Staying Comfortable While Asleep Under the Stars

Staying Comfortable While Sleeping under the Stars

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken to somebody about how much I love camping and was met with a response of confusion. I’ve heard it all; “How could be out there with all of those bugs” or “I’d never be able to go camping, it’s too uncomfortable. I can’t sleep on rocks and dirt.”

But the truth is, camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable at all. In fact, when I’m out in nature, I tend to have a better nights sleep and wake up more rested than I ever do when I’m at home sleeping on that unfathomably expensive mattress my wife made me buy. You know, the types that cost two months mortgage and didn’t change a thing about your sleeping habits.

You see, camping isn’t uncomfortable by necessity, it’s only uncomfortable because you don’t have the right equipment. The trick is figuring out how to keep yourself relaxed and cozy without having to carry a ton of extra weight. And with the camping technology of today, that is so much easier than you might think.

Staying Comfortable While Asleep Under the Stars

Here are some ways to keep yourself comfy while camping

Get a Camping Mattress

Camping mattresses are something that I’ve known about since childhood, so I was somewhat shocked to find out that the average non-camper didn’t even know these were an option (you can say I live a camping bubble).

But not only are camping mattresses a real thing, but they’ve also come a long way in even the last decade. As a child, a camping mattress was little more than a thin foam pad that you unrolled and tried to lay flat. Spoiler alert; that was nearly impossible.

But today’s mattresses are more than capable of laying flat. Not only that but they self inflate too, all you have to do is open the self-inflate valve and let the mattress do the work for you. Roughly ten minutes later you’ve got yourself a fully inflated mattress, and it’s comfortable too. Although, I would suggest giving it a couple of extra puffs of air just to firm it up a little more.

Sleeping Bags

If you’re sleeping outside, especially if you’re by a body of water or in the woods, then you expect to get a chili breeze throughout the evening. A quality sleeping bag will protect you from that breeze, keeping you warm and cozy throughout the night.

Some sleeping bags come in systems; an inner layer for keeping you warm, and an outer-layer for keeping you dry. I recommend purchasing one of these types of sleeping bag systems regardless of where you decide to camp. But it is a necessity if you’re camping in areas that get a lot of rain.



Obviously, you need a tent, I’m not sure I know of anybody who doesn’t already understand that. But what far fewer people understand is that you don’t need a giant tent to be comfortable. In fact, those mansions of a tent tend to be more trouble than they’re worth, and you end up spending half of your time pitching the tent and tearing down the tent.

All you really need is a single or two person tent. They are easy to set up and even easier to take down. Stop struggling with those enormous tents, and get something smaller. You’ll have more time to enjoy the outdoors, and your trip will be infinitely more relaxing.


There’s nothing like cooking with fire, and when you’re camping, that’s precisely what you should be doing. Think about it, sitting out by the grill with some drinks in your hand and wings on the grill. At that point your basically back at home, the only difference is you’re surrounded by the natural beauty that surrounds us. There’s really nothing better.


Get yourself a modestly sized portable grill, that you can bring on the road, and a cooler full of food. Once you fire up that grill and crack open some of your favorite whiskey, you’ll want to stay out there forever.


Every movie I’ve ever watched of people camping has them sitting hunch-backed on logs gathered around a campfire. Those scenes always make me laugh because it tells me one thing for sure. Actors don’t do a lot of camping. I’ve been camping for a little more than a decade now, and I almost never use a log as a place to rest my legs.

They’ve got chair kits that work in tandem with your self-inflatable mattresses to create a luxurious chair to sit on. And they aren’t expensive either.


And if you’re camping in a wooded area, I would recommend bringing a hammock with you. They add almost zero weight to your rucksack, are easy to set up, and they provide some of the most comfortable naps you’ll ever take.

One thing I’ve learned while talking to people who don’t camp is that they would love to experience what it’s like to sleep under the stars, surrounded by all of the charm and elegance that nature has to offer. The only thing stopping them is that the trade-off for that experience is that they have to be uncomfortable.

I’m here to tell you; that’s no longer the case. Finally, you can experience the great outdoors without sacrificing comfortability, and there are plenty of places you can go to get tips on gear for camping comfortably. Sure, you’ll have to contend with insects, but get you some bug spray, and you’ll be just fine.

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