Essential Outdoor Gear that will fit in your Pocket

Essential Outdoor Gear

As an outdoor survivalist, there are items that are necessary on any outing to ensure you get through it in one piece and (fairly) comfortably. Carrying a bag isn't always convenient however, especially during any treacherous weather conditions that you could be facing. The outdoor gear mentioned below can all fit into your pockets with ease.

Folding knife

A folding pocket knife is essential for camping and other adventures in the outdoors. Some of them are pretty bulky so it's important that you look around to find a high quality folding knife that is compact enough to fit into your pocket. From preparing food, working with ropes, cutting down things from trees and using in self-defense should you need it, a folding knife is a piece of outdoor gear that you should never forget.

A fire starter

You need a fire for light, warmth and cooking when you are outside. If you can't get a fire started, you may as well quit and go back home right now. It's possible to make fire without one but it could take hours and is very difficult so get yourself a fire starter that fits into your pocket and it will be lit in no time. There are actually fire starters on the market now that are easy to attach to your key-chain and these might be the best option. This is really convenient and means that you will always have one of these handy items ready to use in any situation.

A multi-tool



You can get yourself a multi-tool, otherwise known as an ultimate pocket knife in addition to, or instead of, a folding knife. These super convenient items take up little space but they have every tool you could ever need as a survivalist. Your average multi tool will have as many as 40 different tools on them depending on the exact one that you buy. Some of these include a knife, a can opener, pliers and a scissors. You will find yourself in all kinds of situation when outdoors and this item can come in useful for many different reasons. You are going to be surprised how often you need to pull it out!

Pocket blanket

Depending on the time of year you are surviving the outdoors, you might get cold, particularly in the evening. Now available to buy in several places online is a pocket blanket, which is basically a blanket large enough to be used by four people but folded into a packet that is small enough to fit in your hand.

Mosquito repellent wristbands

Mosquito's can make any camping exhibition downright horrible. If you only have your pockets as means of storage, carrying bulky bug repellent cans is not a good choice and probably not doable when you consider the amount of other items that you need too. Mosquito repellent wristbands really work and they don't take up any room at all because you can keep them on your hand at all times. Although it's not exactly known how they work, it's clear that they do so make sure you add them to your list when shopping for outdoor gear.

A lipstick lantern

A flashlight is huge so get yourself a lipstick lantern when you are outdoors so that you can still see in the dark. A lipstick lantern might be small but it's pretty powerful, transmitting up to 33 foot of bright light which is absolutely perfect for using around the campfire when cooking or trying to find a suitable toilet when there is blackness all around you. This particular piece of outdoor gear is reasonably priced and so small that you will barely even feel it in your pocket.

A waterproof canister

A handheld waterproof canister is something that many people don't think to bring when surviving out in nature but it can be really important. You can keep things like cash in here, your keys or even a pair of gloves. If it's raining heavy, you will be glad of this item and it could really help you out of a sticky spot.

The fire fork

This is a really handy gadget that is available pretty much anywhere that sells outdoor supplies or even online. It is small enough to fit into your pocket and its main purpose is clipping onto sticks in order to cook marshmallows, sausages or basically anything you want over a roaring fire. Some survivalists spend ages carving sticks into usable tools but a fire fork will make the entire thing so much easier.


There are so many life skills that can be learnt from surviving in the great outdoors. The number one rule to accomplish what you want to is to be prepared, this means getting all the outdoor gear that has been mentioned in this list and any more if you feel like you need it. The last thing you want to be doing is carrying heavy bags when out and about. These are easy options to get your hands on that are simple to carry and will make the entire experience smoother in general.

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