INFOGRAPHIC: Benefits of Cycling

INFOGRAPHIC: Benefits of Cycling

Cycling regularly helps people in a lot of ways and it is known to benefit especially those who want to make their lifestyle healthier and more fun.

It helps you lose weight, lessen stress, and improve your fitness.

It has gained more popularity over the years because it has been discovered that it offers a lot of benefits. And as long as you are also using the proper gear when cycling, there is no doubt that you will become a really good cyclist in time.

Some make it a big part of their life because of how cycling makes them feel and its impact in their life since they started getting into it.

INFOGRAPHIC: Benefits of Cycling

8 Benefits of Cycling

Burns Calories


  • Someone who weighs about 160 lbs. is going to burn about 650 calories in one hour and at the same time have toned legs. If you do off-road riding while going uphill, your upper body will also get worked up.
  • Cycling can also train a person’s body to use up the fat that is reserved in one’s body and the cholesterol’s balance is also changed, which helps in protecting health.
  • When the body weight is reduced and optimization of cholesterol happens, there is a protective mechanism that is enabled in a continuous cycle.
  • Exercising regularly is a preventive measure done by people to prevent excessive body weight.

Enhance Sex


  • Cycling improves sexual performance because as your physical fitness improves due to cycling, so does your stamina.
  • Your breathing improves and you don’t easily get tired so you are able to have maintain your energy the whole time. This will be very satisfying for both you and your partner.
  • Having a fit body also makes you more sexually attractive to your partner, which improves how you both will perform in the bedroom.
Create New Ideas


  • When you are on your bike and able to see outdoors, there is a sense of happiness that comes upon you and thoughts start to come in.
  • When you have new thoughts, ideas can enter your mind that can be beneficial for your business or career.
  • A lot of cyclists use the sport to help their ideas come out that will nurture them as a person.
  • New ideas are created when you are able to cycle by yourself and concentrate in your own thoughts.
Reduces Carbon Dioxide

  • Cycling helps reduce carbon dioxide because if there are lesser cars on the road and more bikes, pollution will not be as bad and there will be cleaner air.
  • Cars emit fumes that pollute the air, but bikes do not.
  • It is a very natural means of transportation and at the same time healthier even for other people.
Meet New Friends


  • When you make cycling a hobby, you will connect with more people who are also into it and they will even help you improve if you are just starting.
  • The friends you will meet who are also cyclists will be good for you because you are sure that they are also concerned with their health like you.
Save Oil

4,705 KM / LITER

  • When you are a cyclist, since you don’t use fuel, your bike uses very minimal oil.
  • It is merely just for maintenance which you do every few months.
Stop Global Warming


  • Global warming is caused by the thinning of the ozone layer and this is caused by the pollution caused by cars and other machines that emit harmful substances to the environment.
  • Bikes are very natural to use and cyclists get to enjoy the scenery outside while riding.
Have A Good Heart Rate


  • The heart is a very important part of the body that is needed to keep you healthy, but if you are not active, the heart can get damaged.
  • Cycling is great for training to make the heart stronger that will result in keeping the heart rate leveled.
  • The risk factors that causes heart attack is reduced and a regular cycling activity reduces a person’s risk of a heart attack by 50%.

Do Not Forget Your Gear

  • You should always have a pump with you in case your tires become soft.
  • Your water bottle to keep you hydrated because that will keep you going.
  • Make sure you have reflectors so that cars can see your bike even at night.
  • It is also good that you have a heart rate monitor attached to your body so you can keep track and how many calories you have burned so far.
  • Cycling shoes is also important to keep your feet on the pedals at all times and keep them from slipping off.
  • The most important thing that you must never forget is your helmet because your head is the very thing that you need to think of protecting. If your head gets badly damaged, it will affect your whole body.
  • Your GPS should be with you to keep you from getting lost and people will be able to easily find you in case you get lost or something happens to you. Knowing where you are headed helps your training and you will be able to let the people know where to search for you.
  • Gloves to keep your hands on the handles, especially when you are riding on extreme roads or trails.
  • Protective eyewear and respirator mask to keep the sun’s rays from hitting your eyes, which can affect how you see the trail. A respirator mask is important so that your breathing will not be affected in any given situation.
  • A cycling outfit that is made of special material to keep you comfortable the whole time.

The Bottom Line

Cycling impacts your life in a lot of positive ways. If you have been thinking about why you should do it, these reasons are enough for you to decide. Just make sure that you have the proper gear on so you are comfortable and your safety is not compromised, which can put you at risk.

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