Ways to Improve Your Camping Trip


Camping is a great way to unite with nature and experience the outside world. It is good to sometimes get out of your house and explore what’s beyond it. A lot of people go camping in groups and there are those who are more adventurous and decide to do it alone.

Whatever your plan is, there are certainly ways on how you can improve your camping trip. A ruined vacation is the last thing you want, especially if you have been planning for this day to come.

Learn a few things before setting out to camp because having advanced knowledge will make a big difference in how your vacation is going to happen.

Make a beer can stove

  • With just the use of a knife and a little alcohol, it is possible to make your own stove out of a beer can that can boil water in less than 10 minutes. You only have to cut the can in half and then detach the inner lid from the top half of the can.
  • The next thing to do is to put indentations into the lower edge that is in the top half so the flames can reach whatever you are going to cook. Now slide the top inside the bottom and pour denatured alcohol, but only a little. Light it up and you are ready to cook.

Start a fire using toilet paper roll

This is one of the best things that was ever thought of because it is something that you just throw away, but they can be turned into something that is worth paying for. When you fill the toilet paper roll using the lint from the dryer, you are able to make a fire starter that is free and will work every time.

Parking downwind is not the way to go

  • This is a camping rule that’s been said a lot of times so make sure that when you pitch your tent, it is at the upwind of any campfire including yours.
  • If you pitch downwind, everything you have at the campsite will smell like smoke. You are going to wash your stuff several times before the smell will go away and this can be such a hassle.

Have a tarp

Ways to Improve Your Camping Trip

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If you bring a tarp, you will have something that you can use to make a plot of dry land or as cover in case it rains. By just using a clothesline, tie-downs, and pins, or heavy duty clips, you can build a quick shelter that can protect you against the rain. They can keep your things dry and can even serve as another protection, which you can place at the top of your tent.

Tea tree oil is versatile

There are a lot of things that can you use tea tree oil for. It can be used as an antiseptic to keep infections away and it is good for getting rid poison ivy and bug bites. Prevention is always much better than treating so what you can do is to mix 40 drops of tea tree oil with 12 to 16 oz. of water so you can create a spray that is effective for keeping ticks and mosquitoes away.

Set your personal space

  • You should establish personal space in the place where you are going to set-up your tent. Regardless if it is a stand of trees so you can put up your hammock, or a tent area that is hidden behind the bush, it is your space. If you don’t care about pack size and weight, do not use a smell tent if it is not necessary.
  • Enjoy your time and use a campground tent to give you a bigger home base. You won’t be spending all of your time in it, but you will appreciate its size after a long hike because you have enough space to rest your tired body.

Your lounging should be good


Even if you are camping outdoors, there are smaller pleasures that still come with it. When you just want to hang around while camping, you should have the comfort that you want.

Instead of using a log as substitute for your seat, bring a lounge chair so you can just relax and kick back while sipping on your favorite drink. If you love cocktails, don’t use plastic cups because you are being a minimalist. Instead, bring real cocktail glasses to make it more fun and realistic.

Bungee cords will come in handy

  • They may cost you a little, but their uses are endless. You can use them to keep strangers away from your belongings and attempting to steal anything from you. Bungee cords can be used for tarps to make an awning to give you more shade.
  • They can also be used to tie up food to a tree so they can be hung and not attract wild animals. You should never go camping without them because their uses are endless and you will be provided with a lot of comfort.

Have good bedding

This is probably the most important factor in keeping you comfortable because a good night’s sleep is something precious. Bring good bedding to make sure that you will have a nice place to rest after a long walk or hike, and especially when night time comes.

  • You can opt to leave the sleeping bag behind and bring sheets and blankets instead so you can sleep in an open bed. If the place where you will camp has electricity, bring a blow-up mattress. This can be a bit of work, but it will all be worth it for your time of rest.
  • Sleeping on a mattress like this is way better than laying your body on top of rocks. You can also bring a cot and use it so your body will be lifted from the ground.

These are the factors that can improve your camping because you still deserve to feel comfortable even if you are away from home and not in your usual sleeping spot.

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