How To Choose A Scope For .308

How To Choose A Scope For .308

Knowing how to choose a scope for a .308 might be easy for you. Especially if you know exactly what to look for in the scope itself. A .308 Winchester is one of the most reliable and popular rounds as far as AR-rifles go. But firing them off with such accuracy and precision is just the icing on the cake. But it cannot happen without the use of a high-quality scope that is compatible with .308 rifles. We’ll dig in on what characteristics make a great .308 scope while looking at the additional aspects that will factor into your final purchasing decision.

The Characteristics Of A Great .308 Scope

There are a few characteristics that will make a great scope for a .308 stand out among the rest. If you’re looking for something that will be excellent in performance, reliability, and in quality, these are the characteristics that you really need to keep an eye out for:

Clear Optics

A great scope will have optics that are in crystal clear high definition. It will be crisp, clear, and won’t be grainy like some low-quality scopes. These will also be able to resist any kind of fog, rain, or other weather elements that could otherwise hinder the image picture. This will be all thanks to the multi-coating that most manufacturers use for their lenses.

Easy Adjustments

A scope will have adjustments that will be used for windage, elevation, and parallax. Your windage and elevation adjustments are used as follows: windage will determine the shot will either go left to right while elevation deals with up and down. You will need to make these adjustments at times if the shot seems to be a little off. Also, parallax will also need to be adjusted in situations where the eyepiece and the crosshairs on your reticle don’t align with you perfectly.

Durable Tubing

Most manufacturers will use high-quality aluminum to ensure that your scope is not easily dented or ruined. Furthermore, it should be durable considering that it will withstand a great deal of recoil. From the recoil comes shock, which can throw off your scope’s zero settings (assuming you’re using an inferior scope). One of the user favorites is aircraft aluminum, a type of aluminum that is proven to be the strongest of the bunch.

Low-Light Usage

If you’re a dawn to dusk hunter, having a scope that will gather in as much light as possible will be your goal. The multi-coated lenses will have the ability to gather in as much light as possible so you can be able to see your target and be able to easily recognize it. Some scopes have illuminated reticles that will maximize the scope’s performance in these settings. To top it off, your intended game targets will often appear when the sun is either down or up.

Easy Installation

You don’t have to hire a gunsmith or have advanced level gunsmithing skills to install a scope. Especially if you’re simply just mounting it on a scope mount or a Picatinny rail. If you hate having to deal with challenging installations, rest assured these scopes won’t likely give you a hard time. All it takes is minutes of your time and the right kind of tools to install a scope on your .308 rifle.

Field Of Vision

If you want a large field of vision, then it’s important to find the right objective for it. As a rule of thumb, the larger the objective the better off it will be. If you’re comfortable with a 32mm objective, go for it. If you want something wider, a 40mm objective or larger might suit you just fine. Either way, a good field of vision should also allow you to acquire your targets much quicker than most scopes will allow.

Further Aspects To Consider

Aside from looking at the characteristics, there are a few other aspects that you should consider. Especially if you’re trying to make a buying decision for something that will end up being used for the long-term. These are the following aspects that you need to look into before buying a .308 scope. You can check the list top rated scope for .308 from my friend Bobby in his blog Scopesman.

Are You On A Budget?

Not all scopes are priced equally. Some of them are priced higher than most. This can be due to the reputation of the brand names. Even the quality of the scope itself can determine the price depending on the manufacturer. If you’re on a budget, be sure to find the best quality .308 scope that you can afford. Do not settle for cheap since the overall quality may be inferior compared to other scopes.

What Are Your Intended Applications

Are you using it for target practice? Are you a competitive shooter? Are you a hunter? Your intended application will determine which scope will work out for you the best. Although most scopes are made for just any application, one scope can make its bones in a certain situation (i.e.--Long range hunting or target shooting).

What Can’t You Live Without?

There are some people who won’t buy a scope since it doesn’t include a certain feature or function. If you’re one of those kinds of people, then we won’t blame you. Consider which features or functions that can be “make or break” for you. Which feature is your “must have or else”? Is it an illuminated reticle? Is it a wide objective? Either way, your dream scope can be envisioned by you and only you.


Choosing a scope for your .308 does take time. And you definitely should keep your eyes peeled for any characteristics that might stand out as interesting to you. Once you find a scope that matches what you’re looking for, you can order it and install it once you receive it. Be sure that you find the right scope that will stick with you for as long as possible. And as always, never settle for anything less than the best.

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