Top 10 Fishing Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

​Are you that type of person who enjoys the sensation of freedom when facing the wilderness?​

A person that loves the feeling of peacefulness when trying to catch a fish, either for a sport or food?​

If you are, we have a fantastic list of top fishing blogs that you should follow right now.​

As some of you already know, there are different types of fishing and because of that, fishing blogs are also divided into several categories. Some of those categories include sea fishing blogs, fly fishing blogs, freshwater fishing blogs, and other.

All of the sites that we have written about on this list offer amazing content that will appeal hardcore fishermen as well as novices in the field. Some of them offer beautiful designs; some incredible advice; some great how-to's, but one thing is in common for all of them – every blog on our list offers something useful for the fans of fishing in general.​

Here are top 10 Fishing Blogs you need to follow right now

The ultimate fishing site is one of the best fishing blogs in the world. It covers a broad range of topics, everything from rigs to tips with video included. The design of the blog is not its best feature, but on the other hand, the content quality and diversity will make you stay on this site for hours.

The mastermind behind this site is Kevin Sewell who spent more than ten years on this enormous project covering over three hundred fishing locations. This site is definitely a must-visit for all fishing enthusiasts and people who enjoy nature in general.

KFB is a greatly designed site for all kayak fishing enthusiasts out there. It offers a ton of interesting stories and news, as well as the possibility to subscribe via e-mail to get all the latest articles as soon as they are live. On the site, you have a full access to one of the best fishing magazines, Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine, as well as the store from which you can buy t-shirts, stickers, etc.

There is also an ICAST video section where you can watch all your favorite videos about the fishing equipment. Overall, this is a pretty good site that covers a lot of topics, and it is very well designed.

Fishing Fury is a great fishing site. Not only that it looks gorgeous and unique, but it is quite functional as well. On the left and right, there are scrollable columns with a wide range of topics that cover everything about fishing. The middle section is also scrollable, and here you can see all the latest titles with pictures, depending on the topic of your choosing.

Another great feature of this blog are the forums where you can exchange your opinions with thousands of members. You’ll find a lot of quality insights, tips & tricks, and field knowledge here.

This blog is a holy place for saltwater fishermen in Florida and other that would like to test their luck in that state. The design is not the strongest point of the site, but, the lacks in looks is compensated with the incredible amount of quality information on the subject of fishing.

On this blog, you can find everything from news to how-to's, tips & tricks, and more. You can learn all about fishing, tying knots, as well as the identification of a different kind of fish. The site offers a large forum, that covers a variety of topics where you can exchange your experiences with other fishermen.

Yobi Adventures is a blog about fly fishing, and it’s one of the best in this field. It contains information on everything you need to know about this type of the fishery and it is presented in the classy looking site. The site is full of animation, and it is quite flashy. You can find a lot of good stories about fly fishing in different locations.

Everything is well covered and described to the fullest, including the amount of money that they spent on the trip – pretty valuable addition. The Yobi Adventures team is comprised of three authors and fly fishing enthusiasts with excellent writing capabilities, Eric Shores, Alex Hammer and Reza Almaneih.

Mid Current is another fly fishing site on this list, but it may be the "one" fly fishing site. It doesn't feature the most recent design, but it features everything else. News, articles, pictures, how to's, you name it, this blog offering is astounding. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or an experienced fisherman you can learn something new and exciting by reading this blog.

You can even shop for books, fishing gear, and listen the fishing podcasts. To maintain this comprehensive site, a considerable team is required, and we would like to mention a few members: Chico Fernández, Thomas McGuane, Bruce Richards, Marshall Cutchin, Glenn Pittard.

Moldy Chum is a terrific freshwater fishing blog that was founded sometime in 2006 as a collaboration between Reel Pure fly fishing brand and Moldy Chum, a media channel. On this beautifully designed site, you can find anything regarding fishing as well as art section, wallpapers, videos and the store.

Interesting category on the blog is certainly slab-of-the-month (SOTM) where they publish a picture of the best catch of a month. Another interesting feature of this blog is a giveaway section where they present many great gifts to the readers. A worthy blog to check out for all the fishermen out there.

Inspiring articles on fishing and boating curated by several expert contributors, quality design, and a big brand name stands behind this team. Take Me Fishing Blog offers unique features such as obtaining a fishing license and registering your boat, and everything that you might want to know about these topics. Besides that, TMF blog gives you an opportunity to provide fishing places based on your location.

Superb design, quality articles, a massive database of knowledge and interesting stuff, and excellent imagery will easily convert you to a lifetime fan of this fantastic website.

For all ice fishing lovers out there, this is a perfect site. Jack Traps is the owner, and he shares his lifelong passion on a quality-made site. Beside the stories of adventures on the ice-covered lakes, pictures, and videos of these events, there is a section on the site where you can buy all the necessary gear needed for ice fishing.

If you like snow and ice covered lakes and fishing, this is definitely a site for you. Interesting updates about Jack’s adventures, latest deals for gear and updates from events held in Maine.

The site AZGFD is the official one for all hunters and fishermen from Arizona state. Here you can get your licenses, check out rules and regulations, see where to find fish and other important things. The site is quite extensive in every way, and you can learn all about sports fishing here.

You can also learn about different types of fish, their behavior patterns, residence, type of food they eat, etc. From a design point of view, the site looks pretty good where everything is easily accessible and feels natural. A blog worth checking out even if you are not from Arizona state.

Line & Sight

The last site on our list, and certainly not the least, is Line & Sight. This site is a portal for all things fishing – from tactical how-to’s to entertaining video clips to opinions. It’s friendly, fun, and family-oriented tone draws in experienced and novice anglers alike.

Line & Sight

Do you follow some of these blogs? Which one is your favorite?

Or, do you have any addition for the list?​

Let us know in the comments below!​

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