A Deeper Look on Camping

Camping is a fun activity you can do with your family, friends, or significant other, but there are circumstances when you need to do it for survival.

When planning a camping trip, it is easy to have everything ready. You will anticipate the stuff that you have to bring to make the experience worthwhile. For those times when you need to do it for survival, you won’t be fully prepared for it so you need to know what you must do.

In this post you will know more about camping for leisure and survival. The best camping spots, gears, recipes, and other things about camping will be given here.

History of Camping

Camping as another form of recreation started more than 100 years ago. It was Thomas Hiram Holding who became one of the people who made camping an activity that people can do for fun. As years went by, people have continued to do it and it is also because of the changes i
n economic climate.

Millions of people go camping with their families during holidays. When year 1908 came, Holding published a camping book which tells about the basic information about the activity. He was able to accomplish such a book because he traveled all throughout the vast lands of America with his family.

He was only 9 at the time and the journey was about 1200 miles long. The distance of this trip was enough to give him knowledge to write the book.

He wanted to have a different in the year 1887 so he tried camping with his canoe and he was in Scotland during this time. Aside from being a good camper, he was also good at cycling and went on his first cycling in trip Ireland with four of his friends. Before he went on this trip, he was able to design camping equipment that is portable.

After this trip, he was able to write book about it and gave the title “Cycle and Camp in Connemara” which came out in 1898. People who were as passionate about campingstarted to contact him and the Association of Cycle Campers sprung from this (1901) which had 13 members.

They had a first official meeting in Wantage, but only 6 people were able to make it. They started the Camping and Caravanning Club and currently have over 400 thousand members.

This is because more people got into the activity and the famous people who first led the group were Robert Falcon-Scott (Scott of the Antarctic) who was in the position from 1909 to 1912. The next leader was Sir Robert Balden-Powell who was from a scouting movement and then the successor, Dr. David Bellamy who was a well-known naturalist, carried this on.

In the year 1894, one of the first campsites emerged and it was called the Isle of Mann. It continuously expanded in size and number of visitors bringing in 600 people every week. The campsite’s success went on constantly, but slowed down a little when World War 1 occurred.

When the year 1932 came, Federation Internationale De Camping et De Caravanning (FICC) was formed. This was the very first international camping organization. It was founded because people wanted a more grounded group. The popularity of Caravans increased during the latter part of 1930s. Companies started their own groups and even people.

During the 1960s, the benefits of camping started to interest people rather than going to a boarding house. This was a cheaper way to live and the products being made for camping were improving. Boarding houses also had a lot of rules and it was something that not a lot of people enjoyed. This was also the time when camping during festivals started.

Over the next decades, camping started to become more popular. There are already millions of people who enjoy camping up to this day.

It was in the year 1800s when camping became really famous in America when they started to organize camping areas. Actually, it was not until after World War 2 ended when camping became even more popular because people were able to use vehicles so that they can travel in greater distances to go camping and bring their equipment with them.

Camping Spots In America

CAMPING: A Deeper Look

Acadia National Park, Maine

  • Another that is used for this place as The Pine Tree State because the land area is 17 million acres. It also has a total of 6,000 lakes and ponds. The rivers and streams are 32,000 miles in total.
  • A lot of campers go here regardless if they are a beginner or have been doing it for a long time. You will be able to experience something different if you go to the top of Cadillac Mountain which is the peak and be the first to get a view of the sun.

Appgar Camp Ground

  • This is known to be the biggest camp sites in Glacier National Park. It can be found in a pine forest and from here you will see peaks of mountains outside glacier-fed Lake Mcdonald.
  • This place can be for both RV and tent campers, but they don’t have reservations. They have horseback riding, boat rental, and tours provided by public buses.

White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

  • This one provides an experience that is more on the rustic side. The hiking experience here can be a bit rugged but enjoyable if you love adventures. It is during the fall when you will be able to enjoy most of the stunning sceneries.

Palo Duro Canyon

  • Even if there aren’t a lot of mountains in the center of the US, a few canyons are situated here and the best campsite. There is a switch-back road that leads to the lower part of the canyon and ‘Spanish skirts’ can be seen behind the campsites which are white and orange in color.
  • They will let you choose from RV, primitive, and stone cabin campsites. The campsites were built by Civilian Conservation Corps. Campers also love to hike and ride bikes here.

