INFOGRAPHIC: Factors of Cycling

Factors of Cycling

Before you start cycling, you should understand everything about it. Cycling is an activity that can affect your life in a very positive way and when this happens, it will affect the way you deal with things in all aspects. Since you will become more physically and mentally fit, dealing with the stress in your life becomes easier.

Cycling is also very ecological because it does not cause any pollution in the air, which is one of the main problems of society today.

A lot of people who started to get into cycling have experienced positive changes in their lifestyle and health. Even elderly people are able to bike because it is a low-impact workout on the knees and joints.

Factors of Cycling

Your equipment

  • There are a lot of brands which offer cycling equipment, but you should stick to a brand that’s guaranteed to give the best quality. Especially with the helmet that you are going to buy because your head is going to need the most protection.
  • The cycling gear and clothes should serve its purpose well so your cycling trip will be a successful one.

Safety is important

  • Learn to follow street signs on the roads and if there is a bike lane, stay there. You should know when there will be cars that will come your way so you will avoid them and not have an accident.
  • The stop light should be enough indication whether you are going to stay in place and wait for the cars to pass by or if you can still continue cycling.


  • Like any other means of transportation or recreation, bikes get broken or damaged too. They also require repair or certain parts to be replaced in case one of them gets broken. Unlike cars, bikes are not as expensive to repair and maintain.
  • The parts can also be easily bought online or in stores, but with cars, certain parts take more time to replace and will involve a bigger amount of money. If you have been riding bikes for a while, you can even do the repair yourself.

Schedule your cycling activity

  • You should have a specific time of the day where your body can adapt to when it’s time for cycling. If you feel better cycling in the morning, stick to that schedule.
  • You can start by doing 30 minutes at first and your endurance improves, cover longer distances and gradually increase how long you are going to cycle. If you commit to a schedule, you will be able to maintain the habit and this can help your improvement as a cyclist.


  • If you notice, a city that is composed of cyclists has less air pollution and people are more active. This is because bikes do not emit fumes that contribute air pollution. This helps the ecosystem to have cleaner air and humans who ride the bike more often than cars are physically healthier, which makes them more active.
  • They are able to clear up their mind while on the bike and face people in a happier tone. Bikes are very safe to use because you will not be breathing in fumes that come from cars because you are not using one.

Health benefits

  • Cycling definitely has health benefits that will make your life better. For sure cycling improves your cardiovascular health, which decreases the risk of heart disease by 50% and this is especially important for people who want to lose weight because of excess fat in their body.
  • An average person loses 400 calories within one hour of cycling. When you cycle, your stress is reduced because you are able to relax as well. When there is less stress in your life, your overall health improves.
  • Cycling is also known to decrease cholesterol levels and releases stored fat in your body that improves cardiovascular performance.

Cycling goals

Since you started with cycling, have you thought about how far you want to go with it?

If you are doing it for the sake for having a past time, another form of exercise, or transportation?

  • Determine the reasons why you are cycling because you can also join races and triathlons that will give you something more to look forward to than your usual morning or afternoon trip on your bike. If you want to gain more friends by getting into cycling, then you should join a group of cyclists.
  • This will also help motivate you because you will encourage each other to become more serious with the sport. It’s no longer about just getting on your bike and riding until you get tired, but it will now be about riding more to improve your stamina and endurance because you are preparing for the upcoming that your friends are joining.
  • When you have a goal, you think of ways to expand your horizons and focus more every time.

Travel with your bike

Once you have become a really good cyclist, you can use your bike to travel to different places. You will not only get to enjoy the destination in a more natural way, you are getting a good form of exercise as well.

  • Your travel will turn into an activity of enjoyment that improves your health. Cyclists from all over the world sometimes fly to places just to compete or experience riding their bike in a different environment.
  • You will be able to breathe fresh air and enjoy the touch of breeze on your face while enjoying different sceneries of the place where you are in.
  • Cyclists who return from biking in a different place are happier and their level of energy is much compared to before they left for the cycling trip.

Cycling can also be your means of transportation around the city or neighborhood.

These are the different factors that you need to know before you start cycling and it has nothing but mostly positive things. Your lifestyle and personal well-being is going to improve and you will feel healthier that can be seen by everyone around you.

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