A Mountain Bike Hybrid for Women


A woman can have several difficulties when it comes to finding suitable bike. Most are designed for use by men, so she would have a harder time identifying which model is best for her physical type of a taller torso, shorter arm and leg reach, and small body sizes and mass.

The average female biker has look at many smaller bikes to find one with a good fit, or just stick to ranges with designs for female cyclists. Females require wider seating due to their broader hip and other physical features. They need something they can comfortably occupy for many minutes at a time without suffering numb or painful sensations.

Giant’s Sedona hybrid is one such mountain is one is meant to be enjoyed by different riders of various heights. The variant specific to women is not available in the largest size for this reason. The model is of a new generation of hybrids designed for flexible use on either road or trail.

The first of the series was released in 2007 and the firm has been producing it for sale ever since. Its design is ergonomically suited to the proportions of women’s bodies and comes sized in three models, which retail for between $400 to $500 depending on the model and outlet. Due to the brand’s marketing policies, buyers have to find and buy the model they want from a local bike specialist.

Flexible Uses


The marketing campaign for this bike centers mostly on its utility in varied conditions and for different uses. That’s because hybrid mountain bikes in the Sedona’s class bring a mix of advantages derived from types specifically focused on either road and trail rides. The Sedona is presented as a category leader in versatile riding which is good for use on roads, singletracks, dirt trails, and some harder terrain. It’s meant to appeal to a wide range of practical buyers who can put it to good use as a cruiser, commuter, or active sports bicycle.

The general range of Sedonas has front suspensions, feature drivetrains with either 21 or 24 speeds, and comes in four sizes from extra small to large. These come in standard color schemes which include black-charcoal, silver-green or silver-red, or white-turquoise hues.

Women’s Model Specifications

The women’s version comes in Extra Small, Small, and Medium versions as befits a product range sized for women. The bike is equipped with a feature set common to many popular hybrid trail bikes, such as:

  • Lightweight and rugged aluminium frame.
  • Lockable front fork suspension for finer adjustment of ride characteristics, to better handle tougher terrains.
  • Rugged steel handlebars situated for good posture support and grip comfort.
  • Industry standard 3x7 drivetrain enabling 21 speeds using Shimano, Suntour, and SRAM parts
  • Metal-alloy brake, hub, and rim parts.
  • Durable 26 inch rims and tires.

It has a set of components and style features specifically designed or chosen to better suit the typical female user, which includes:

  • Lower-cut tubing at the frame’s front to make it easier to mount or dismount.
  • A large and wide seat specifically designed with additional padding for more comfortable use by females.
  • A more pliant suspension optimized for more comfortable and smoother rides which are preferred by the average female mountain biker.

The women’s models come in their own style scheme which offers a variety of feminine-oriented hues such as black-berry, silver-white, and turquoise-white.

Frame Geometry


This type of hybrid is made for leisurely rides at moderate speed on pavement as well as easy, well-paced rides on less technical courses. Giant reconsidered several standard aspects of geometry and dimension when their designers developed the women’s model.

  • Depending on the frame sizing, the saddle has a frontal angle of 70-73 degrees to enable a better-balanced ride.
  • The slant also allows for a more comfortable ride posture, which is further encouraged in its mostly-upright seating design.
  • The front head tube has a height of 7 inches which lets females of shorter height to easily reach and hold the handlebar grips.
  • The frame geometry was also slightly altered to accommodate lower stand-over heights of between 25-26 inches, to let females of shorter height more easily mount.

Be aware that the specific dimensions and thus the approximate fit for each size has been altered a number of times since the bike first came to market. It would be best to confer with a bike store specialist on the spec details of the current model before deciding on the size.


The women who buy and use hybrid mountain bikes made for their body types tend to use them as all-rounders. Many don’t have much interest in riding away from smooth pavement, and neither do most care to race on the streets.

The typical rider would initially find this bike a nice means to commute to workplaces, cruise to the club or activity center, go on errands to nearby stores, or just tool around town. With its multispeed drivetrain it is geared for climbing hills, and its suspension lockout enables riders to move quickly with less effort along roads and other level ground.

But the good thing is that with a hybrid like the Sedona, a woman may also find that its extra capabilities will let her enjoy an additional bit of off-road riding, even with friends who might have more advanced bikes. This model is not designed for hard-core riders of both sexes to tackle much tougher terrain, although it is competent at handling well-groomed singletracks and less technical dirt trails.

It has some off-road ability, but its design puts more emphasis on giving female riders a comfortable, more upright ride. It offers easy handling on both paved streets and the less difficult off-road terrain. All said, the women’s Sedona hybrid mountain bike can a deliver a lot of varied and enjoyable rides for its price.

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