6 Items You Didn’t Know You Need for Your Hunting Expedition

Hunting Expedition

Is it possible to be TOO prepared? Not during hunting season, it isn’t!

While hunting is seen as a recreational event it doesn’t mean that you should take preparation lightly. Making sure your backpack contains everything you may need for planned AND unforeseen circumstances is essential. Not only can it make your hunting trip more enjoyable, but you’ll safeguard yourself against a few risks.

But you don’t want to weigh down your luggage with too much gear either, right? So we’ll make it easy for you. Start by adding these six items to your checklist and you can rest assured: you’ll be prepared for most scenarios so you can relax and enjoy the hunt.

Space Blanket

A space blanket is a multi-purpose item. Not only will it be your saving grace if you get lost on a cold night but if you decide to spend more time on the hunting grounds you don’t have to be concerned about hypothermia. Even in normal conditions it will help because you can use it to pitch a makeshift tent and add camping to your experience.

Multi-purpose items are ideal to add to your backpack: improvise with them to cope with whatever happens during the excursion.

Switch from Hunting Wear to Tactical Wear

You probably have your favorite T-shirt and jacket for hunting, designed in practical hues. But adding tactical wear could be the investment you need to make your hunts more successful. Tactical gear such as the outfits Kryptek designs is made to be more practical, camouflage better and be ultra comfortable so you can do more out in the field.

Hunting-Oriented First Aid Kit

Perhaps you dropped a few medical odds and ends in your bag so you’re ready to cover a scrape or nurse a headache.

Think for a moment: do you have your personal medication for more than a day, in case you’re stuck out there for a while? And what if a hunt results in much more serious injuries for which you need to be prepared? Along with the space blanket mentioned above you should add a tourniquet and splints to your kit.

But gear is only as good as the skills applied when using them. If you know you’re entering rough terrain where falls are imminent, investing in doing a first aid course can save your own or someone’s else’s life.

Clothing You Can Layer

You can never assume what will happen with the weather. I think we’ve all had experiences where weather apps are simply not accurate. That means you need to be prepared for EVERYTHING.

Layering your clothing so you can take off jackets when it becomes hot is essential. You don’t want to dehydrate from sweating. When the cold pulls in you MUST have proper thermal wear too.

Signalling Equipment

In a tech advanced world you may forget that there won’t be signal for your mobile phone out in the woods. Or, what if you run out of battery? Adding a simple signaling device like a mirror or a whistle is smart and it doesn’t take up much space.


To build your tent or bind up a splint you’ll need rope. Add a long, thin cord to your gear so you’re ready even if you have to use it to lower yourself down an incline.

As you can see, packing your gear is about preparing for anything that may happen. Make sure you don’t have stressful recollections; rather an enjoyable adventure with memorable moments and stories to tell.

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