Different Kinds Of Bikes


Bikes no longer fit into one category and manufacturers have innovated them in a lot of ways. They are still for transportation but riders have found a way to explore how they can have more fun with bikes. Come to think of it, you should be having fun while getting physically fit because you can get that if you regularly ride a bike. With the amount of leg power, stamina, strength, and endurance that is required to pedal a bike to cover long distances is enough to give you a very good cardiovascular workout that will keep your heart rate stable and healthy. These bikes can also be used by elderly people because they are getting a low-impact exercise from it.

Fixie Single-speed bike


It is a type of bike that only has one gear. They are not equipped with derailleur rear, gearing on the hub, and other ways to put a variety of gears on a bike. Since they do not have a couple of gears loaded onto them, they are not as heavy and they are not very quiet while you ride them. You will realize that using your legs instead of gears on the pavements get you more engaged in the riding process. Picking up more speed while on flat surfaces to get enough momentum so you can go uphill will be a learning experience for you. Since it only has one gear, maintaining the bike takes less time. If your single-speed has a taut chain and a chain line that is made with good quality, it will run quietly. Since every component of the bike is equally placed, it only needs one cog, which is stronger compared to a wheel that has a multi-cog cassette. Since it is a fixie bike, the rear cog is securely attached to the rear hub that has a lock ring.

Beach cruiser bikes


This is a kind of bike that is also called a cruiser bike, which has balloon tires, a seating posture that is upright, single-speed drivetrain, and constructed using steel making it very stylish. Their handlebars are long, a wheelbase that has more length, and more stability. They can easily work well on paths that have gravel and sand. They are mostly single-speed and a lot of people put ribbons and other accessories on their bikes. Beach cruiser bikes have more style and their shape is more distinctive and iconic-looking. Since less maintenance is required, the chain can be encased in an internal hub. The frames of beach cruisers are either made of steel or aluminum, but the ones made of steel weigh more, their components have lower quality, and when exposed to water, it will become rusty. They cost lesser than aluminum beach cruisers. The ones that are made of aluminum have better quality components and do not easily get rusty. Cruisers that have a variety of speeds can have between six to seven speeds that have front and rear brakes with external rear derailleur.

Time-trial bikes


These bikes are designed for use in races that can be used by an individual or teams that race on roads under time trial. They are 1 to 2 kg heavier than road bikes because time trial bikes should be more aerodynamic rather than having a light weight. They have bigger aeorofils which make them heavier so they are not ideal for going uphill. They are not easy to handle because of the frame’s geometry or the handlebars are different. Since it has narrow tribars, making adjustments can be harder. When you are mounted on a time trial bike, you have a different position compared to what you have on other bikes. Since you are more aerodynamic on a time trial bike, there is a chance that you are going to have less power, which can become a problem when you are not used to being in the position. This problem specifically happens to road riders who do a time trial while being on a grand stage because they do not have enough practice. You are going to place a big amount of pressure on the bike because it is aerodynamic making your shoulders, groin, and neck hurt. This can be torture for you if you are not used to it, but even those who are used to it end up experiencing a lot of pain.

Electric bikes


These are regular bikes that has an electric motor to give additional assistance to the rider. You can easily pedal normally and utilize the motor only for going on hills and headwinds, or if you really want to make it easier, use the motor the whole time. It is completely different from riding a scooter or motorbike. The motor is very quiet and runs very smoothly. It serves as a complement to human power rather than supplementary. It can be a little bit hard to pedal without the motor because of the weight, but it is only exaggerated when talking about how a bike functions. The addition of the motor makes the bike 5 to 6 times heavier compared to other types of bikes and you will really feel its weight if you try to carry the bike. The range that electric bikes run are between 32 kph to 45 kph, while using a 500-watt limit of power. The range relies on the size of the battery pack, but most of the commercial bikes can run only between 20 to 30 kph if you use it typically. You can install a conversion kit for the electric drive, but the advantage of buying an electric product is you are going to have a turn-key product.

These bikes provide great riding experience for both beginners and experts because they are built for different purposes to give riders what they are looking for. Whatever you prefer, there is a specific type of bike that will meet your needs and give the best performance you are looking for. You just have to know which one is for you.

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