a great outdoor site with superb design and in-depth knowledge and insights in all things hunting. Hunting Life is concentrated on hunting/conservation organizations and aspires visitors to take part in many conservation programs and actions alongside hunting. A huge knowledge database will make you a better hunter for sure - gear reviews, guides, listicles with interesting info, step-by-step tutorials are all here, organized in a natural theme with responsive design.

top hunting blogs to follow - Hunting Life

The Hunting Life newsletter is one of the first things you'll notice as you'll get a big popup that asks you to join it. The site offers you a ton of videos, the Pro-Staff Blog, Resources, and Forums where you'll find thousands of amateur and pro hunters exchanging opinions and advice. The Hunting Life has a strong social game; you can follow them in every major social media channel.

Superb design and overall natural hunting theme is the first thing you'll notice when you visit this blog. Wired to Hunt is run and maintained by Mark Kenyon, a whitetail deer addict, and a seasoned hunter. On this great website, you have a possibility to subscribe to a newsletter, join the podcast (one of the most popular podcasts in hunting space) using the ultra-modern podcast player, and explore the extensive library of knowledge and insights from accross the American wilderness. If you're into something new and exciting in hunting, chances are, Mark allready done it and wrote about it.

top hunting blogs to follow - ired to hunt

You simply can't go wrong with this blog. A lot of videos, interesting stories, and a popular podcast are features well worthy of your subscription. You'll learn a lot, get entertained, and inspired to go out and shoot your first catch.

Rodrigo Tardelli is the man behind the curtain when it comes to this awesome blog. An adventurer, explorer, fisherman and a hunter, Rodrigo is a prime example of a true lover of the outdoors. Whether it’s North or South America or even Africa, he always brings his A game to the hunt and his skillful mind to write a brilliant story about it. His writing style is up-close and personal, full of details and vivid pictures. It always has a dose of novel-like adventurism whether he is writing about the latest shotgun ammunition or his pheasant hunting tales.

top hunting blogs to follow - ired to hunt

Originating from Brasil, Rodrigo is a family man who has successfully found time for his hobby and his children. He currently resides in Traverse City, Michigan with his loving family and his adorable black lab Tupã.

Bill Howard has been a hunter and a fisherman since the age of three when his grandfather used to take him to meet the nature. He fell in love instantly and can’t live without the outdoors ever since. He even became a teacher for the hunter education (IHEA). His weapon of choice is a bow, and you can often see him carrying a bow throughout America’s wilderness. His second favorite thing is instructing others and sharing his knowledge and experience with novice hunters. This is probably the main reason why Bill started this blog.

top hunting blogs to follow - ired to hunt

Bill Howard Outdoor blog offers great stories about both hunting and fishing. This North Carolina record holder indeed has a lot of amazing things to say. What separates him from others is the amount of emotion and dedication he puts into his blog. As a proof of his writing skills, we would like to point out that Bill has a weekly column in North Carolina newspapers and is doing his best to bring the outdoors closer to both hunters and non-hunters.

Do you follow some of these blogs? As a hunter, do you have any additions to the list?

Let us know in the comments below!

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