Mistakes You Could be Making While Cycling Indoors

Mistakes You Could be Making While Cycling Indoors

The ability of cycling to burn calories is almost unbeatable if you are exerting enough effort and doing the right things. There are mistakes you need to know about so you will not do them or if in case you did any of them, you will be able to stop.

So the next time you go to an indoor cycling class, avoid doing certain mistakes that can affect the effectivity of your indoor cycling workout so you can get the most out of it and achieve results quicker than you expect.

Here are the mistakes that you should know about to help you:

You are right on time

  • The problem with this is you are not leaving any time for you to set up the bike and test the settings prior to starting the class. Make sure you arrive at least 5 minutes early so you can get settled and you will have a chance to ask the instructor to help you in tightening some knobs and help you set-up in case you are not sure about it.

Your grip on the handle bars are too tight

  • Even if it feels like the bike is going to derail and has the tendency to shoot across the room, it will never happen. This is why you should keep yourself from clinging onto the handle bars, which is very similar to how a mountain climber grips the rocks.
  • You will only waste energy doing this because you are only going to end up supporting your body weight on your wrists. If your wrists are painful after a class, then it is clear that you gripped on the handle bars too tight.
  • The next time you get on a bike, direct the energy to making your core tighter and making your weight on the bike balanced over your glutes, midsection, and quads.

Your seat is not at the right height

  • If your seat is too low, you will not be able to extend your legs fully, which minimizes the power on each stroke while you pedal. If your seat is too high, it will cause your hips to move back and forth in order to reach the bottom of each pedal while doing a stroke.
  • This will slow you down and you might even bruise your groin. In order to get the right height for you, standing next to the bike is what you must do and then hold your palm so it is parallel to the ground before positioning it to the top of your hipbone.
  • You will know that the seat is already at the right height when you try sitting on it and try to pedal, you can do it comfortably.

Mistakes You Could be Making While Cycling Indoors
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When you push too hard without pulling

  • There is a reason why those pedals have cages and why you need to wear clip-in shoes. When you do a rotation in your legs, it’s not all about the strength you put into hammering using the balls of your feet, but how much power you exert as you bring your foot back up and around.
  • If you concentrate on removing the pause as you pedal at the bottom you stroke and completely drive your knee up to get a complete rotation, you will be able to have more power and give your hamstring a better kind of workout.

Your hand weights are too much

  • Most of the indoor cycling classes that involve using your upper body, instructors only require weights between 1 to 3 pounds. It is because the workout is going to make you do a lot of repetitions.
  • Its goal is to make your muscles feel fatigued, but only enough to give you a good workout. You will be able to perform exercises better by using light hand weights rather than heavy ones. There is always time for lifting more weight later.

Your sports bra is flimsy

  • There is a bike seat, but it does not indicate that you are going to be on it the entire time of your workout. When you spin, you will actually bounce around a lot so it is important that you are wearing a sport bra that will support you the entire time. It will not feel comfortable if every move you make will make them move and bounce around because this will keep you from enjoying the workout.

Failing to stretch after you are done

  • Your hip flexors will feel a little bit cranky after you have unmounted your bike or maybe your calves will whimper for you to reprieve them. Even your shoulders will feel a bit peaked no matter how much you try to keep them calm.
  • Your quads, glutes, and hams will feel very painful and weak. When you stretch, you are doing all of them good and stretching will let your muscles rebuild after a long hard session of indoor cycling.

Trying to do a climb right away

  • As you approach a climb while you are on a bike, the position of your body will be shifted forward and a little bit backwards. Do the same thing while riding an indoor bike.
  • Start the climb by placing your hands on the lower sides of the handle bars while putting a decent bend at your hips.
  • When you are starting to feel uncomfortable, place your hands on the parts of the bars that are straight that are in front of you so your torso will rise up that will increase the angle of your hip. The subtle change that will happen in your torso is going to give your legs a boost so you will have more power as you do the climb.

These are the common mistakes that people commit while doing an indoor cycling class. Make sure that you do not commit any of them and always check yourself no matter how excited you are getting during the workout. It is a good way to prolong your energy and make your workout more effective.

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