We hold a $1,000 scholarship twice a year for any college student (graduate OR undergraduate). We found fitness through outdoor recreational activities. And we want to share it with you. We want YOU to get into a healthy, active life while in college.

We take pride in being able to assist your education and to be eligible for the scholarship, you need to:

  • Upload a video to Youtube tell us about your most favorite outdoor activity, explain why you chose it and how it benefits your health.
  • Title the Video: " [Your Name] - RecreationSpace 2016 Scholarship "
  • In the description area, include: Your Name, College Name and add this sentence in the end : " Apply to RecreationSpace 2016 Scholarship - https://www.recreationspace.com " 
  • Send us an email to contact[at]recreationspace.com Include: the link where we can watch your video, Your Name, College Name, College Year, Major, Email and or Phone Numbers we can reach you at.

Here’s how the videos are scored:

  • Telling a story in a way that makes others want to try your favorite outdoor activity - 30 pts
  • Be concise but do highlight your recent personal achievements in the video - 30 pts
  • Community Vote (likes, comments, shares, virality, etc) - 20 pts 
  • Prominently displaying your College’s emblem - 20 pts

Stealing copyrighted works will disqualify the applicant.

Application Deadline for the Fall Scholarship is 30th June 2016 and for the Spring Scholarship is 30th November 2016. Students are welcome to re-apply each year.

$1,000 Check will be sent to the financial aid department of the student under that student’s account. International students are welcome to apply.

If you win, we will notify you by email. You have 15 days to respond to that email or the check can be awarded to someone else.

We take the privacy of our applicants very seriously and all information submitted will be used for the sole purpose of deciding the scholarship winner(s).

This scholarship is sponsored by Recreation Space.

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