GameStop Hours: What time does GameStop close-open?

GameStop Hours

GameStop Hours: What time does GameStop close? Open?

In the United States alone there are 4,434 individual GameStop store locations, and there are over 6,614 Gamestop locations world wide (Source). So, there is likely more than one GameStop location near you. But what time does GameStop open? When is it convenient to shop?

GameStop follows quite standard hours of operation. This article will be your guide to answering that fateful question, "Is GameStop open?" Please be aware that not all GameStop locations follow these exact hours of operation, but this is a general guideline that applies to most GameStop locations in the United States.

Regular GameStop Store Hours

GameStop has strict regular hours of operation. On Monday thru Saturday, GameStop is open from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM.

Is GameStop open on Sundays?

Most locations are open, but you have to be careful. The hours are different from the typical weekday schedule, so it can be tricky to find out when does GameStop open on Sunday. As most don’t even open until noon (12:00 PM), don’t try to head out and catch them early in the morning. You also can’t be too late, since a typical location will close early.

What time does GameStop close on Sundays?

In general, it will be 6:00 PM. Be wary that some locations aren’t even open on Sunday at all, so always double check the GameStop hours Sunday before heading out.

Also, please note that some GameStop locations are actually inside of shopping malls which have their own hours of operation that may change what time that particular GameStop is able to open and close. GameStop closing time may be different than the mall closing time. This information will usually be available both at the website for the mall, as well on the website for the GameStop store itself.

Keep in mind that certain days of the week are extremely busy shopping days for GameStop. For example, Friday, and Saturday are notorious for being a huge shopping day for many people. If you can't avoid going to GameStop on those days, try going during the early part of GameStop open hours to beat the crazy shopping rush. This also gives you a better chance at GameStop having what you're looking for.

One more thing to note is that top games are usually released on Tuesdays, so pay attention to when games are being released because GameStop can easily turn into a madhouse on release days. If waiting in line for new game releases sounds like fun, then you can check the GameStop schedule as some GameStop locations even choose to have after hours release date parties for certain games.

Need a quick reference on GameStop Hours? Here is a chart detailing the common hours of operation for most GameStop locations so that you can find out when does GameStop open:

GameStop hours may vary depending on a store's location

Open - Close


10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

  • Tuesday: make sure to check and see if this is a release date or not.
  • Saturday: very busy shopping day at GameStop, plan ahead.
  • Sunday: check to make sure your most convenient GameStop Location is open on Sundays.

Is GameStop open on Christmas?

Specific GameStop locations may have different holiday hours depending on their location. However, commonly speaking GameStop is open for most holidays to provide you with your gaming fix.

The following list details which holidays GameStop has decided to remain open to serve the public, and in general, GameStop Holiday Hours. However, please be aware that some of these holidays are also major shopping days (like Black Friday, and Valentine's Day), and the GameStop stores may be very busy, and might even run out of stock on some popular items.

Holiday's GameStop is Opened

Plan your day, order ahead, and know what you want before going in. These tips will help make your shopping trip more successful, faster, and less frustrating for everyone involved.

GameStop does close for a certain number of holiday's so employees can spend time with their friends, families, and loved ones. Below are holidays that GameStop closes for. Keep these holidays in mind, so that you don't walk up to an empty store on the day of the holiday.

Holiday's GameStop is Closed

As you can see, GameStop Christmas Hours are usually none, as employees are given the day off to celebrate with family. If you are shopping for a specific holiday, or for a specific someone, be sure to check online. You can also call a GameStop location ahead of time to see if they have what you need in their inventory. Planning ahead can get rid of frustration down the road.

GameStop Near Me

To check the various details of a specific GameStop online, the best option is to use the GameStop Store Locator which can be found here.

This online tool is fantastic to finding the nearest GameStop to you and getting the exact store hours that you need, including holidays and release parties. Simply go to the website, put in your zip code, and a map will show you all surrounding GameStops.

Select the GameStop location that you are interested in, and it will provide all the details. Some stores even include a location specific webpage that you can check inventory or get other information on. If you reference the store locator, you won’t be headed out to pick up your game and wondering what time does GameStop close?.

Special Circumstances When GameStop Closes

Sometimes, due to poor weather or other emergencies, GameStop decides to close its doors and send their employees home to avoid getting snowed in or stuck at work because driving conditions are getting too dangerous. This can drastically change GameStop store hours.

These times can be hard to predict. Stores may even be open for a small part of the day before managers decide that a major storm, or impending natural disaster, poses a risk and has their employees pack up and head on home. In these extreme circumstances, it’s hard to know when does GameStop close.

When this happens, the weather may not even be safe to be out driving in anyway. However, notifications will usually be left on the store door, and typically will post online about the closure as well. GameStop tries to avoid closing for unpredictable reasons, so if GameStop is closed due to bad weather, or a disaster of some kind, it might be best to stay inside until whatever reason GameStop decided to close for blows over.

GameStop Times

Remember, GameStop hours of operation may vary depending on a store's location. It is always wise to check the hours of individual store locations before planning your whole day around your GameStop visit.

To avoid busy days, or lines out the door, GameStop offers online pre-ordering for your convenience. That way, you will not only make your trip much faster, but you will also guarantee that no one else buys your copy of the latest and greatest game. There will be no driving all the way out to the store only to find out that the particular location is sold out.

You can also use GameStop App to find GameStop hours, pre-order and view the latest releases.

GameStop times are set to better provide you with the latest, the greatest, and the very best in games, consoles, and gear. With hundreds of locations open during convenient hours, you'll be able to shop for all your gaming needs with ease. They have reliable hours, dependable products, at affordable prices.

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