The Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike Reviews

26-Inch Wheel Roadmaster Granite Peak Men's Mountain Bike

The 26” Wheel Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike is an inexpensive bike that fits perfectly well with beginners, while still suitable for experienced riders. Its combination of performance and price makes it one of the best entry-level mountain bikes.

Features We Like

The Roadmaster Granite Peak provides a great cruising ride on different road types, whether on smooth pavements or rugged paths. Now, what is it about this mountain bike that riders, like us, recommend it as much as we do? The following are why we think riding this would also make a wonderful experience for you.

Geometric Steel Frame

26” Wheels

Suspension Forks

​SRAM Drive Twist Shifters

​Linear Pull Brakes

How It Feels to Ride​

​With all the features and design, what is even more practical to know is its performance on the road and trails. And to succinctly put it, it did not disappoint. It was a joy to ride, with only some minor issues occurring.


  • ​Since it is heavier than the typical mountain bike, weighing 38.6 lbs., it may seem like a struggle to get a hold of riding it, yet surprisingly it was not. Getting used to it was not that difficult at all, with that happening after some minutes riding it. The little extra weight was even beneficial because it lowered the center of gravity of the bike, making it easier to balance and control.
  • The 26” wheels also seemed like an exact fit with the steel frame because a larger wheel would have made it even heavier, and less easier to use for beginners.

Smooth ride​

  • ​Should you plan on enjoying a mountain bike on trails and not just straight paths, riding uphill and downhill can be tricky, or even dangerous, if switching gear is inefficiently done or if the derailleur and other parts do not work quickly. With effortless transition between gears, and a wide range of gears available at that, this mountain bike can serve its purpose well.
  • The front suspension fork helped traversing rocky or rugged trails be less uncomfortable, although a rear suspension system might have probably made this a better bike. But all in all, its ability to absorb shock is really topnotch.

​Easy to assemble

  • ​Because it is wonderfully designed, assembling and packing the Roadmaster Granite Peak is not that difficult. With just a few tools needed, taking this bike along during long trips is made more doable. You have to be careful though with installing the plastic components as those can be a little loose if not properly assembled.


  • ​Of course being an entry-level mountain bike would mean it has a fair share of drawbacks, albeit nothing serious enough to discourage anyone from purchasing this product.
  • One thing the Roadmaster Granite Peak lack is a comfortable saddle for long rides. While the small, padded seat can be manageable on short commutes, riding the bike for a lengthy period of time, and especially on terrains, may not. You can replace the handle though on your own should you purchase this model.
  • The brakes can be prone to needing regular adjustment should you ride the bike more frequently than usual.
  • As an inexpensive mountain bike, we do not recommend using this on high-level terrains; there are other mountain bikes designed for such a use. The Granite Peak is perfect though for easy and intermediate trails, whether mountain or roads.

Roadmaster - A Trusted Brand​

The Granite Peak 26” is a model under the Roadmaster brand, which is currently owned by Pacific Cycle. Roadmaster has been around since 1936, providing low-cost mass-market trusted bicycle models with production plants in Illinois.

After a series of eventful transactions, the Roadmaster brand has been bought, as aforementioned by Pacific Cycle, with the high-quality low-cost bicycles being produced in and imported from Taiwan and China.

The Roadmaster brand was for a time shut down due to foreign competition, but it has since been reactivated due to demands for the product. Roadmaster provides low-end and middle-end bikes, which are perfect for beginner or those who are looking for inexpensive yet reliable bicycles.

Things We Liked

  • Rugged paths and bumps cannot be felt when riding this bike.
  • With the suspension fork, the ride will be very smooth.
  • The tire tread has a good grip to conquer pavements and dirt on the road.
  • It has a padded seat for better comfort.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The bike cannot easily be used on terrains.

The Benefits

  • Since the frame is geometrically designed, it is very comfortable to ride compared to other bikes.
  • Bumps on the road will not bother the rider because of the suspension fork it has.
  • The 3-piece mountain crank allows the rider to change gears according to their preference.
  • Roadmaster Granite Peak is very easy to control.
  • A good exercise bike for trying to lose weight and keeping the heart healthy.
  • Provides happiness and excitement.
  • A beginner will get used to handling heavier bikes after using this one.
  • Stamina and strength of the rider will improve.

How To Assemble The Bike

Before attempting to assemble the product, some items will be needed to do it successfully. You will need: a 5 mm and 6mm Allen Key + A Phillips screw driver + Scissors and wire cutters + A wrench that is adjustable.

Unpacking The Bike

Start Setting The Handle Bars

How To Put On The Bike Seat

How To Install The Front Tire

How To Put The Brakes Back Together

How To Put The Pedals On

Pedal On!

  • If it is your first time to ride Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike, remember to put helmet on and gloves. Get on the bike and make sure that the height of the seat is just right. Put your right hand on the right handle bar and the left foot should still be planted on the ground. When your grip on the handle bar is already secure, lift your left foot from the ground and grab the left handlebar with your left hand.
  • Start pedaling slowly and if you want to accelerate the speed, shift to a higher gear and if you wish to slow down again, go back to a lower gear.
  • When the path is leading you to an uphill or downhill stay in low gear because it will be easier for you to pedal that way and it will also give you better control in case you need to stop.
  • When you see an obstacle on the road, just change the direction of the bike either to your left or right to avoid accidents.
  • When you want to stop, make sure that you are in low gear because it will be easier for you to start again.


  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Every Six Months
  • Every Year
  • Remove the chain and brush it with light oil.
  • Take the derailleurs wheels and brush them with light oil.
  • Derailleurs need to be lubricated weekly and an oil can be used to apply oil on it.
  • Brake calipers need to be oiled by putting in 3 drops of it.
  • Brake levers can be maintained weekly by putting in 2 drops of oil.

Some Questions That People Frequently Ask

Is the bike already assembled when it arrives?

How many gears does the bike have?

What are the tools needed to assemble it successfully?

Can it be used by someone more than 5’5 feet tall?

What is the weight capacity of the bike?

Final Verdict

As has been said, the Roadmaster Granite Peak 26” Mountain Bike may be a cheap alternative, but do not let the price tag turn you off. The bike’s value for money should not be underrated because it is the one of the best available mountain bikes for beginners and intermediate riders.

Granted, it may not be able to handle the steep and extremely rugged terrains, but those are bike trails best left for high-end and specially designed mountain bicycles and, of course, expert riders. If you are looking for a fun, comfortable and safe ride, this may be the best bicycle for you.

And the good thing is, 26" Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike is something that could fit perfectly well in your budget, whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift for other people.

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