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Choose The Best Cabin Tents! Make Your Family Camping Experience Delightful and Complete

Are you looking for a cabin tent to make a camping trip with the family? Do you need the best cabin tent, which can meet all your requirements? Before buying a cabin tent, you should consider the factors such accommodation capacity, material, windows, doors and many more features.

This buyer’s guide will deliver the detailed information regarding latest cabin tents, which are the star products of the market. Moreover, the factors affecting the purchase of cabin tent are also described in detail in this handy guide. Go through this guide, which will indeed be handy for the buying of a tent.

Top 5 Best Cabin Tents 2017 Market​

What Should You Consider Before Buying Camping Cabin Tents?

  •  Capacity: Capacity is an essential feature, which should be kept first on the list of all factors. If you are going on a family trip, then make sure everyone gets enough space to sleep. Moreover, the backpacks of all the people should be stored easily and safely inside the tent. You need a spacious tent to meet this requirement.
  • In, which season the tent can be used? Before buying, consider the season in, which you want to go. Normally People prefer 3 season tents who want to travel in summer, spring or fall as they are lightweight and highly ventilated; whereas, 3-4 season tents are apt for the extreme hot areas. If you are camping in the stormy mountainous snowy region, then 4-season tent is apt.
  • Center height and floor space area: Indeed the dome and cabin tents are two different styles of tents. If you are looking for a tent in, which you can simply stand and walk around, then cabin tent is an apt choice as it has vertical walls. Moreover, People can stand only at the center height of the tent in case of dome style tents. Choose a tent, which has sufficient floor space area that your mates can comfortably sleep.
  • Number of doors and windows: If you are going on a family camping trip, then make sure your tent has the sufficient doors that the people cannot have troublesome during the stay. Moreover, it is difficult for people to go on midnight bathroom breaks if the tent has a single door as others may get disturbed. If we talk about Windows then the more windows, the more air circulation inside the tent.
  • Fabric material: Fabric material of the tent is an important thing to consider before buying. The material should withstand the wind, snow, rainfall, and depressed ground. The material should be thick, lightweight, water resistant and tough. Many materials such as polyester, UV-tex 5, polyethylene are used in cabin tents. Most commonly used material is polyester as it satisfies all the requirements to some extent.
  • Air circulation: The ventilation of your tent should be good. Choose a tent, which has enough windows, doors, and skylights. Sometimes the mesh is provided on the roof or ceiling of the tent, which allows the air inside the tent. Moreover, after an exhausted and adventurous day all you need to gaze the night sky through the skylight.

What Should You Look For When Choosing The Best Cabin Tent For Yourself?

Look for the following aspects before you make a decision of buying the best cabin tent in the United States:

  • Rain fly: Rain fly is an essential aspect of the cabin tent. It protects the tent against heavy rains. It may be detachable or pre-attached with the tent. Some cabin tents do not have rainfly. If you are going to the camping in the wet and rainy region, then consider this aspect before buying a tent.
  • Tent stakes: The steel tent stakes enable strength to the cabin tents. Hence, bear in mind that the tent has steel stakes enough. These rods protect the tent against high winds and heavy rainfalls. Sometimes due to less number of stakes, the tent does not get stable during even the light wind. Hence, make sure you get additional stakes also along with the tent.
  • Room dividers: For the large and spacious tents, detachable room dividers are given along the tents. These increase the privacy during camping. Hence, when you are on a family trip, you need to have the room separators. Therefore make sure you get room separator along with the tent.
  • Wall organizers and storage compartments: There should be the provision of wall organizers to keep safe and secure your important stuff such as cell phones and essential documents. If the capacity of the tent is higher than there should be enough space to store gears and backpacks of people. Hence, the storage bags also should be given along with the tent.
  • Skylights and mud mats: Indeed the good ventilation, daylighting and air circulation are needed when the more people accommodate inside the spacious tent. This will keep the inside air of the tent fresh and breathable. The provision of skylights meets all the above requirements. The mud mats should also be given with the tent so that the cleanliness and hygiene can be maintained.

