How To Make Your Beach Camping Awesome

How To Make Your Beach Camping Awesome

For some people who are first time beach campers, sometimes they struggle how to make the experience awesome because they don’t know what to expect yet. There are times when you think that everything you need is already with you, but technically you are missing on some stuff.

In order to make the camping trip memorable, enthusiasm and eagerness is needed that makes you think of how to make everything fun and exciting.

But to help you think, there are information given below that you can use while planning for your camping trip regardless if it will be your first or second time.

You will soon become a pro by taking note of the following:

How to Make Your Camping Awesome on a Beach

The kind of shelter you need

  • This could be dictated by the bug situation at the beach where you are headed. It might be best to use a shelter with no floor or something that has a pole at the center to support the tent.
  • You will get to experience the sand at your back while sleeping, but it would be a good idea to at least put a rug to keep everything clean. If the place has bugs, you need to bring a tent with mesh and ventilation, but gives enough protection against brief storm showers.
  • A rug at the entrance of the tent is good idea so you can put your footwear there. If there’s two of you, an air mattress would suffice as your bed inside the tent.
  • A sleeping pad would be ideal if you are alone.

Relieving yourself

In any place that’s not populated by people, for sure you will not find any civilized bathrooms built and your only option is to dig a shallow hole into the ground just below the high tide line.

You don’t have to worry about it from here and let the ocean do the rest. If there are woods nearby, check for guidelines or pack it up and thrown your waste in the garbage. Be sensitive to the environment and other visitors who are in the area. You don’t want to leave your waste anywhere because that is just disgusting.

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Keep yourself warm

The best way to do this is to wear several layers of clothing because the beach is a very cold place to stay especially if there are winds. Have a sleeping bag with you made of synthetic and waterproof material.

Another thing you can do is to cover yourself with sand or bury yourself because even if it’s not known to give very good insulation, you can still get warmth from it.

Cooking and starting a fire

  • Starting fire while on a beach is more challenging because of the strong winds, but it can be done by taking shovel and using it to dig a hole where you can put your fire.
  • To start cooking with it, poke two green sticks to the ground and form a V that is inverted so you can hang the pot from there.
  • Make sure that when you are done and about to bury the ashes, pour seawater to completely turn off the fire to avoid injuring other people.
  • If you brought a portable stove, it will need something that will keep the wind from putting out the fire which is why it is a good idea to set-up near trees.
  • Do not turn on your stove inside the tent as it can cause problems because of carbon monoxide. You can go fishing at the beach to catch fish for dinner or you can also dig for clams.
  • You can check the campsite’s regulations when it comes to gathering seafood or if shellfish is in season.

How To Make Your Beach Camping Awesome

You should also estimate how much food you are going to consume during your camping trip so that you will not go hungry in the middle of the camping trip.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to catch fish in the sea especially if the weather conditions do not permit it. An ample supply of food and water is needed for any camper.

Keep yourself safe

  • When you are sleeping outdoors, there is always a possibility that there are thieves and unwanted visitors around. To scare robbers off, you have to act scarier than them and always bring a pepper spray with you.
  • They will not expect what you can do to them and most likely they will just end up retreating. If you cannot scare them off, just give them what they need and warn other people.

If there’s only the two of you, tell the other person to be on the watch as you go swimming and just take turns in guarding your things or act as a lifeguard in case something happens to you while in the water.

Since the beach gets a lot of sun, remember to keep yourself hydrated all the time and the recommended amount is 1 gallon of water per person daily. Dehydration can cause discomfort and even death especially if you did not bring enough water supply.


  • Do not forget to bring light especially that you will be on a beach and almost no one will be nearby to help you in case of emergency.
  • Sometimes it will be very hard to start a fire and your only option is to use a battery-powered light.
  • Remember that there are no electric lines at the beach so it will be very dark and you will almost see nothing at night.


Camping is awesome and it is an experience that should leave you with sweet memories. There will be challenges and survival instincts that will be practiced, but that’s all part of the fun.

Being organized and knowing how to make your beach camping awesome is something you need to prepare for. Keep yourself safe, comfortable, dehydrated, and well fed are the most important factors in a camping trip.

Everything you have learned here should give you a push to go camping on the beach and do it like a pro.

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