INFOGRAPHIC: Important Information about Camping

Important Information about Camping

Camping is a way to unleash the troubles in one’s mind because you are able be one with nature and relax your mind while you are doing it. Any person who returns from a camping trip is filled with wonderful memories about the trip that they can cherish forever.

Pleasure travelers also go for camping because it gives them a sense of fulfillment whenever they are able to make the trip successful.

Being out of your comfort zone and living within the resources you have available trains you to be more self-sufficient and determined to find comfort in the things that you have. Camping affects you in a positive light, which is why people are still drawn to it until now.

Important Information about Camping


1 out of 10 pleasure travelers go camping and each year, there is $500 MLN spent for it. People are able to do other outdoor activities because aside from being at the campsite, they also go hiking, trekking, hunting, fishing, etc. Some people enjoy setting up tent in a certain spot and make it their resting ground after a long of day of doing these activities.

According to study, they were able to observe the trend of camping trips taken each year by Americans.

  • There is 16% of them who do not go camping at all in a year, 10% take 1 to 2 camping trips each year, 8% do it 3 to 4 times a year, and 65% have 5 or more camping trips in a year.

This goes to show that more than half of the population spend their free time camping. An outdoor activity such as camping brings you more adventures and it helps strengthen the bond between people in the group.

You get to do things together and build better connections. Even couples go camping to form a stronger bond between them.

Choosing camping spot

When you are picking a camping spot, there are factors that you need to look for so that your camping trip will be successful. Before you set up camp, make sure that you have the following in check:

  • The campsite needs to have a good landscape and this is the most important consideration. This takes up 42% of people’s consideration because it will be very hard to set up in a spot that is not well-planned out, which can give you major discomfort.
  • It should of course be clean, which is what 35% of campers look for when picking a camping spot. No one wants to set up camp on a space that is full of trash left by previous campers. You will be spending a lot of time in the camp site so make sure it is clean enough for you to put your stuff down.
  • Think ahead by looking for a camp site where you can easily have a picnic with the people you are with. There should be enough room for your tent/s, camp fire,​ sleeping pad for side sleepers, things, and it should be conducive for lounging around while you are having quality time eating and laughing. This takes up 22% of their criteria when looking for a camping area.
  • Aside from the food that you brought, it can be more fun to try catching your own food because there is nothing better than eating fresh fish from the nearby river or stream. The camping area that you will choose should have a nearby stream or river where you can go fishing. Do not forget the fishing gear and bait. You can also ask the people in the camping area the best time to fish so you can fully enjoy the essence of fishing. Fishing is the concern of 17% of campers each year.


There is a notion that everyone who goes camping stay in a tent during the trip, but the reality is the preference of campers vary. There are more ways to keep yourself safe and/or comfortable during your camping trip.

  • 86% of campers set up a tent, which is the most popular type of shelter for camping. Tents can be taken anywhere, but make sure that it is big enough for you and your things.
  • 33% spend their time in a cabin, which is another good way to camp but more expensive. It is similar to living in your home just not in the same area.
  • 30% prefer to just have their backpack with them and they are good to go. They only bring the essentials that will really have a purpose for the whole camping trip.
  • 26% drive-up to the camping ground and prefer to sleep in their car. This saves them the trouble of setting up a tent just like staying in a cabin.
  • 21% go camping in their caravan, which is equipped with everything they’ll need for the whole trip. Some can even cook full meals in their caravans.
  • 8% go camping with no shelter at all and just sleep when they need to. These people have their stuff inside the bag and are more adventurous.

Most significant benefits of camping

  • Those who spend time camping are believed to be healthier. People get healthier also in their emotional, mental, and social aspects. Camping gives you time to relax and spend time with your loved ones while in the wilderness.
  • Campers are happier because they get to experience a lot of adventures and challenges during the camping, which is good for their overall well-being. People who return from a camping trip have nothing but great stories to tell the ones who did not join them.
  • People who take time out of their busy lives to go camping are less-stressed because they gave time for themselves to unwind and rest their mind while enjoying their time camping. Stress creates a big impact in one’s health, which should be managed as much as possible and camping is one way.

These are the most important things you need to know about camping and it also serves as a guide for you to make your trip worthwhile and unforgettable.

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