What are the Different Types of Cabin Camping Tents Available in the Market?

1. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

Are you in search of a tent, which can accommodate your family; or the one, which has enough space to store your backpacks? Then CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent is the better option. It can accommodate six people and has sufficient height, so there is no concern for tall people.

Moreover, it has highly effective water resistant technology so you can be stress-free during sudden rain or wind storm. The detachable rain fly also comes along with it. You can easily set up the tent within a minute.

Main Features

  • The setup of the tent takes 1 minute
  • Capacity of tent is six people
  • Two queen air mattresses can be fitted
  • The height of cabin tent is 72 inches
  • It has a gear loft including lantern hook
  • The wall organizer comes along with the tent
  • Electrical port for your laptops, cell phones and other purposes
  • It has run fly, carry bag and tent posts


  • It is useful in case of family camping trip
  • It has water resistant technology, which keeps the tent dry during wet weather
  • The additional feature called detachable rainfly protects the tent against precipitation
  • The interconnected openings give proper air and ventilation
  • It is apt for tall people also as it highs up to 72 inches
  • The provision of wall organizer keep the valuable stuff such as cell phones, docs safe
  • It is inexpensive as the cost is low


  • The zipper gets trapped into the fabric material of tent
  • Users are having problem into the functioning of zipping

2. Ozark Trail 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent (10-Person)

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

Do you need a large spacious tent for the accommodation of your big family? Are you in search of a tent, which enables privacy as well? Ozark Trail 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent for 10 people comes along with a room separator, which maintains the privacy of the tent. Moreover, mud mat maintains the cleanliness.

It also comes along with e-port to keep working your electric gadgets. Six windows enable excellent ventilation. Hence, if you are going on a trip during summer days with your XL family, then this option is the best.

Main Features

  • The capacity of tent is ten people
  • The metal stakes, rain fly, fiberglass come along with the tank
  • It has two individual side doors, one main central door, and six windows
  • Mud mat to keep neat and clean inside the tent
  • Detachable room separators for the privacy
  • Electric port is available for your electric gadgets
  • Three queen air mattresses can be used at a time


  • It is very large, roomy and comfortable that ten persons can stay inside the tent together
  • It has good air circulation as six windows are provided
  • The privacy issue gets solved as the separate doors and room dividers are given
  • It can resist against heavy wind storm and rain
  • Mud mats are provided for the hygiene and cleanliness inside the tent
  • For the safety of important stuff, wall pockets are given
  • The floor shape is rectangular so that you can use the maximum space
  • Excellent ventilation due to six openings


  • It is not appropriate for one person
  • It is difficult to set up the cabin tent during rainy weather
  • There are possibility of leakage of rain water from the rain fly in case it is not properly tighten
  • Room separators are lean and transparent, which results in partial privacy
  • Electric port is mounted on the upper portion of the tent instead of lower part
  • It is troublesome to fit the tent on the camping site as it has large floor space area

3. Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 11' x 9'

Looking for a tent, which is sturdy and stable? Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent is a tent, which consists of a sturdy material called polyester. It has good ventilation due to enough windows. The floors are sealed by welding so that it can be stable on a bit depressed surface.

Its unique aspect called weather tech system balances the indoor and outdoor air quality and keeps good air circulation through the openings. The optimum height and floor space area accommodate six people inside the tent. Hence, Coleman is a wise pick for the outdoor camping.

Main Features

  • Made from 150D polyester
  • The set-up timing is 60 secs as the stakes are already attached. Hence, it can be fixed up instantly
  • It covers a floor area of 10ft. x 9ft. and the center height of the tent is 72 inches
  • Four windows
  • Two openings on the roof side, which can be functioned with the help of zipping
  • Unique Weather tech system
  • The guy lines for the night visualization
  • The floors are welded so that it can be stable on the undulated surface


  • Due to four windows, the ventilation is good. Hence, it is apt for hot summer camping trip
  • Unique Weather tech system, which plays a role as water resistant from the roof to the bottom of the tent
  • The tent can be simply folded and packed into the dicky of your car
  • It is apt for the wet and rainy places as well, as it is watertight


  • The rain fly is not come along with all pieces
  • Although the capacity is of 6 people, the tent has limited space for five to four persons
  • There are only two storage compartments, which are certainly less storing spaces for six people
  • The small gaps can be seen in the tents around the zippers

4. Standing Room 100 Family Cabin Camping Tent

Standing Room 100 XL Family Cabin Camping Tent With 8.5 feet of Head Room,4 Big Screen Doors, Fast & Easy Set Up. Canopy Frame Not Included!

