INFOGRAPHIC: About Essential Oils

Essential oils are gotten from distillation and has the properties of the plant where it was extracted from or other sources which it came from.

Essential oils are very therapeutic that both adult and children can use it. A few drops of essential oil is placed in a diffuser so it can be dispersed into the air and everyone in the room will get to smell its fragrance.

Since essential oils have more than one type, they each have a different purpose. Some have a really strong scent while others are very subtle, but still serves their purpose. Places that use essential oils have a very relaxing atmosphere because of its therapeutic effects that triggers human senses in a calming way.

INFOGRAPHIC: About Essential Oils

Uses of Essential Oils


Essential oils can be used for cooking, so here are some ways on how you can incorporate them in your dish:

  • If you are making waffles, you can add 1 to 4 drops to make the waffle mix wet. You are going to love the essence of the orange oil in your waffle, which is an added factor.
  • When you are boiling oatmeal, you can add 1 drop of cinnamon bark and about 2 drops of orange essential oil to the bowl of oatmeal. Use blue agave to sweeten it up.
  • For your yogurt or berry protein shake, adding lemon essential oil gives it an added benefit.
  • When making tuna salad sandwich, you can add 2 drops of lemon essential oil for every can of tuna before mixing it with mayonnaise and pepper. Spoon this onto the bread with alfalfa sprouts.
  • For flavored water, put 1 drop of peppermint essential oil.
  • If you enjoy hot tea, for every one cup of hot water, put 3 drops of lemon essential oil. Use blue agave to add taste and make it sweet.


Essential oils for perfumery are also very popular because of a variety of scents they offer. Here is information that you need to know about that:

  • Base notes:

Vetiver – This is commonly found in a lot of perfumes and it has a very nice touch that is velvety for creating a blend of perfume.

Sandalwood – Not a very strong base note, but it adds sexiness to the smell.

Patchouli – You might find this weird, but the reality is that this type of essential oil is great for making the mid and top notes well-blended. The scent of patchouli isn’t a very strong base note, but it adds sophistication to the overall fragrance.

Balsam de Peru – This essential oil already has vanilla undertone with a touch of cinnamon. Its rich and warm smell together with its ability to assist floral mid and top notes makes it a really good base note for making any essential oil perfume.

  • Middle notes:

Neroli –This one comes from the orange that has blossomed. It has an intricate scent and known to battel depression. It has a subtle flower aroma that gives off instant freshness. This one mixes well with sandalwood and patchouli.

Ylang Ylang – This is another essential oil that is also an aphrodisiac, which has a floral scent that is very distinct and can have a strong impact to your scent. Add only 1 drop at a time and it has the ability to balance out base notes.

  • Top notes:

Mandarin – This one has a more citrus flavor compared to lemon and sweet-orange. Its smell is richer and more solid scent than others. It is ideal to blend it with middle notes that are stronger and base notes like vetiver and jasmine.

Carnation Absolute – Its scent is a rich blend of floral, spicy, clove notes, and honey. This one costs more than others but a little is enough.


Essential oils for pharmaceutics:

  • Agarwood oil – Helps in treating epilepsy, carminative, and properties that are anti-asthmatic. It also aids in digestion, disorders in the nervous system, bronchial complaints, rheumatism, and other ailments.
  • Black pepper oil – This one is used for treating rheumatism, relieves pain, flu, colds, and chills. It helps in the circulation, muscle pains, emotional and physical coldness.
  • Cinnamon bark – It has antiseptic properties that are very good and it is great for topical applications.

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When essential oils are used in spas, there is a number of benefits that people get from using them:

  • They can relax right away and makes their mind peaceful.
  • It can reach conditions that are hard to discover like emotional conditions that cause a physical symptom.
  • Guests who go to the spa become more loyal because they love the scent. The deep part of their subconscious mind is triggered, which is responsible for making decisions.
  • Essential oils have a stimulating effect that also make people happier.

How to use in a spa:

  • You need to have an aromatherapy burner or diffuser in the room.
  • An aromatherapy mist should be used while doing any treatment to guests.
  • An aromatherapy essential oil for massaging can be used in any of the spa treatments that you offer.

Which essential oil to use:

  • If the client has sore muscles, use peppermint, pine, or rosemary to help circulation and relieve pain.
  • When a person is stressed, bergamot, palo santo, or frankincense should be used. They will become more calm and relaxed.
  • If attempting to lose weight, fennel, cedarwood, and grapefruit are recommended to help in moving the lymph, decongestion, and break down fat deposits and water in the cells.
  • When there is a feeling of tiredness all the time, cardamom, pine, rosemary, or peppermint acts as a tonic that will make their adrenal glands active. This is great for people who need to go on with their day after a spa treatment

The Bottom Line

Essential oils have been around for years and its positive effects to people make it more useful and versatile. Depending on what you need, there is an essential oil that you can turn to. Essential oils are very natural and they give you great relaxation after you use them.

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