Camping Clothes

Duofold Men’s Mid Weight Wicking Pant

It is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, comes with a pull on closure, and it is imported. They are machine-washed, 2-ply cotton-rich thermal underwear, base-layer bottoms, and great for cold weather, low-impact activities. This one has moisture control and flatlock seams in order to prevent any form of irritation. It has a wicking waistband to keep you comfortable the whole time.

These pants are great for camping because they do not cause too much moisture and you will not feel uneasy while wearing them.

WantDo Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket for Men

The outer part of the jacket is a windproof soft shell and the inner part is a microfleece liner. The jacket has a relaxed fit and it is a quick-dry fabric that can keep you warm at the same time. This is a jacket that you can use for camping, climbing, skiing, and other outdoor activities. It will keep you warm in all of your backcountry activities. It has a stand collar, snap-button shoulder epaulets, front zipper, and inner pocket.

Via bestprice.trafficmanager.net

You won’t feel cold anymore because this jacket is all you need.

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boots

This one is made of leather and has a rubber sole. There is a shaft that has a measurement of 5” from the arch. The heel has a measurement of 1.5” and the platform measures approximately 0.75”. It is made of full-grain waterproof leather that is perfect for giving you upper comfort, durability making it resistant against abrasion.

The waterproof construction of the socks help in keeping your feet dry at all times, and the seams are sealed. Tongue is made of padded collar, there is an EVA foot bed that you can remove that comes with dual-density to add comfort, and it has been perforated for better air circulation.

The solid rubber outsole comes with multi-directional lugs for better traction especially when you walk on terrains.

Wool Socks

Anti-bacterial Wool Cushioned Socks with anti-odor moisture wicking poly, prevents friction, and helps in soothing aching muscles. It is ideal for hiking, camping, climbing, and all types of travel.

When you wear this, it is very comfortable and it is the best for any outdoor activity. It has been blended to perfection because it is made of 12% anti-bacterial wicking poly, 85% acrylic wool, 2% spandex, and 1% nylon.

The material is anti-bacterial to prevent bacteria form spreading and it keeps the feet smelling fresh. It comes with an elastic arch support to keep friction from happening and everyone will feel comfortable no what type of activity they are doing.

You will find the socks very breathable and it manages to keep your feet dry even if you are going through a long journey. The muscles on your feet will not ache if you have these socks on and prevent them from becoming smelly even after doing a lot of walking and climbing to find the perfect camping spot.

Camping Gear

Via treeoflifeuk.info

Yeti Roadie Cooler

  • This 20-liter cooler is built for very tough conditions so you will be able to go on any adventure that you like. It will protect the food and drinks that you have brought for your trip.
  • It is built with walls that are extra thick that contains proprietary permafrost for better insulation so the temperatures outside will not affect what’s inside. Rotomolded polyethylene construction which is the same process used to make whitewater kayaks. It will be able to take on any kind of impact and it is very durable. They can handle dry ice, and you can put a total of 12 cans inside and long neck bottles can fit in it as well.

If you think yeti is quality but expensive, maybe try to save more money by buying a cooler with the same Yeti's quality but cheaper.

Biolite Campstove USB charger

  • This one has the capacity to cook food and you will be able to recharge anywhere. It will be able to operate completely even if you are off the land. The heat production comes from a combustion chamber and insulated chimney method. The power of the sticks can easily be gathered from the floor.

Pocket shower

  • When you go camping, you need to make sure that you will stay clean even if you are far from home. You can add up to 2.6 gallons of water and then allow the sun to heat the pouch. Hang it on a tree to take shower with warm water. You will love this product even more if the weather is cold and a warm shower is all you could ask for.

Via coolmaterial.com

SOL Origin survival tool kit

  • This one has a lot of features that you can use for camping. It has a waterproof fire lite Firestarter, 100db whistle that has range of 100 miles. There are 60 survival techniques in this tool that you can use for any kind of situation.

Osprey Atmos AG

  • This bag has “anti-gravity suspension” making it questionable because the indication might be for marketing purposes only, but the campers say that their 35-pound load seem like its only 20 pounds. The reason for this is the light weight mesh that the bag is made of that hugs the body close from the hips to the shoulders so you will feel like it’s an extension of the body.
  • When you already have a lot on your back, a bag that makes everything seem lighter is all you need.