Do you need a tent in, which you can move, walk, talk and stand simply without any hurdle? Then Standing Room 100 Family Cabin Camping Tent is the apt choice as its central height is 102 inches. Moreover, the sturdy material called polyester is used. The capacity of the tent is also remarkable.

You can have two E-ports, which is indeed a good aspect as we surrounded by electric gadgets. You can simply observe the night sky through the skylights provided on the roof. Well, there is no concern of rain water leakage as the canopy is provided. All in all, this is the best pick out of all.

Main Features

  • It has a height of 102 inches
  • It has four individual doors
  • 150D polyester material, which can endure any weather condition
  • Two skylights with the purpose of day lighting and ventilation
  • The capacity of tent is of 4 people
  • The set-up of the tent does not require skilled camper. Hence, it requires few minutes to get set-up
  • It has detached storage bags or compartments
  • Two electric ports


  • You can move, walk and stand inside the tent easily as the height of the tent sufficient
  • There is no concern for the ventilation as the four doors are provided for open exit and entry
  • The used fabric material called polyester is highly water resistant so that it is apt for rainy and wet places as well
  • You can easily gaze the night sky as the skylights are provided with zippers
  • You can store your stuff separately as the separate storage bags com along with the tent
  • The roof of the tent is covered by canopy so that the rain water cannot move inside the tent


  • It has no rain fly, so there is a possibility of rain water leakage
  • It does not have any room separators. Hence, with a privacy point of view, it is one loss
  • The material is lean and thin so less privacy
  • No steel poles come along with the tent

5. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent almost meets requirements of buyers. Its aspects such as less setup time, detachable rain fly, wall organizers and room separators indeed notable for the buyers. It has unique water block technology,, which enables protection to the tent against heavy rains. It makes the tent waterproof to some extent.

Moreover, the doors and windows can be closed by zippers, so it maintains the privacy of a tent. The improved air venting technology keeps the inside air of tent fresh and breathable. Hence, this cabin tent is also a good competitor in the market.

Main Features

  • The set-up of the tent can be done within a minute
  • Two queen size beds can be fitted inside the tent
  • Height of the tent is 78 inches
  • Availability of electric port
  • The detachable rain fly, tent rods and carry bag come along with the tent
  • It has room separators and wall organizers as well
  • It has the capacity of 9 people to stay together
  • Water block technology
  • Enhanced air venting system


  • It takes less set-up time. Hence, it is easy and convenient for the young campers to set them up
  • There is no issue of less privacy as the room dividers come along with the tent
  • The door and window are highly sealed so that rain water cannot enter inside
  • Moreover advanced water block technology helps during heavy rainfalls
  • The rain fly is detachable. Hence, you can detach it during summer camping trips and uncover the window and roof
  • Room divider separates the tent into two rooms
  • The doors and windows are provided and protected by the zippers. Hence, it is highly secured and maintains the privacy


  • Sometimes zippers get caught in the fabric

Picking up a tent for the camping with a big family is indeed a big task. You should consider all the factors such as floor space area, height, material, openings, doors, privacy, air ventilation, strength and durability of the tent. Every tent comes up with a distinct limitation like privacy issue, low day lighting, less height or poor air ventilation.

Standing Room 100 Family Cabin Camping Tent almost meets all the requirements, which are mentioned above. The sufficient height eliminates the concern for tall people; room separators enable privacy and excellent air ventilation through doors, windows, and skylights. Neglecting few flaws Standing Room 100 Family Cabin Camping Tent is the best cabin tent out of all.

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