How to Hunt Deer During the Winter Season

Hunting Deer in Winter

Are you planning to take your hunting activities to the next level? We will unveil how to hunt a deer during the cold season!

As the winter months are fast approaching, a lot of deer hunters are getting ready for the hunting season. A few months before this hunting season begins, these deer hunters trained to bag some deer.

To prepare for the hunting season, you need to be a safe hunter. You should set up some hunting gear, backpack, survival tools, etc. With the deer population still increasing all throughout the country, the hunting season will become extended. On some parts of the country, you can legally hunt deer from September till January. That is approximately 100 days of real deer hunting.

Introverted Stands

Introverted Stands

When November comes near, the woods become quite lonely. However, some hunters still try to hunt during this season. It may be a good thing for most, but it can also get hard. Why? It is because most of the deer you have killed earlier in that year may have found their way to your stand. You see, some hunters make mistakes when they try to hunt these deer.

Some of them try to come out of the stand prematurely while stomping using their boots. Plus, they apply too much pressure on their safety place. Some also do not know how to play properly with the wind that can make a deer notice your stand. During these months, the deer does not necessarily feel pressured compared to previous months. And since only a few hunters can affect them, the deer will start to make patterns that the hunters may use.

Search for the Food Source

Introverted Stands

After the breeding season ends, the deer focus mainly on their survival. If you find their food sources, then they will lead you to the deer. Often, hickory and oak trees give deer their ideal foods, which are acorns. Also, if you find corn fields nearby, then probably you may find deer in there. For a particular spot to locate the deer, you may choose to search the corners of the corn field first.

You see, a deer will always find a spot where their food source is most convenient to get and to eat. And although harvesting devices may help, it is still best to look at the corners of the field. That way, you won’t ever miss a row when searching for the deer.

To hunt deer during the cold season, you may look for them in a winter wheat. Farmers often plan these winter wheat to avoid soil erosion. You see, this type of what remains green all throughout winter. Deer usually feed on them since all other food sources become dry during winter. When you search for deer during the hunting season, always try the green fields when every another area is turning brown.

It is a good sign that you are standing in a winter wheat field where the deer usually hide and eat. Luckily, farmers are also kind enough to let you scout their green fields during the hunting season. However, you should take note that crop damages will heighten as the deer depend on them to survive.

Scout in Low-lying Wood

Scout in Low-lying Wood

The deer can be quite difficult to find and hunt when you are hunting in extreme weather conditions. Not to mention that you have to face heavy snow and freezing temperatures. These will add challenge to your deer hunting experience too. So, if even you’ll get exhausted, you may stay in a winter tent for a while and regain some energy.

Then, try to find these deer in low-lying wood. They usually hide in these wood since they provide them with full coverage. You see, heavy snow often covers these food sources. But, the wood will surely provide a place to hide and food for these deer until the winter ends. Thus, it is just natural to find some deer trying to hide in the thickets during this weather condition.

You can always go and search for these deer in a thick wood. In the middle of the day, the temperatures often rise. These deer will try to roam and around and get off the bed. So, this is an ideal time to look for low-lying thickets. But, for your method to work, you must hunt at the back of the wood or along the borders. It will avoid these deer to sense you and jump all the way to the stand.

Put Emphasis on Frontal Period Tactic

Put Emphasis on Frontal Period Tactic

A Frontal Period tactic means that you have to assemble along the tips of a known bedding. You may also choose staging points with the wind favorable to your direction. These deer will usually go around these spots before moving to the main food source. You must take note that it is too risky to position yourself on a tree that is near the sensitive spots. Besides, you can potentially scare away the deer. But, what you need to do is to carefully plan out your entrance and exit to these sensitive areas. It will plan out how you can go unnoticed when these deer come close to your stand.

Stay Warm During the Cold Weather

Stay Warm During the Cold Weather

Another survival method for the deer during the winter season is to stay warm. On extreme weather conditions, deer will always find evergreens, junipers, and another shelter. The snow is lighter around these trees. Also, it is more convenient to explore. On humid days, you have to look for the deer on the sun facing edges. Deer usually loves to lay down on benches along the rims.

During the winter season, deer are a lot of fun and challenging to hunt. They use their stomachs to think what they have to do. So, it is up to the deer hunter to find a way to how he is going to catch the deer. Also, they must figure out first how to get close as possible to the deer.


The winter season deer hunting is a whole lot of new experience for hunters. However, it is quite difficult to understand the deer’s behavior and thinking. But, when you get used to it and when you have already determined how they think and they behave, it will become easier. You should prepare good gear, equipment and make sure wearing good boots for winter. If you are wide feet, It’s would be a great idea to check out this wide foot hiking boots guide.

When you overcome this harsh season and finally find the deer, you will realize that it is one of the most incredible seasons of the year.

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