INFOGRAPHIC: Camping with Kids

INFOGRAPHIC: Camping with Kids

When you are going on a camping trip with kids, it automatically means that there is a bunch more stuff you need to bring that will help keep them entertained and comfortable throughout the whole trip.

The attention span of young kids is not like what adults already have and they can easily get irritated in situations that they find uncomfortable when they are not in their usual environment.

These kids keep your trip interesting and fun, especially when you see the happiness in their faces. But as an adult, you should know better and make sure to have everything you need so you will not encounter any hassle during your trip because you are there to have an amazing time.

12 Things You Need When Camping with Kids

INFOGRAPHIC: Camping with Kids

A Family Tent

When you bring a tent, make sure that it is appropriate for the size for your family because you would want to keep them close at night. You will find out right away if they need anything during the night if they are sleeping in the same tent as you. Tents are being sold in different sizes and choose one that can fit your family with enough room for your stuff and enough sleeping space for each. You also need to already know how to assemble a camping tent.


Spray For Itchiness

In the campsite, you are going to encounter a lot of insects that may bite you. Sometimes there are even external factors that can lead to itchiness or cause allergies. It is important that you have a spray for itchiness so your kids will stay comfortable and won’t keep on scratching themselves. This can disrupt their sleep or even while you are all supposed to relax after an activity.


A Plastic Bathtub

This is for the toddlers that you are bringing along because they are not old enough yet to bathe themselves so you need a place where you can properly clean them even if you are not within the comforts of your own home. They can also have fun taking a bath in a bath tub even if they are out in the wilderness because they won’t have to experience discomfort by taking a bath somewhere else.


A Sunscreen Lotion

Your skin is the biggest organ in the body, therefore, it needs to get good protection against the sun’s rays. A good camping trip should not be the reason why the skin of your kids gets ruined. It will also be protection against skin cancer.


Campfire Crescent Dogs

These are hotdogs on a stick that’s been wrapped in batter, which kids love. This will keep them full for a long time and will keep them from complaining about hunger pains. These are very easy to prepare and cooks really fast over campfire that won’t take up too much of your time.


Bring A Toy Tub

To avoid losing toys in the campsite, bring a toy tub to keep all toys in one place and they will have a specific place where they can put the toys back after playing with them. And if they become bored, they will know where to get the toys.


Anti-bacterial Hand Wipes

For sure you are going to get your hands dirty, especially your kids because they will play in the mud and they will not think about the dirt that they are getting on their hands. Having anti-bacterial wipes will help keep their hands clean even no matter how much dirt they’ll have on their hands.

This will also save you the trouble of having to wash them all the time when they get a little dirty.


Books To Keep Them Busy

If your kids love to read, bring their favorite book with you or if they are not yet old enough to read, you can read them a book at night to help them sleep. This can also serve as their past time while you are all resting in the tent or campsite. The wilderness offers a somewhat quiet atmosphere that helps readers concentrate.


Extra Clothes In Case It Rains

Even if the sun is shining when you left the house, you never know if it’s going to rain. It is better to be ready with extra clothes and they should be made for the rain. You have a tent to serve as your shelter, but rain clothes is especially important for walking around in case the weather changes. Sometimes the weather can get really cold even if there is no rain and you will thankful that you brought extra clothes to keep you and your kids warm. Check out our tips on how to make camping in the rain fun.


Camping Toys

When your kids get bored, it helps if you have camping toys with you to keep them entertained and make their time at camping enjoyable as ever. They will have more fun and this will improve the kind of bonding you are going to have with your kids during the camping trip. Playing with camping toys can bring families closer and get your kids involved in the trip. A camping toy can also make a kid stop crying and distract them from being away from home. They should enjoy this time as much as you will and create fond memories about it.


A Portable Hand-Washing Station

Put this in one place so they will know where they can get their hands cleaned. After a long walking trip, they will be touching and holding things that will make their hands dirty and having a handwashing station will become a big relief to them.


First Aid Kit

It is automatic that you are going to bring a first aid kit, but make sure that it is bigger than what you usually bring because you will also use it for your kids in case they or one of them gets injured.

The Bottom Line

Camping with kids can be fun and at the same time challenging, but if you are complete with the things that you brought, it won’t be a problem for you at all. A successful camping trip will create unforgettable memories that will help them grow as a person as well.

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