The Best Tips for River Fishing

The Best Tips for River Fishing

When trying to fish in the river which flows only in one direction and perpetually experiences physical changes, you will have a more challenging experience and fishing in rivers requires more technical skills compared to other bodies of water.

The current is very strong and the flow rate is very extreme. This is because of the trees that have fallen and logs that can be found in other parts of the river. The river is always moving which means that you would have to acquire more casting skills.

Here are tips that you will be able to use for fishing in the river which can be very challenging yet rewarding once you get the hang of it.

Check the profile of the river

Fishing in the river is different if you compare it with other bodies of water and you need to make some considerations to be successful.

  • You should check the movement of the river because unlike in the ocean that water is much deeper and the different currents depend on the level of water; that causes the motion of the water to go back and forth, fishing in the river will have less motion that you need to watch out for.
  • Fishing in the river makes you experience more water movement compared to lakes or dams, but not as much as the ocean.

The shape of the river should also be observed because it can be caused by its depth, width, and geological aspects. How the river flows can change as there is progression.

The Best Tips for River Fishing
There narrow points of the river which can cause a bottleneck effect and when this happens, the activity of the river will increase and the areas that are wider can decrease the river’s energy. If the river’s path is through a landscape, its speed is greater compared if the river is twisting and turning because it will encounter more obstacles that can cause the movement to slow down. The rocks, rises, and falls that are at the landscape can lead to changes in the behavior of the water. This can cause the water to be more rapid, but if the landscape is clear of these, the river will be calmer.
  • Once you are able to determine the shape and flow of the river, you will now be able to decipher the pattern and movement of the river which is very essential in finding out where the fish are most likely located.
  • This is especially important if you are out to catch a specific kind of fish.

Catching the fish

Keep your eyes protected

For a better sight of the fish, it is good to use a pair pf polarized glasses because you will be able to locate fish more effectively if you are able to see clearly despite of the sun’s rays.

Bounce the live bait

Not just anywhere because you should bounce if off the bottom. You should use a fishing rig that will allow you to do this so that your bait will have a more natural effect. Your live bait should be bounced off with the current and not against it.

The backwaters are ideal to find fish

There are certain types of game fish that can be found in a river where the current isn’t too strong. One example is the largemouth bass because they like to live in the backwater creeks that are in between the river and downstream.

Weeds are a good sign

If you find a place in the river where there are a lot of weeds and the water is calm, there is a big chance that a lot of fish are in that area.

Since weeds are not commonly found in rivers, the fish will be concentrated in an area where the water is calm and weed is growing. One popular game fish that you can catch in this area is the largemouth bass.

Near the islands is a good place to fish

Most rivers have islands and an area of these islands can be a great spot for you to catch fish. Be aware of trying to wade out towards any island because there could be drop offs that might surprise you and can send you down the river.

Get information from the people who live near the river

You can ask the owner of the shop or the fishermen who live there for tips and what tricks they use to catch fish in the area. The moon and the weather can affect the presence of the fish and you can ask them when is the best time to fish and where to find them.

These are the most useful tips that you will be able to utilize when you are going to fish in a river to make your experience worthwhile and productive.

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