5 Benefits of Adding Bleachers to your next Recreational Event

Benefits of Adding Bleachers

There's no doubt that an event is more enjoyable for spectators when they can sit than when standing. Bleachers can do you a lot of good and improve the experience of your next game. There's, even more, to enjoy with the use of powder-coated bleachers. These unique seats will add color and life to your next recreational event. It would turn the venue of your events into an attractive, personalized sports center.

By adding color to your bleachers, you've personalized the pitch for the home team and subtly announced yourself to the whole world. There would be no better colors to use on these seats than those of the home team. Powder-coated bleachers will show your creative side at the next event and create a unique feel for your fans and teams.

What is powder coating for Bleachers?

Powder-coating is a process that is quite similar to painting. However, instead of covering the seats in wet spray paint, you'll be spraying a mixture of polymer resin, leveling agents, paint pigment and other additives. The mixture of powder particles is electrostatically charged which makes them attracted to the bleachers. Before spraying with powder coating, the seats are grounded to remove charges and ensure attraction.

After coating and spraying, the seats are subjected to some heat to allow the coating flow, level out, and then transform into the hardened state that you want. Powder-coating is a detailed process that has to be done correctly without room for errors.

Before the spraying starts, the material to be painted (bleachers) are rigorously cleaned, then thoroughly rinsed and completely dried. After this, the powder-coating process can occur followed by heat treatment to ensure permanent results. When you're done powder-coating these seats, you have sprayed bleachers with numerous benefits than what you'll get with regular bleachers.

Advantages of Powder coating bleachers

Advantages of Powder coating bleachers

1. It offers a color choice

The powder-coating process may be one that has only 4 primary colors; red, blue, navy, and green, but you can order custom colors to suit your needs and intended design. The different colors available at your disposal will make your home ground more attractive. Imagine your field surrounded with customized seating which consists of the team colors. By doing that, you have personalized your playing grounds. While most fields will have aluminum bleachers, yours will stand out because of the extra colors.

2. Glare reduction

There's nothing wrong with having to watch a game on plain aluminum bleachers. These regular aluminum bleachers are considered to be one of the best and most economical ways to seat large groups of people. However, these standard seats may have a reflective glare coming off them. While the glare is dependent on the amount and angle of both sunlight and field lights, it can quickly become a problem.

Many people may argue that this reflection will create nice photos and memories for you. However, the glare can potentially affect the viewing of other spectators or send flashes of blinding glare to the players on the pitch, causing a mishap or mistimed tackle. Powder-coated aluminum bleachers eliminate the glare factor and instead will give a unique, comforting, and pleasing color for the pleasure of fans and players alike.

3. Additional protection from environmental conditions

The powder-coating on the bleachers can do more than just beautify the seats and make your grounds more appealing. Once properly applied, sprayed and cured, powder-coated aluminum bleachers are more resistant to any damage by environmental conditions. Environmental conditions that could cause damage and concern for seating include wind, UV rays, rain, sunlight, air pollution, changing climatic conditions, fading and atmospheric composition (coastal conditions, saltwater, high moisture, and atmospheric humidity).

4. Powder-coated bleachers are more durable

The powder coating will protect against chips and cracks in the seating. It will offer you this advantage and retain performance efficiency and code compliance, including ADA accessibility compliance. The powder coating will also help to eliminate further risks associated with abrasion, fading, scratching, corrosion, and other faults that occur as a result of wear and tear from daily use.

When installing power-coated bleachers, the dimensions may depend on your site conditions and color may be based on your choice, but powder-coating is more durable than merely painting the bleachers. During the spraying process, there's no need to use harsh and harmful cleaning materials. You can always expect your powder-coated seats to last longer than regular aluminum seats. The durability of the bleachers may vary depending on if the bleachers are installed indoors and protected for natural conditions or outdoors where it is subject to the harshness of nature.

You'll get to enjoy powder-coated bleachers for a longer period or duration from when it was installed than regular bleachers.

5. Powder coating can boost team morale and home ground advantage

You may not have given it much thought but powder-coated aluminum bleachers in the team's colors may have some psychological benefits for fans and players of the home team. When the players and fans come unto the field, they can see the customized seatings that will give them a sense of belonging and a drive to perform better. When players turn to these seats and see fans chanting passionately at the top of their voices, there could be an additional boost that motivates them to make the fans happy. The home colors being displayed on the seats will lead to louder cheers, passionate fans, improved fan experience, and more support for your team.

You'll create a home ground advantage with all the passion flowing in the air. Through powder coating, the team's colors don't stop with their jerseys but extend to the seats around them. When playing here, there will be no doubt about whose home field the game is being bosted on.


Powder-coating bleachers can be used to add a new dimension to your home ground. These seats are a perfect combination since they are easy to maintain, safe to use, and provide a psychological boost to the home team. Everyone is sure to feel at home when you use these unique seating options.

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