Your Scent Therapy in 20 Tips

Your Scent Therapy in 20 Tips

Diluting essential oils and mixing them to scent stuff around you is where the DIY oil craze is.

Essential oils are not just in fragrances but figure in many things found in stores, like house cleaning, skin lotions, self-care, etc. Once you see what you've been spending so much on, you might think of making your own using common materials and things.

Watering a mist or toner is great, we know. But if blending your own perfume sounds fabulous, you can try your favorites in spray bottles of grain alcohol. Mixing these in fatty bases like almond oils also works wonders in making your own body lotions and butter.

Live with the aromas you love in your home and on yourself while out and about. Freshen up your daily details with 20 creative tips.

Essential Oils Stuff in 20

  1. Wear it on your person, a few drops of essential oils on your bracelets or necklaces makes for a fragrance-filled adventure as you go through your everyday routine. Beads made of wood and other absorbent items are great for spreading the scent of essential oils.
  2. Leather accessories are a nice option for diffusing on your person, a hint on your bag strap is a perk.
  3. Is the chore of removing roller inserts or adding these to a bottle a fight? Once you discover this your hobby becomes a lifetime of pleasant tricks. Adding and removing the roller inserts is easy with the lid.
    Your Scent Therapy in 20 Tips
  4. Drive beautifully with a simple and easy diffuser which you can fashion from just a clothespin with felt or satin items glued on to hang freely. When the smell of your car’s insides gets stale, pip a few drops of essential oil onto your thing and clip it to your front air vent for a lovely drive in the aroma.
  5. Waste not an empty fragrant bottle as these may still have traces of oil. So make the most of them by placing the bottles into jars full of Epsom salts. The Epsom salts will soak up the remaining scents, which would make for a nice bath softener.
  6. Make rice socks and put some drops on them. These are handy as hot scented pads once microwaved.
  7. Essential oils can remove greases and stains quite fast, use it in a solution for your stained clothes or carpet.
  8. Let a few drops get into your kid’s toys or place diffusers with scents like lemon around his play area. As they romp around they “absorb” the benefits of aromatherapy which enhances their senses.
  9. There’s nothing like the sight and smell of flowers in the morning, but if yours aren’t too fresh then a tiny bit of essential oil on the unglazed parts of clay pots is almost as good. Peppermint scents before or after morning coffee is about as good as it gets.
  10. If yours is a home full of smells, drip some essentials onto your house’s air filter, especially when you have friend and family coming over.
  11. A few drops for each log in your home fireplace helps get the fire going in both wood and heart.
  12. Mascara which lasts a while will see your lashes grow thick and long, too. The scent of essential Lavender in the tube helps here, even with setting gels for 3d lashes.
  13. When you can’t get the oil to drip or you’re wrangle with having just a drop or two for your plans because more comes out than you need, here’s a handy idea. Look for the little dot on the side of the bottle, and move it up or down to adjust how much oil drops from the opening. For thicker oil simply point it downwards, and for thinner have it upwards.
  14. Prepare a dropper with a blend of freshening citrus and mint scents handy to quickly ward off those smells emanating in your bath. A drop or two on your toilet tissues and roll works wonders for a not-nice day.
  15. If snot gets your nose clogged up, have aromatic tissues around for a ready fix. Get the box opened, drip a small portion of oils on the tissues, close it up again and there have it, DIY scented tissues.
  16. Use simple tricks to diffuse scents in your home for airy aromatherapy. Water is a great way to dilute essential oils for this, but it isn’t the only one which “makes scents”.
  17. For a quick diffusion, heat a pot of water and pour some into a decorative bowl, then drip some oil while letting the still-hot water steam the scent into the air.
  18. You’ll find essential oils charming when they’re diffused into the air with simple steaming. Fresh aromas like rosemary or ginger keep your senses alert, and a few drops of sweet rose is calming for your hard thoughts.
  19. An easy mix to dissuade bugs from alighting on you can be blended from various essential oils without using nasty chemicals. It’s the smart and lovely solution.
  20. Check with a little amount first to see if you are allergic to a certain oil or a blend, before you diffuse it in your home air or on your person. For peace of mind, google contraindications and aromatherapy. On the fun side, at most sites you might find great new ideas to savor your day with.
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