Essential Tips to Become the Best Camper That You Are

Essential Tips to Become the Best Camper That You Are

A lot of people go camping for a minimum of 3 days and there are those who are more adventurous who can take longer. Even if you are out camping, it should not be a reason for you to sacrifice comfort especially that you have limited resources in the wilderness.

You should know the perfect things to bring so that your comfort is not compromised and eventually become a really good camper in the long run.

A great camping experience will be a way to enhance your skills in living away from your comfort zone which is the city. The best thing you can do is to keep your camping ground comfortable and have the best stuff.

Tips to be the best camper

You should be able to choose a good campsite

Watch out for widow makers because trees that are already death have the tendency to fall anytime and you might be the victim. Check the area for downed limbs and debris because they can be a sign that the trees around are weak and might fall anytime.

  • In case that you only arrived at the campsite without any reservation, look around the area and check the surroundings. You might have a loud neighbor that can spoil your whole camping trip.
  • Be aware of camping etiquette and not be the one to cause the annoyance. If there are picnic tables at the campsite, choose one that is being covered by a tree so that if it rains, you have nothing to worry about.
  • It is also important that you know where the direction of the wind at the campsite is going. You don’t want to be getting all of the smoke that is being produced by your neighbors. Sites that have winds going upwards are ideal.

Knowing direction of the sunrise and sunset is also important because you don’t want a tree to be blocking your view during sunrise or sunset.

You should be well-organized

Chances are, you will be causing some mess, produce a lot of trash and waste while camping.

Essential Tips to Become the Best Camper That You Are
There is a tendency that you will have your stuff scattered around like your gloves, socks, camping knives, food, etc. When this happens, there is a possibility you will lose some things. As soon as you get to the campsite, determine where you are going to put everything to keep things organized. Assign a specific spot for your things, another one for your food, and for trash. Keeping your campsite clean is also an ethical way to camp because you might have neighbors who want to keep things tidy, but you will mess the surroundings for them that will for sure cause some commotion.

Know which kind of wood to pick for camping

  • You can use almost any kind of wood for campfire and cooking food, but there are some types of wood that are not meant for this.
  • Avoid the ones that contain a lot of sap like pine, cedar, and other trees that are under the coniferous category.
  • They will make your food taste bad especially if you are only using a few ingredients like salt, pepper, and dry rub.

Make sure to also use coal for cooking and do not put your food directly on top of the fire. Build your fire first and then use a rake to push some of the hot coals towards one side under a grill gate.

The best choice of shelter is important

  • Make sure to choose a tent that will be able to accommodate your needs. It does not mean you need a big tent because they take longer to put up and dismantle.
  • Find a tent that has a perfect size and won’t give you a hard time. If you have a smaller tent, there are more options on where to place them compared to big ones.
  • It is good to have freedom when it comes to where you want to set up your tent.

The wind direction should be considered so you should not be placing your tent downwind because you will be getting all of the smoke from the campfire and this will be very uncomfortable while you sleep at night.

You can also use a hammock if you are camping alone and their versatility is good for a variety of conditions and temperatures. They are also ideal for limited spaces and where you don’t have all the space to walk around.

These are the most realistic tips and essential knowledge that you need to take with you if it will be your first time camping. Remember that you will not living at the comfort of your own home for days so you really need to be mindful of your surroundings and how you will be able to camp without any hassle.

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