The Best Sleep Mask – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

best sleep mask reviews

Before I show you the best sleep mask reviews, let me ask you some questions:

  • Do you sleep well at night?
  • Are you one of those who just cannot find a good night’s rest when there is even a little bit of light?
  • Do you find it hard to doze off when your eyes get distracted by even the faintest of movements?
  • Do you regularly strain your eyes so much so that you need to rest it every once in a while?

If you experience any of these, there is good news because there is a solution.

Sleep masks have been able to help a lot of people sleep well, may it be during the night or for daytime naps, may it be inside the house or while you are out travelling. An effective sleep mask blocks out your vision entirely and all light, which is what you would want especially if you cannot turn off the light source.

​You should never underestimate sleep. Not only does it make you generally feel better, it can help your day become more productive; it invigorates you physically, mentally and emotionally.

So whatever you may be doing, whatever walk of life you are in, sleep can definitely help you succeed. Adequate sleep and timely naps also play a huge part in your health, your holistic well-being, so it is not something you should take for granted.

What Need to Look for When Buying Sleep Mask

With all the available sleep and eye masks available out there, we will discuss 10 of the top-rated models here, which can guide you in choosing the best one for you. Your rest and relaxation matter so when purchasing a sleep mask, the following are what you should look for:

  • A good sleep mask must be thick enough and covers all angles to block out light completely.
  • It should be comfortable to wear and fit for your head shape and size, and facial feature, leaving enough space for your eyes, and not too fit that it irritates your nose and skin.
  • The fabric or material is breathable, so even in hot weather, it is not intolerable.
  • Its price should fit your budget.

Having said all that, the next section will provide reviews for the different models of sleep mask, considering the aforementioned factors and added features that they might have.

Top 10 Best Sleep Mask Reviews

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The Silk Eye Mask For Sleeping, Super-smooth Eye Mask

The Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold provides enough coverage as it is wide enough and long enough to block out all light. And one good thing about this product is that it is made of soft and smooth mulberry silk.

This offers a breathable and relaxing eye mask that can help provide a soothing sleep. It is quite gentle on the skin and provides sufficient air flow inside. As it also is hypoallergenic, this is great for those who have sensitive skin.

The strap is easy to adjust from 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches, using a plastic adjuster, not Velcro, so your hair will not get tangled. Because it can handily be adjusted, it can be comfortable for the temple, the nose and the eyes themselves.

This model is as simple and effective as it gets. It can provide you what you need whether you are in the bedroom or travelling.

The Best Eye Mask For Sleeping, Travel, Shift Work & Meditation

The Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask is one of the best contoured sleep masks available. It effectively blocks out light even with its form, which is a nice surprise.

It is made of high quality lightweight material and comfortable enough to wear even during hot weather. The contour provides plenty of space between your eyes and the mask; so even while you have it on, it does not irritate your eyes and you can open your eyes easily.

The straps are adjustable, and the point where the straps meet do not push down too much at the back of your head, making it seem like you are not wearing the mask at all.

It comes with free pair of Moldex Ear Plugs, a carry pouch and an eBook filled with tips about sleep, which are all nice to have. The ear plugs themselves are highly recommended by those who have bought it, while the carry pouch supplies you a nice container should you wish to bring along with you this sleeping mask.

The Most Comfortable Sleep Mask, Ultra Lightweight & Comfortable

The Nidra Deep Rest Sleep Mask boasts its advanced ergonomics design that is made of a polyester inlock and a thin foam insert.

It is designed with a contour cup for the eye portions so blinking can be freely made even while using it. This sleep mask will shield your eyes from light and can even do it without smudging any makeup you have on.

The strap is Velcro-equipped so adjusting the sleep mask to fit the shape and size of your head would be no problem.

The Sleeping Mask For Women, Super-smooth Night Mask

The Alaska Bear 2-Strap Extra Large Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold uses 100% pure mulberry silk as well.

Mulberry silk works pretty well with your skin, as it helps retain moisture, relaxes muscles, reduces chances of wrinkles appearing, and is hypoallergenic. The size of the mask prohibits light or any visual stimuli from sidling in, making the sleep mask pretty effective whatever your facial feature is, without it being uncomfortable.

It is set apart from the other models by its two-strap design – dual tension-adjustable bands. This stops the mask from slipping out of position while removing any pressure from your eyes.

Tightening single strap masks can make one side of the sleep mask flare out a bit, allowing some light in. The bands can be adjusted separately and the buckles will not be felt when it is worn.

The Best Sleep Eye Mask for Bedtime, Meditation, Napping & Travel

The Restoration Contoured Sleep Mask is lightweight and comfortable to wear, proving itself to be a great sleep mask to use.

The contoured design provides no pressure to the eyes, assuring that there is no contact with your eyelids or eyelashes. It is durable and made of high-quality, making it long-lasting. Because of the design of the nose area, it leaves a pleasant feel to the nose bridge.

Its strap can be adjusted because of its Velcro, allowing it to be fitted perfectly and pleasantly to the face – one size fits all.

