Tips for Becoming the Best Hunter

Tips for Becoming the Best Hunter

A lot of people try their hand at hunting, but some take longer than others to master it and become a really good hunter. Perhaps they are not aware of the best tips that they should do in order to gain an advantage and rise among the rest.

It is easy to pick a rifle or an arrow, aim, and then shoot. But what comprises a person who makes the best kill involves special knowledge that you will know about right here.

This is a post that will give you tips on how you can become an exceptional hunter. There are competitions that you can join each season or simply do it as part of recreation that will let you practice the tips that you will find out.

Tips for you

Give ample time

  • Most people who do still-hunting don’t allow enough time for it and don’t move really slow. Use your watch and give enough time to stay still.
  • You should remain in your spot for at least 5 minutes, but if you need more time, that is fine.

Sound like a squirrel while walking

  • Deer are very sensitive to human noise and they really become alert. What you need to do is to make small quick steps similar to sprinting between 10 to 20 yards.
  • Stop and then walk this way again. You will sound as if you are a squirrel traveling through the woods.

Be scent-free

  • Human scent is easily picked up by animals, especially deer. Before setting out to hunt, take a shower using soap that has no scent and as much as possible, keep contamination from your hunting clothes.
  • Put your clothes in a sealed container until you reach the hunting grounds. When you wear them, they will pick up the scent of the hunting location.

Find deer from other hunters

When there are a lot of hunters in the area, allow some time to look for them.

Tips for Becoming the Best Hunter
Locate the trail markers that they placed, ground blinds that are close to the access points in the area where you are in, and tree stands. After that, look for the thickest and most unpleasant looking cover that is far away from the hunting pressure.

Your scent should be off the ground

  • When you are in a spot that is ideal for catching bucks that are currently traveling, choose a stand that is above the ridge line.
  • This way the wind will carry your scent over the trees and not towards the ground where the animals will be able to pick up your scent.

Estimate the pace of the animal

  • You need to estimate where the animal will be located when you are done stalking it.
  • Before you start, make an observation to determine the direction that it will take.
  • Determine if it’s currently feeding itself or just walking. Be wise with your choice of destination.

Remove bling cutter

When you have chosen your spot, remove the leaves and debris in front of you using your boots. This will allow you to move without stepping on anything that will make the animal hear you while it is approaching your spot.

Natural is better

  • The mature bucks are easily triggered by commercial pop-up blinds unless they have been present at the site for weeks. The best thing to do is to build a ground blind using the materials that can be found where you are.
  • Strategize the placement well, and the downwind coming from a fence is a good place to start ambushing the animal when it makes its way to a field of crops.

Keep going

Sometimes a blood trail will lead to nothing because this can happen. This does not imply that the animal is dead which is not good, but that does not mean it is not severely injured. You should keep going until you find little spots of blood. Go on all fours if needed to help you stay in track.

Do not follow another hunter

  • If you are currently tracking down an animal in the snow and see another hunter suddenly shows up in front of you, stop following the animal in this direction. The wiser thing to do is to make a big circle in an attempt to make an ambush.
  • There is a big chance that the other hunter will only keep going forward. The ethical way to do this is to do it from at least half a mile.

Follow these tips in order to become a really good hunter and beat everyone that’s around you. Having an advantage over them and knowing things that not everybody knows is something that you should consider before starting to hunt. You will enjoy the experience even more when you are successful in your hunting trip because you made a good kill.

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