How to Be a Safe Hunter


When referring to hunting safety, the first thing that we have to take into consideration is the type of firearms we have. Always assume that every firearm you encounter is loaded because if you keep this in mind, you will keep yourself from having an accident while handling a gun.

Do not forget that carrying a firearm while in the woods is dangerous because there is a tendency for you to act based on impulse in case something comes up.

Calculate every move and make sure that you are aiming at your target properly because you might shoot something else.

Things that can cause hunting accidents

  • Bad judgement – This is the most common cause of hunting accidents because if you have poor judgment, you will have the tendency to shoot a person instead of a game, not to see what is behind or in front of your target, and becoming too excited that you make a lot of mistakes. Always keep an eye out for anything that can come between you and your target and check if you will be hitting something in case you miss.
  • Ignoring safety rules for firearms – If you do not know how to operate firearms safely, then you are in trouble because there is a big chance that you will meet an accident and cause a hunting injury or accident. Rules were made for a reason and don’t think that you can just surpass and ignore them because you will later on regret that. If you kill something by accident, this would not be good especially if the area is small and populated.
  • Failing to operate it mechanically – When you are operating a firearm, there is always a chance that mechanical failures will happen. It is important that you know how to deal with them when they happen. You’re the only person who know about the firearm that you are using so it is important that you know how to deal with it when malfunction happens.
  • If you do not practice enough – The bad effect of this is that you are not aware of the capabilities of the firearm that you are holding. You will end up making stray shots and accidental discharges. There is a risk that a person or an animal might be nearby and you will end up hitting something you are not meant to hit.

Primary hunting safety

Make sure that the muzzle of your firearm is pointed towards the right direction because you will only end up shooting something that you did not intend to. When you are out in the field, knowing how to control your muzzle safely is essential to avoid accidents.

This is also why you should always think that the firearm you are holding is loaded. If someone only handed you the firearm, always assume that it has bullets inside even if the person told you there is none.

Always check what is behind or in front of the game you are aiming for which is why you should never shoot if you do not know these two things. When you are not in a shooting position or stance, keep your finger off the trigger.

This is a big problem that is commonly done by amateurs and it is something that should never be done because it is easy to cause an accident and injure an animal or person.

Educate yourself

There are hunter education classes in the U.S. that requires hunters to receive proper training about the different points about the safety of gun use and how to use them responsibly before they get certified to handle firearms for hunting.

Due to this requirement, hunting accidents have decreased since this rule was implemented because people are more aware of how to use these firearms without causing injuries or trouble.

  • Bullet Point Don’t be a fool and think that you will do fine without knowing the proper ways to handle a firearm and being certified makes you a legal hunter which can be beneficial.1

Accuracy skills

Knowing how to shoot accurately is not the only thing you need for becoming a successful hunter. If you are not able to hit any target while you are in the shooting range, you should not go out in the field yet to hunt anything because there is a chance that you will only hit something other than your target.

  • Do not be in a rush to go into the woods and start shooting because lack of knowledge and misinformation can lead to bigger problems. The last thing you want to happen is to accidentally kill or hit someone because you are not careful and you lack shooting accuracy.

You should have the right amount of self-control

This is a very important aspect of hunting because it is very common that you will become excited while you are out in the field. If you become too ecstatic about hunting without proper self-control, you are going to make a lot of mistakes.

  • Do not let your emotions take over you while hunting. Anxiety and excitement are two things that should cause you to slow down and taper down a bit for safety reasons.

It is not wise to take risks that are not needed while hunting because there are other people who are also hunting and it is your own responsibility to keep yourself from causing any accidents.

Stay calm and think of everything else around you before making shot. Observe the area and see if you can make a clear shot without hitting someone or something else.

If you want to be a safe hunter who has the proper skills, certification, and knowledge just follow the tips mentioned so you will become a happier hunter. You are meant to enjoy hunting while being cautious of everything that can happen around you.

Be considerate enough to educate yourself and open your mind to the possibilities of making a mistake while being out in the hunting grounds.

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