Top 10 Cycling Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

Here at Recreation Space, we are really serious about getting out there, by any means possible. Whatever is your thing, we've got it. And the more we learn from the vast information online, the more we benefit in our favorite recreation.

Today we're all about cycling.​

We'll share some of the finest blogs that we love visiting and reading every day. Perhaps it's their design, or their skill and knowledge, but these sites have something for everyone who's into cycling.​

Following them, you'll stay on top of the latest trends, tips & tricks, and latest news in the cycling space.​

Here are the top 10 cycling blogs you need to follow right now

One of the top cycling magazines online. A combined resource on all things cycling-related. Dozens of bike experts from around the world provide thousands of trusted reviews, news, tips & tricks, and more.

Top Cycling Blogs To Follow

A big community with users from around the globe will help you get the best possible deal, choose the perfect gear, or find the greatest route for cycling.  All the biggest happenings in the world of cycling covered, every possible piece of equipment featured, and an active community to share experiences, all packed in a freshly designed, responsive and beautiful site. They have a big social following and a YouTube channel where they publish interesting videos like reviews, comparisons, tips, and more.

Follow BikeRadar on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

One of the most developed and best-organized sites in the field of cycling, Global Cycling Network brings everything related to two-wheel passion under your fingertips. The modern design, high-quality elements and big and sharp images simply stun the eye. Their team consists of several pro riders and dozens of journalists who cover every major event in the cycling world.

Top Cycling Blogs To Follow - GCN

No matter which category or style of riding you prefer, you'll find something exciting and interesting on this website. Latest news in gear, events, manufacturers and trails will keep you glued to the screen while browsing the endless pages of GCN. Their YouTube channel has 828K subscribers, combining for more than 219,5M views. 

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Bikerumor is a blog that will keep your inbox / news feed updated with the freshest of the gear, parts, new bikes and riders in all categories. If you're a bike enthusiast, the chances are high that you've heard of them already. The latest interviews, reviews, insights from cycling professionals and journalists, events, and much more, all are covered in this quality-made website. 

best cycling blogs to follow - Bikerumor

The focus on the latest tech in the cycling world is really noticable - often you can find in-depth reviews and first impressions of the freshest gear before it's even officially released. Mr. Tyler Benedict is the founder of this amazing website. 
You can follow Bikerumor on Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube and more social networks.

Bikes N' Stuff is an award-winning blog, tailored by an award-winning professional multi-discipline bike rider, Juliet Elliott. She's a sponsored rider and one of the most influential women in cycling, so you know you're getting the best with her. This blog features updates from Juliet's riding, her health updates, events, gear reviews, and impressive all-around articles that any bike enthusiast will adore.

top cycling blogs to follow - Bikes N' Stuff

'Cycling Blog Of The Year' award plainly speaks about the quality that Bikes N' Stuff brings. Juliet is a healthy lifestyle and women cycling advocate, and she never promotes a product or an event if she doesn't believe in it.  By following her blog, you'll be able to learn from the best and become a better rider. Guys, don't be shy to subscribe; this girl probably have ridden more miles than you!

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Mr. Elden is the guy behind Fat Cyclist, a blog which started from a  personal journal of an overweight man trying to lose some weight by riding his bike. The blog grew from there to a place that contains fascinating stories, articles, tips, and a bunch of interesting stuff more. Since May 2005, Fatty (that's how he calls himself and encourages you to call him) rides his bike and shares his life story with the world.

top cycling blogs to follow - Fat Cyclist

Fat Cyclist has a podcast, a well-designed product line, and a very loyal audience. When you read his articles, you'll become a part of that loyal community as well, without even noticing. 

As its name explains, Bike Hacks is a blog for all of you techies out there, who are on the look for the latest and most creative hacks. We all know that dozens of problems may occur on the technical side of things; sometimes, pure creativity like a wooden stick in the front derailer is something that you need. This trick and a lot more can be found on this interesting website. 

top cycling blogs to follow - Bike hacks

Hundreds of hacks with videos can be found here, for every single detail that might go (technically) wrong. Matt, Bret, and Andrew are the masterminds behind this project, where many subscribers can share hacks for the bike issues and malfunctions. The three words that describe Bike Hacks the best - Interesting, Usable, and Creative. 

We strongly encourage you to become a part of the bike hacking community, and follow Bike Hacks on Facebook.

Here's an interesting website, with loads of resources and quality articles on every topic around cycling and bicycles. The group of cycling enthusiasts started this project a long time ago (2009 is the oldest archive on their site), focusing on insider information from pro cyclists and cycling journalists. There are interesting updates on world events, reviews, and fitness-oriented pieces, all packed in an excellent, responsive design.

best cycling blogs to follow - red kite prayer

Mr. Padraig is the principal founder and editor-in-chief, responsible for this amazing project. Speaking of projects, RKP offers high-quality B2B services for bike companies through Red Kite Project
You can follow the Red Kite Prayer on Facebook and Twitter

Besides learning how to be a better rider and how to tune your bike, you want to know about the pros and the current biggest events in the sport. Cyclocosm is exactly that, with a dose of witty language, fresh info, and neat content (both video and infographics - very cool to bring the boring data to life). This is the blog to follow if you're not into the mainstream, yet you like pro cycling and would love to stay updated. Cosmo Catalano is the brilliant author behind this blog, and he's runing it since 2005. 

best cycling bogs to follow - cyclocosm

After consuming just a bit of content from Cyclocosm, you'll get hooked. This blog is so interesting that you'll keep jumping from a post to another without even noticing. 
You can also listen to Cosmo's podcast,  and follow Cyclocosm via feed.

Another "jewel in the mud" that comes not as popular as it should be. The Inner Ring - INRNG features stories from pro cycling with the point of view of an ex-pro rider or a team member. Fantastic writing, great insights and coverage, and a creative blog name, which describes the knowledge and resourcefulness of the author. Well worth to follow and add to your feed. 

best cycling blogs to follow - the inner ring

The concise articles found on INRNG will often be a  better resource than a much heavier pieces from mainstream media. The author prefers anonymity, but that's not a reason not to follow this great blog. 
You can follow INRNG on Twitter, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Last on our list but certainly not the least, is the website that brought the online presentation of cycling to another level. The creative name behind the blog comes from the theory-speculated organization that rules the world, the Illuminati. Here's what they state:
"We are the Keepers of the Cog. In so being, we also maintain the sacred text wherein lie the simple truths of cycling etiquette known as The Rules. It is in our trust to maintain and endorse this list." 

best cycling blogs to follow - Velominati

This blog is unique, attractive, and well-made. You can find a plethora of interesting facts, places, gear and bikes reviews, maps with trails, tips & tricks and more, all packed in a gorgeously-made website with an overall black & white theme. Everything is sorted into creative categories, and there's a comprehensive list of rules to obey to become a true Velominati member.

Are you following these blogs? Do you have any to suggest for addition to the list?

Let us know in comments below!

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