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A lot of people who go camping are in it for the rest and relaxation it provides, but aside from getting the getaway that you need, camping also gives you other benefits. People go camping for lots of reasons and it can even give you some health benefits that didn’t really cross your mind.

Camping is an activity that can be done alone or with your friends and family. Regardless of what you prefer, camping will give you a lot of happy thoughts even long after it is over. The thrill and excitement it brings stays in your memory, which makes you want to do it again.

You are getting fresh air

  • When you are close to a lot of trees, the more you are exposed to oxygen. This gives you a very happy feeling because you are able to feel the fresh air that you are breathing in.
  • Your serotonin is more awake because of this and your body is able to function well with very little strain because of the amount of oxygen present around you.

Brings you closer to each other

  • Camping brings a lot of fun and when you are with a lot of people, you will have more happy times compared to if you are alone. Your experience will be more unique and it will bring you closer to each other. It strengthens relationships and make your bond stronger.
  • When you socialize a lot, you will have a longer lifespan and keeps your memory sharp. Strong bonds with people make your life more fun and lessens stress that you are experiencing.

Your mood will definitely improve

  • Those who go camping regularly are always happier after they get back from their camping trip. They are really happier because when you spend time outside to get sunshine, the level of melatonin in your brain becomes even.
  • Melatonin is responsible for making you feel tired and depressed, so if you go out to camp, your mood becomes overall better because of the enjoyment your trip brings.

It is a form of exercise

  • This is a very obvious thing that you can get from camping because you are doing physical activities while you camp. Even if it’s just a normal fishing trip, this gives you more calorie-burn compared to just sitting around.
  • If you go hiking, trekking, or biking while camping, those are activities that are good for your cardiovascular health. There is a variety when it comes to the amount of calories burned, but the range is between 120-300/hour, which depends on your level of activity. Those who ride the bike burn as much as 300-500 calories in one hour.
  • If you go fly fishing, at least 200 calories is burned. This is the reason why your appetite is bigger when you are out camping.

Your sleep at night is deeper

  • When your camping gear is good and you have everything you need, you will fall asleep right away because of all the activities you did during the day. Sleep affects a lot of the processes that happens in your body and inflammation can be reduced if you sleep well.
  • Your cardiovascular system will improve, which helps you stay more aware and alert of your surroundings. A lot of campers say that their sleep cycle becomes better after they have returned from a camping trip.

Lessens the stress you have

  • While camping, your coping mechanism with stress improves. When you undergo a lot of stress in your life, it can have a negative effect on your health in a lot of ways. You are also lessening the strain that your body experiences because of stress.
  • The mental and physical well-being is much better because you are giving yourself enough time to explore outdoors. Oxygen levels in your body will start to rise if there is less stress and levels of serotonin becomes higher.
  • Melatonin levels are controlled and you are not easily annoyed or angry because of the emotional benefits camping gives you.

New challenges you can take on

  • Even if you regularly go camping, trips will always be different, which actually has a positive impact in your life. When you are experiencing new things, your brain is kept healthy. It is because new activities in your life gives you intellectual stimulation and at the same has physical health benefits.
  • This can have a positive effect on your brain, which has an added benefit to your overall health. New challenges also improve your personality and how you deal with everyday problems.
  • You will become stronger as a person and you won’t have to worry about how to deal with stress ever again because your experience with camping has given you an opportunity to handle tough challenges even if you are not in your usual comfort zone.

Disconnecting helps you recharge yourself

  • When you spend time away from all the work that you go through every day, the things that add worry and stress in your life becomes invisible for a while. This will really help you a lot to step back and focus on yourself for now because you are away from the busy life you are living every day.
  • When you are camping, there is no doubt that you will be able to think about the happiness you have in your life and how it benefits you. Sometimes, the stress and worry that we need to be away from can get into our system and cause a lot of misery.
  • When you are out camping, you will be in touch with nature and you are given a time to appreciate everything that’s around you and the beauty of life. Disconnecting lets you see the beautiful things in front of you that are already there.

These are the benefits of camping that is being referred to in the infographic, which is not seen by a lot of people. Some only see camping as merely an activity that they do outdoors, but there’s actually more to it than what people think.

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