Best Rated Wireless Dog Fence – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Rated Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

With wireless dog fences, keeping your dogs from straying from home, or even while travelling as some certain models feature, will be made more convenient. This revolutionary fencing system is simple enough to use as it is easy to install and learn.

In this article, we will review and compare three of the highest rated choices available, highlighting the features that you should definitely consider when selecting a best wireless dog fence.

The good thing about using a wireless fence is that it trains your dogs to obey the boundaries safely and non-harmfully. The pet containment system comprise of a base transmitter and a receiver collar that uses sound or a gentle static to warn the dog if he is nearing the edge of the boundary zone, and corrects him if he goes beyond it.

A dog is a man’s best friend, as we all very well know. They keep you company, they keep you safe. As a responsible pet owner, and even as a dog’s dependable friend, it is best to keep them safe as well. Some dogs are prone to wander off, whether you are at home or outside, so pet containment can be necessary.

Top 3 Wireless Dog Fence Comparison

PetSafe PIF-300

Havahart Radial-Shape

Motorola WF25

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6 Things You Need to Consider in Selecting a Wireless Containment System

1. Dog size and The max number of dogs

As pet dogs vary in breeds and sizes, when you look for a wireless dog fence, you would probably want to examine if the model you are choosing is applicable for your pet. Not all pet dogs, especially the still small or young ones, can be fitted with a wireless containment system as static correction is used. Typically, dogs no older than 6 months should not be contained using this system.

Also, for those who plan to train more than one dog, some model choices can work for multiple dogs even with just one base transmitter. What you would just have to do is purchase additional collars for your other pets.

Wireless Fence for Large / Big Dogs or Small Dogs?

This model is recommended for pets weighing at least 8 lbs.

What makes this model stand out among the other picks here, and other brands, is that there is no limit to how many dogs it can work on simultaneously. If you have several dogs and you wish to contain all of them at once, it is possible with this unit.

Likewise, this model works on pets of at least 8 lbs. You can choose between Medium-Large Dog and Small Dog styles for this model.

This model can cover up to two dogs, and you can modify the correction levels for each dog. The level of static correction for each dog can be adjusted depending on the personality of your pets.

This model works on dogs 10-150 lbs.

This model can be used to contain up to two dogs.

2. Coverage area and Signal reliability

Of course, one thing you should consider when buying a wireless dog fence is its coverage area – determining how far your pet can wander away to play and explore before he is corrected and guided back to the boundary. You will also have to keep in mind that some dogs are much more playful than others, so giving them freedom to roam around is also a factor. The pet roaming area is circular in shape, and cannot be changed into a square or rectangular one.

The signal should also be reliable enough to make sure that your pet can be trained consistently about its boundary. Take note that certain impediments, like landscaping, trees, walls and metal furnishings among others, can affect the signal between the base transmitter and the receiver collar. The terrain and topography of the backyard can also affect the operating range.

Similarly, other connections, wireless or otherwise, such as Wi-Fi signals and electric lines can also cause interferences, albeit mildly. You will just have to be mindful of where you install the base transmitter. Having said all that, the coverage area that will be discussed here are the ideal ones, when there are no said obstructions.

Wireless Dog Fence for Large Area or Small Area?

This model covers up to 90 ft. from the transmitter, or a half-acre circular pet boundary. The boundary can be adjusted according to your preference. And one plus factor this model has is that by installing another base transmitter, you can increase the coverage area. The receiver collars will work with more than one base transmitter.

This model’s transmitter emits a 17.5 kHz radio signal, a very low frequency that is known to be quite reliable.

This model covers 40 to 400 ft. from the transmitter, or an 11-acre circular pet boundary. Of best rated wireless dog fences, this has the largest coverage area. This model has been enhanced to tighten the trigger or warning zone (generally less than 3 to 6 ft.) For those who have a relatively large roaming place for their pets, this brand would work pretty well.

This model’s transmitter and receiver run at 2.4 Ghz. It is therefore more susceptible to interferences as that bandwidth is a very crowded band – it is where your cordless phones and Wi-Fi devices run on. This is not all that bad since it allows for a wider range.

This model covers up to 150 ft. from the transmitter, or about a one-acre circular pet boundary. The good thing about this unit is that it is quite flexible since the transmitter can easily be installed indoors or outdoors. As it can be operated with battery power, and its water or weather resistance, this wireless dog fence can brought outside or brought along during family trips or any outdoor excursions – perfect for training outdoors.

3. Collar neck size and Collar water resistance

Since your pet dogs do vary in size, it is important that the receiver collar is adjustable for it to fit the neck of your dog perfectly. If it is too tight, your dog will find it uncomfortable and resist wearing it. If it is too loose, the contact point where the static correction is delivered will not touch the skin of your dog, making the item useless.