This package includes a pair of Moldex Ear Plug, so sleep can come faster because no sound will distract and wake you up from sleep.​

The Silk-Eye-Mask, Super Silky Super-Soft

The 40 Winks Super Silky Super Soft Sleep Mask is created with the highest quality materials that make for a velvety feel – comfortable and durable as it will not fall apart or even lose shape.

The mask is silk cotton padded, giving a snug and soothing feel on your face. It is also packed with a deluxe cushion so it can relieve your eyes of pressure.

The sleep mask’s strap is adjustable and elastic, made of soft material. It makes the sleep mask able of fitting your head no matter the shape and size. The gentle elastic band is assured to not tangle any hair, but the mask remains comfortably in position all night.

Buying this product comes with free ear plugs and a stylish carry case so you can bring with you the sleep mask with ease when you travel or when you are in a commute.

The Best Eye Mask

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask stands out among the products reviewed here as it is an all-in-one sleep mask, featuring both light elimination and sound reduction, conditions that allow for a conducive sleeping environment.

It comfortably surrounds your head with a soft and cool breathable fabric, a synthetic outer shell and a cotton interior. Developed by someone who suffered from insomnia, it completely covers the eyes no matter the head shape and size, and muffles the ears. But it still is lightweight and breathable.

This sleep mask is still easily adjustable and connected by Velcro; it is a one size fits all product. It can be stretched and constricted to the size you desire, but the eyes and ears will still be thoroughly covered. And because the sleep mask is made with superior quality materials, it is hygienic, washable and will last longer than other brands.

This easily makes this model the most expensive out of all that is reviewed here. Even though it seems a bit extravagant, you have to take note though that for the Sleep Master Sleep Mask, you get what you pay for.

The Best Sleeping Mask for Men, Women, Kids

The Purefly Natural Silk Eye Mask is made of Mulberry silk so its breathability and comfort is topnotch.

It is smooth enough to prevent irritating friction with your skin and especially the eyes. Sleep masks created with this material is ideal for dry-eye sufferers as it keeps dry air out while still preventing any light from coming in.

Its head strap is adjustable with a buckle and elastic so pressure can be effectively relieved. Due to its design, it can be hardly felt when it is worn during your sleep, and the mask is still comfortably held in place.

The Best Eye Cover, Eye Shades for Sleeping

The EyeSnugs Contoured Sleep Mask is made of lightweight and soft materials that ensures comfort for wearing while sleeping. And with its contoured design, your eye will feel no pressure at all, still able to freely move them even while you wear them.

It still blocks light to make deep sleep possible. It is also designed to avoid smudging makeup if you decide to use them while you are travelling. The mask is also shaped to avoid hitting the bridge of your nose, avoiding irritating the nasal area.

Its head strap is adjustable by Velcro and stretchable so once you get that fit you want, you do not have to adjust it again.

​One of order of this, and you will get two sleep masks, making it the cheapest among the choices here. The package also includes free pairs of ear plugs and a carrying pouch. The EyeSnugs Contoured Sleep Mask may be as simple as it gets, but this model is also simply effective and gets the job done.

The Best Sleep Mask For Men, Complete Darkness (Black)

The MemorySoft Premium Sleep Mask is a sleek and contoured sleep mask with memory foam. Its sleek design is aesthetically pleasing, making you look good while you sleep.

The contoured design allows you to open your eyes and avoids irritating your eyelids and eyelashes while still offering maximum coverage to lead to complete darkness. The softness of the thin memory foam makes it as comfortable as possible to wear.

The strap is an elastic band that is adjustable by Velcro to make sure it fits your head well and you can sleep in comfort.

When you buy this, you will also get a free pair of ear plugs and a bonus travel pouch.

Final Verdict

Now the golden question is what sleep mask should you buy? Everything listed here has their own benefits and you cannot go wrong with any of these.

But if you would ask us, what we would suggest you buy, if you would not mind the price, the Sleep Master Sleep Mask would be ideal. With its capability to shield your eyes from light and your ears from noise, it is one of the best sleeping aids you could probably get. It could be costly for one sleep mask, though you would have to look at as an investment since it has been proven durable.

best sleep mask reviews

Another product we would recommend is the Alaska Bear 2-Strap Extra Large Natural Silk Sleep Mask. The silk material provides comfort and is not that irritating to the eyes, while its design is large enough to ensure that no light can enter at whatever angle and hit your eyes.

Its 2-strap design is also a plus, as it allows the sleep mask to stay securely – and comfortably – in position while you sleep. Even if you move around so much while you sleep, the sleep mask will still remain effective. Additionally, the strap is adjustable with a buckle and not Velcro, as Velcro can indeed get your hair tangled up.​

If your eyes are sensitive to being touched, and it affects your sleep, the Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask is right for you. With its contoured cup at the eye portion, you can still open and blink your eyes if you want even as you wear it. It is also designed well that light will have a difficult time entering the mask even if you keep on moving around the bed.​

As you select a sleep mask, what matters is your comfort level in wearing such a material. Having read all of the reviews, hopefully you were able to determine what model is most suitable for you.

You just have to remember that in the beginning, wearing one will have to take getting used to, but when you do finally get used to it, you will absolutely be able to sleep well at night and wake up to a healthier and happier you.​ Let's pick your best sleep mask!

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