Best Way To Stay Warm When Camping

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If you want to have a better sleep when you have gone camping, there is only one thing that you need to make sure you have done, sleeping warm. If you don’t manage to do this, then be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night shivering, something that most people don’t ever want to have or experience. Night time is always the best way for you to have your body rest and recharge itself for the activities of the following day. When coldness creeps on you, then the body will not be able to experience that total rest it needs. That is why you need to know the tips on the best way to stay warm when camping so that your body can stay warm as you sleep at night.

1. Eat enough food

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Food is one of the best generators of natural heat to the human body. If you are camping in a place where wild animals, like bears, are not an issue, you need to keep a few snacks right inside your tent. At some point at night when you wake up cold at night, just take a candy bar and eat so that you are able to get your body metabolism going. During digestion, heat will be produced and that will be able to give your body some eat.

2. You can also get an extra sleeping bag that is warm

Warm sleeping bags are also a necessity and you need to spend some extra cash so that you get one for yourself. Make a right choice for such kind of bag about your gender. These bags are different but most of them have a temperature rating based on the temperature at which the bag will be able to only keep you functioning. This will not be there to ensure that you are comfortable. For instance, if you are expecting to have or experience a 15-degree night, then you need to ensure that you buy a 0-degree bag. For women, make sure that you choose a bag that is specifically made for you. This is helpful because it the bag has extra insulation that has been added to the upper body and feet. The bag has been also fitted well to take care of women contours. It also has fewer air pockets that you have to heat up.

3. When you go to bed, carry a hot water bottle with you

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When you put a hot water bottle in a sleeping bag, it will be able to stay warm for several hours. That means that it will help you to be able to sleep when there is cold in your tent. What you need to do is to fill up your hard plastic bottle with hot water. When you get to bed, put it between your legs so that it is able to hit your femoral artery. But make sure that you have felt the level of hotness of the water. If you realize that it is too hot for you at the first touch, take one of your layers and wrap it before placing it in between your legs. This way, the water bottle will be in a good position to spread heat to your entire body so that you are kept warm so that you sleep well.

4. You need to stuff extra gear under the sleeping pad that you are using

When you are camping or hiking you will realize that you will be closer to the ground unlike when you are using a bed or hiking boots. The trick here is ensuring that you get a buffer that will be between you and the ground. The best way to achieve this is for you to bring two sleeping pads, one which is inflatable and one that has a foam. Arrange them in style. Put the one that has a foam on the bottom and the one that is inflatable should be between the foam and the sleeping bag that you are using. If you also have extra flattish pieces of gear, you can also put them between your sleeping pad and the ground. This way, you will be able to create a better distance between your body and the ground ensuring a better sleep.

5. Your carpet floor should be insulated by use of rugs or tent carpet

The floor of your tent should be insulated so that cold from the ground is prevented from taking center space when you have slept. Never get to worry by chance you can’t afford tent carpets, there is always an option of using rugs. They are all useful in insulation. This will allow you to avoid stepping on the ground when you wake up. Your feet will be safe and always warm.

6. Avoid using a massive tent

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If you buy a big tent, then it means that it contains a few bodies. That means that the empty space will remove cooler than the use of a much smaller tent. If you can, then buy one that has sleeping compartments because they are easier to maintain than the ones with larger living spaces. If you plan for an outing for your family member’s, then you need to consider a small tent.

7. If by chance you wake up feeling cold at night, then it is good to pee

There is one natural aspect that you need to know. When your bladder has amassed enough liquid/urine, the body will be fighting hard to produce enough energy to keep it warm. That means that if you empty that liquid out, the body will relax and instead use less energy so that it stays warm. At the same time, it will keep your mind relaxed so that you don’t have that urge of peeing again. You don’t have to fight to get out to pee from your tent if it is too cold. You can use a collapsible pee bottle. For women, we tell that they use a pee funnel to pee right into the bottle.

You need to ensure that you get out there and camp with style. Remember that safety is always the top priority. Don’t use any gas appliances while you are inside your tent or leave them on with fire and sleep. This might be a dangerous thing to do and might be fatal to life. Use the tips and measures that we have given you above and your camping will end well with your body enjoying the warmth of the night.

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