The collar should also be water resistant since it will be used mainly outdoors. Not only should it be waterproof, it must also be able to withstand all elements outside.

This model’s receiver collar fits neck sizes 6-28 inches. It is waterproof, making it safe to use in all climates.

This model’s receiver collar fits neck sizes 14-26 inches. It is waterproof and can be submerged in water.

This model’s receiver collar fits neck sizes up to 26 inches. The collar, along with the base unit, is waterproof, allowing it to be portable.

4. Performance

More than anything, the performance of the wireless dog fence is an essential metric in choosing the right model for your pet dog. One of the primary objectives of using this containment system is to train your pets to obey its boundary, and not go beyond it for their safety and security’s sake. Now, to be able to do this, the wireless dog fence should efficiently help you train your pet in doing so.

What would be discussed here are the ease and time of setting up, and the ways you can adjust the settings of the different models that will help you train your pets.

Typical full set-up for this model will take less than 2 hours. The coverage area can be lessened from the maximum of 90 ft. by turning the boundary control knob to the setting you prefer. The level of correction is also adjustable to 5 levels, which also includes a tone-only mode.

If the pet goes past the safe zone, the stimulation or static correction is limited only to 30 seconds, and will automatically shut off for 5 minutes if your pet still stays outside the area. This ensures the safety of your pet.

The collar also has a low battery indicator that will inform you when it is time to change the battery.

Setting up this model generally takes an hour or so to finish. The coverage area can also be modified to your liking. The receiver collar will issue a mild static correction (you can choose between tone-only or static) when you pet reaches the trigger zone.

This model also makes sure that the static correction will time out after 30 seconds, and your pet will not receive another correction when it is within the pet area. And since the base transmitter constantly communicates with the collar, you can continually track the location of your dogs when they are within the roaming area.

The collar uses a rechargeable battery unit so it can easily be replaced and charged once it is emptied.

This model allows you to adjust the correction level when your pet breaches the edge of the boundary to tone only or to one of fifteen levels of stimulation. This factor helps you in training your pet with just a gentle reminder or at a higher mode – taking into consideration the personality of your dog and the place where you are training it in.

The collar has a low battery indicator which will help inform you when it is time to charge the battery in the collar.

5. Design

The design of the wireless dog fence, particularly the base transmitter, should too be checked. More than just the aesthetics aspect, an appropriately designed equipment will ensure its durability, especially since it will be heavily used.

Ease of use, or how unproblematic it is to modify the settings, should also play a huge role in determining the better pet containment system model.

This model’s base transmitter size is 9 in. by 9 in. with depth of 8.5 in. It has a rounded front or barrel-shaped, with a flat back. It can be wall-mounted or placed atop a table or other surfaces.

The adjustments for the boundary control and switch are dials with clear markings.

This model’s base transmitter size is 6.5 in. by 5.25 in. by 1.25 in. There are antennas that increase the height of the base transmitter to 12.125 in. It cannot be placed upright on a table, and should be wall-mounted.

The control is digital with a 4-line display that makes it easier to adjust the settings.

This model’s base transmitter size is 2.8 in. by 2.1 in. by 1.5 in. It is quite small that makes it more portable than many other models. But it does need extra care as the transmitter feels fragile.

The control is digital with a backlit LCD screen that makes it easier to adjust the settings and shows the battery level of the base transmitter.

6. Warranty

When buying such an equipment, especially via online portals, it is only wise to check out the warranty information available. Having said that, it is only the PetSafe model that has a readily available Product Warranty on Amazon.

Purchasing this model entitles you to a One Year Non-Transferable Limited Warranty. Granted the unit you own is an original retail consumer purchased one, upon discretion of the manufacturer, the PetSafe Wireless Fence Customer Service will cover the labor and the parts for repair within the first year of ownership.

The Havahart Wireless Fence's warranty can be requested from customer service.

The Motorola Wireless Fence's warranty can be requested from customer service.

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What is the Best Wireless Dog Fence System: The Final Verdict

Pet dogs will always be considered family, and given that, it is only right to choose what is best for them. Training them to stay at home or the backyard, and not stray from it, should definitely be something you should consider to keep them safe and secure.

Best Rated Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

The best way, or at least the most convenient way, of doing so would be to use wireless dog fences – no need for heavy work and installation, when compared to traditional fencing and setting up of boundaries.

Should you decide to go through with it, picking the best wireless dog fence model would be your next step, as doing so will make it easier for you and your pets to go through the training of this pet containment system.

After all the discussion above, what we most recommend that you purchase is the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, because it offers the best combination of functionality, durability and price.

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