How to Choose Ping Pong Paddle

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A popular sport, Ping Pong is played throughout the world. This is quite an exciting game, it is a fast paced game which is good for general health and the mind. This is a game of complete entertainment. You can play this game anytime you wish. You can play the game in a garage, in your sports club, at the bar or the best place is your home. It requires very little equipment as well.

Since, this is a no hassle game; it is frequently played without much preparation. To play the game, you will need a table, a ping pong paddle and just a good ball. However, those who wish to play the game at a professional level need to purchase the best ping pong paddles. This will help in playing the game in great style. Here are a few tips which are quite useful for those who are planning to buy the paddle for the first time.

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Grip Is Important:

It is crucial that you are aware of the grip you need, when you are playing the game. There are several ping pong paddles which are available with traditional grips. These are convenient to use and are quite comfortable as well. You will also get a paddle with a ‘shakehand’ grip. This is like holding on to the paddle just as you are shaking hands. There are paddles which are available with ‘penhold’ grip. The handle can be held with thumb and forefingers.

Select One With Wood Paddle:

If you are a novice player, you can get started with a plastic or wood paddle. You can easily purchase a cheap paddle which is made from wood. It helps in learning the game easily. Those who desire to learn the game can get started with a cheap and plain paddle. It helps in learning the game and that too with great precision. This helps in getting accurate hits.

Rubberized Paddle:

A rubberized paddle is available for those who play the game. Such a paddle helps to increase the control. If you are learning the game, you can use the paddle made from wood and one which has a rubber handle. This can be on one side. The ping pong paddles usually have a small slice of rubber which is just struck at the surface of paddle. There is a good control when using the ball. Those who play in great speed should ideally have a paddle which offers a great grip rubber.

Keep a Look At The Texture:

When you are planning to purchase a paddle that is made from rubber, you need to check the paddles that are made of different textures. You will play really well using a textured paddle. It helps in changing the way a ball is handled. There are paddles which are available with a good pimpled texture. This looks like dimples as well. Players, who are trying to master the defensive tactics, can purchase a textured paddle. When you buy a paddle that has a good texture, it helps in getting good returns. Players who use lots of spinning techniques should ideally buy paddles with deep textures. These are quite recommended for those who love the game.

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Rubber Sponge Thickness:

One should keep in mind the thickness of rubber sponge. Those who are comfortable with thinner sponge should purchase one which is thin. Usually the sponge rests on the outside area of the rubber. It acts quite effectively in absorbing the impact. This also offers a good grip and control.

If you have bought a new paddle and after sometime you notice that the paddle rubber seems to be worn out, you can replace this rubber soon. Usually after a lot of usage, the surface of the rubber starts showing different signs of wear and tear. If you can see this, you should think about replacing this. If it gets thin with regular usage and you start playing the game, you might lose the grip. This is not going to do justice to your game.

There are different types of paddles available. You can choose the paddle using a specific material. You can purchase one made from wood, which offers great grip, wonderful speed and good comfort. In case you are not happy with the grip, you are not going to enjoy the game definitely. Make your choice wisely and you will have a good paddle!

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