7 Things to Consider While Buying Your First Kayak

Things to Consider While Buying Your First Kayak

When we decide to buy a kayak especially if it is the first time, there raised a series of questions like Individual or double? What is the best kayak? When to buy it? What should be the Color, equipment, of the kayak? Do we want a slow and stable or fast and unstable kayak, a rigid or removable kayak? Especially at the beginning, we are grateful if there is someone to advise us when choosing the kayak. Therefore, we have prepared these seven tips, so you are well prepared to buy your first kayak, and buy the right one for your level and needs.

Things to Consider While Buying Your First Kayak

Buy a double or individual kayak

If you always sail with another person and the rapport is very good, then, yes, it is worth considering the purchase of a double kayak, for two kayakers:

A double kayak (also called a "two-seater") is considerably cheaper than two individual kayaks (also called single-seated kayaks) and costs almost a third less than two unique kayaks of the same quality.

The double kayaks are more stable and fast for its greater length. But these types of boat are clumsier to the maneuver, for weighting the kayakers closer to the ends. Since the wind affects them more, and the weight of the kayakers can vary. You also have to count on their uncomfortable dimensions when loading, to transport and throwing them away.

Then we must consider that double kayaks have less load capacity than two individual kayaks, offer less personal freedom and are not handled easily by a single person, so if you lack the wrong partner. Shovel alone in a Double kayak is a demotivating experience.

However, double kayaks are more seaworthy and are often more comfortable and safe with choppy seas than an individual kayak.

The Color of the kayak

You will spend a lot of time with your kayak in the sea, so you should like its appearance and it’s Color. But keep in mind that the Color of the kayak is important to be seen by other boats and in emergencies: Experience shows that the most visible Color is yellow, followed by orange and reddish tones.

Dark colors are not visible, and you lose sight of them on the high seas. Also, dark kayak colors absorb solar radiation better, so they heat up and tend to decorate before.

In general, it is said, if the Color of the kayak is yellow, it is more visible. If the Color of the kayaks white, it shows less wear. That's why many fiber kayaks have a white helmet because it conceals scratches better. However, if the kayak color is of intense colors, such as a blue or deep red, it diffuses before.

Depending on the manufacturer, you can choose between different colors. For example, the hull of the kayak may be white, while the deck may be of blue heat and the black seal, etc.

A naturalist, for example, preferred suede colors to be able to observe without being observed. What about you? What Color do you like for your kayak? Design your kayak with your colors.

The kayak equipment

Do not be in a hurry to buy more equipment. Wait to acquire experience and feel the need, if there is one. If you feel that you need more accessories, there are a lot of kayak fishing gears to choose from: suits, thermal clothing, boots, gloves, caps, bags, document case, sail, luxury fanny pack, seat pad, a kayak cart to transport the kayak, etc.

The best kayak

The best kayak does not exist. What are some kayaks more or less suitable for different environments, situations, and purposes? What is the best kayak? The same kayak will be the best for some and not the right one for others.

Where to buy a kayak

Who often makes trips in a kayak, probably would like to have their kayak. We know that buying your first kayak is difficult. There are a lot of questions, such as: What type of kayak do I need? If you already know what type of kayak you want to buy, then you will ask yourself, “Where can I buy the kayak?" Therefore, there are several options where you can buy your kayak: There is a list of used kayaks. Then there is a web page of all the kayak stores. If you want to see some model of the kayak in detail, you have manufacturers or brands of the kayak. Here, on this website, we help you acquire the basic knowledge so that you can buy the best kayak for you.

How to choose a kayak

"How to choose a kayak" is the theme that beginners can go crazy. How to choose the kayak right when you do not have the necessary foundation to make a choice? The answer is negative, and it is fair that it be so.

Your best option is to get as close as possible to a kayak, such as a cross-country kayak (4.5-5 m in length, 58-63 cm in width, and moderate load capacity) with good resale value. Start with a transitional design and think that this first boat will not be the last one throughout your life.

What type of kayak?

What kayak wants? Do not worry if you're not sure what kayak you want. Every beginner asks the same question, and here we try to give you the information you need. First, you should know if you want a rigid, folding or deflate kayak. A rigid kayak means that it is made of materials such as plastic, fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, wood, etc. It is the most purchased type of kayak. But if you do not have a place to store the kayak or you have to travel a lot to the sea, lake, river or you prefer that the kayak does not occupy much space, then we recommend a folding kayak before a de-floatable kayak since the inflatable kayak is much slower.

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