How to Fish Using a Crossbow

How to Fish Using a Crossbow

In the past years crossbows have become more popular and they are great for fishing as well. They have been mostly used for hunting because it goes between guns and archery that uses bows.

A lot of the crossbow scopes of today are well-made which allows the fisherman to be more precise in catching fish. When you are going to buy a crossbow for fishing, it should be something that will match your hunting style and the type of fish you are planning to hunt.

Here are some tips to show you the proper way of fishing with a crossbow. You can start practicing in a river first before moving on to bigger waters.

How To Do It

  • You first have to outfit the crossbow using a reel mount and a reel. You can buy reel mounts from retailers who sell fishing products. Pick the right strength of line that is based on the weight of the fish you want to catch to make sure it will be able to handle it. Use a spool on the reel for better accuracy.
  • After that, put an AMS line-safety system to keep the bow from snapping back and buy fishing bolts that have barbs and attach it to the line. This type of bolt can be found in fishing stores everywhere. Take the crossbow, bolts, your wading boots, net, and protective shades before heading to the water.
  • Go to the river, stream, or lake. Remember that with lakes, you need to be extra careful because it can suddenly go deep. Just stay near the shore to ensure your safety. Insert the bolt in the crossbow after cocking it and then activate the AMS safety system by sliding the connector on top of the line of the bolt. Try firing a shot towards a clear range as a form of practice. You can also practice your target by doing this.
  • You need to reload after doing successfully doing the test shot and also to engage AMS protection. Keep your eyes peeled while wading in the water to spot any fish nearby.
    How to Fish Using a Crossbow
  • When aiming, pick a fish apply the 10-1 rule which means that if you see fish that is 10 feet away and swimming 1 foot underwater, you should aim 4 inches lower. If the distance is 10 feet more and the fish is swimming 2 feet underwater, aim 8 inches lower. This rule is applied for the light’s refraction underwater because it makes the fish seem closer to you.
  • Aim at the fish and shoot. If you successfully caught the fish, reel it in by pulling it. Make sure that you have your net ready to capture the fish.

Choose a Good Crossbow

  • Consider the draw weight of the crossbow because in order to reload a crossbow, you would have to cock the firing mechanism using the bowstring back to draw it towards the firing lock mechanism. How much effort is needed to draw the bowstring back is the draw weight which is determined by pounds of force.
  • The bolt’s velocity is how fast the bolt travels which usually ranges between 200 to 400 fps (feet per second). Crossbows that have an fps of 400 produce more noise compared to a 200 fps crossbow.
  • How much energy that a bolt has is important because it will indicate what the ‘knock down power’ is when it comes to killing a target. This energy is called ‘kinetic’ energy and if the bolt has high kinetic energy, the better it will be able to knock down a target. If you want to catch bigger fish, using a crossbow with higher kinetic energy is better.
  • Nowadays, crossbows are starting to become lighter with more power compared to what was being made before. Crossbows before were made with strong wood and steel so that it will work properly. At least now manufacturers are able to make their crossbows lighter and with better functionality.
  • The price of the crossbow is also a consideration you need to make. If you are a beginner, you can use the cheaper kind of crossbow as a start. Beginner crossbows are priced lower than $500 and more expensive ones are for more advanced shooters.
  • When choosing a bolt for your crossbow, read each type carefully and see which one is going to help with your fishing goals.

When fishing with a bow, keep in mind that you need to choose your crossbow, bolts, gear, and equipment well. Fishing with a crossbow is fun and enjoyable, but you need to keep practicing until you can start fishing in bigger waters. When you are already near the water, do not make any noise and make a quiet approach so that the fish will not be aware of your presence.

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