Outdoor Team-Building Activity Ideas

Outdoor Team-Building Activity Ideas

You can achieve high goals at limited time only getting coordinated work in the team. That’s why team-building outdoor activities are so important.

What is team building for?

Proper team building provides many business benefits. Here are just a few of the perks:

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  • Performance and productivity improvement. Employees are more energized and filled with positive emotions and they learn how to adapt to changes around quickly.
  • Players are learning collaborative work - both students and office workers. The skills acquired during the training could be used while studying or working.
  • The overall atmosphere is improving. Groupmates learn not to be distracted from their tasks while maintaining an optimal psychological climate.
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    Overall motivation improvement as well as confidence in victory. Participants are charged with energy, they desire to be in a team is growing up, they sincerely want to contribute to the development of the company.
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    Properly organized teambuilding can reduce and even completely stop staff turnover. Each employee occupies his own niche finding his place and feels supported by his superiors and other colleagues.
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    The attractiveness of your company in the labor market improvement. Information about team building and good attitude spreads out super fast. This will attract the best specialists in your field to your company who want to work in such a prestigious place.

The benefits of outdoor activities

Outdoor team building gives a much better effect than a feast, office gatherings or non-active games. So why should you try a brand new open-air location? Each person being into unusual, even extreme conditions, activates his internal reserves. This gives a feeling of confidence in his ability to tackle the problem - and teammates are always ready to help.

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Here’s a list of vibrant ideas on team-building improving you have to try with your friends and colleagues:

  • The fence. The team needs to get over the imaginary fence. All you’re allowed to use are three poles and a rope.
  • Bumps. Your group has to overcome the imaginary swamp with certain “tricks”. For example, you must hold your partners’ hands like in a chain while moving.
  • The fall. The participant falls on his back into the hands of his team members. The goal is to learn how to make an independent decision in a critical situation.
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    The hollow. One member must get into the "hollow" of 10ft height. The whole team helps him. The task is performed with a safety net.
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    The maze. The team players are blindfolded, they can’t speak or their mobility is limited. They must get out of the maze where "mines" are hidden on the way out.
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    The cage. There’s a net cage where the ball must be taken out from. Five attempts are given to complete the task, otherwise, it’s considered to be failed.
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    ATV trails. This is not just a joyride but a challenge overcoming the imaginary “swamp”, setting balance on swinging boards, and playing a “minesweeper” with the help of team members. That’s game is a favorite for both adults and kids riding ATVs.

Team building can be provided in different ways. For example, historical reenactment or role-playing games won’t leave anyone indifferent. Role-playing, costumes, realistic equipment - all these bring significant unforgettable impressions. The plot is up to you, just be creative and use your imagination. Here’s a bunch of top-notch ideas:

  • The storytelling based on Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”. No doubt, everybody will be delighted to dive into the fantasy world of elves, gnomes, hobbits to fight the evil orcs.
  • Throwing a classy VIII-century ball with fancy dresses, exquisite dances, gorgeous princes and princesses. It’s a great chance to improve your dancing skills as well!
  • Vikings. Battlesuits, historical weapons, horseback riding - everybody will enjoy the world of northern romance.

Bottom Line

Outdoor teamwork allows you to get rest from everyday issues, change the background and “reboot” your brain activity. In fact, summer and even winter open-air team buildings are much more effective than indoor training at the office or a conference room.

Summing up the results, rewarding the winners, cuddly gatherings, and just relaxing in the fresh air could be the best end of such a busy day!

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