Portable mosquito repellant

  • Mosquitoes will not get to you anymore when you have this because it will keep them away for 18 hours as it releases a blend of lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon, and geranium oils.

Grand trunk double travel hammock

  • It has s-hooks so you can easily hang it between two trees and it is made of nylon. The tent is resistant to rotting and it will never have mildews. The weight of the hammock is only 28 oz. and it easily folds to fit into its 4 x 7” pouch.
  • The hammock extends up to 10.6” x 6.6” so two people can fit in. Its maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs. and easily becomes dry. All major stretch points are stitched for more durability.

Knives For Camping

Via eurekatent.com

Buck Cocobola Dymondwood Fixed Blade

The knife comes with a lifetime warranty and it is built for precision and quality. It can be used for different outdoor purposes. It has a 6” 420HC steel large clip blade and 10.5” overall length with a weight of 7.5 oz. It is made of Cocobola Dymondwood Handle that is attached with a Brass Pommel. The sheath is made of genuine leather and buck forever warranty.

This one is great for any camping trip and sharpening it won’t be a hassle because of its 420HC stainless blade. This knife also has great attention to detail and it looks great.

Morakniv companion heavy duty knife that is made with carbon steel blade

This is a fixed blade knife that has a 4-inch blade made of carbon steel. It has an extra-large handle with a friction grip that has a patterned design. The thickness of the blade is 0.25 inches with a length of 4.1 inches. The total length of the knife is 8.8 inches and it weighs 4.8 oz. The color of the sheath is the same as the knife and this product is made is Sweden.

This knife is very tough, durable, and strong making it last very long even if you use it under extreme conditions.

Top brown tracker T-3 fixed blade knife

The length of the blade on this knife is 5.5” with a cutting edge of 5”. The total length is 10.25” and has ATS-34 stainless steel blade. It has a black traction coating and the handle is a black linen micarta. The sheath is kydex that has 2 spring clips that rotate. The weight is 13.2 oz. and aside from it being a great knife for camping it is also a combat knife.

Its blade is a durable 1095 high carbon steel so it can cut through anything. If you need to cut wood, this knife is what you need because it’s been designed to split, scrape, hammer, saw, and more. This tool works like a beast and you will be able to cut through almost anything.

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Fixed with a Satin Spear Point Blade

This has a fixed FN3K satin spear point blade that is 6.75”. The knife’s Kraton handle is able to retain a good grip and you’ll be able to handle it even if you are wearing gloves or mitts. Handling the knife even if it is raining won’t be a problem and it will be able to protrude through almost anything.

Most people recommend this knife for camping and survival purposes because it is very versatile and you won’t have a problem using it for camping or survival purposes. This knife is made from Sweden and the blade was made to be very sharp, durable, long-lasting, strong, and tough.

The sheath is Zytel to give it better protection because camping comes with challenges. You would have to use a knife for cutting through wood, food, plants, and other things.

Tents For Camping

Via cheshirefire.gov.uk

Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL3 MtnGlo

  • This tent is light weight, easy to set-up, and has roomy vestibules. It has embedded lights inside so you will not have a problem seeing things inside the tent even at night. Storage pockets inside are very convenient so you can easily put small stuff inside.
  • The embedded lights last for 90 hours and they are powered by AAA batteries. It is very spacious inside making it very liveable and the ambiance is very nice. You won’t feel too homesick while sleeping in this tent because of how it is made and it is built to give you a very comfortable sleep.

Nemo Dagger 2P

  • This is a tent that is perfect for any light weight vacation and when you are out camping, you want nothing more than camping equipment that you can easily bring and set-up. This is another spacious tent that won’t make you feel claustrophobic.
  • Your gear can fit inside and you will still have a lot of room for yourselves. The materials used in building the tent are very durable and expect to get the best protection against insects and bugs that are lurking about in the wilderness.

You will love taking this one with you almost anywhere because aside from it being easy to set-up, it is uncomplicated to pack as well. Expect only the best performance from this one and you won’t think twice about camping again.

Mountain Hardwear Shifter 2

  • This tent will only take up 5 minutes of your time before you can set it up and its shape is like dome. It has burly fabrics and withstands up to 30 miles per hour of wind strength. This tent offers both privacy and wide-open vistas. You can choose between the two depending on your mood.
  • All you need to do is to rotate the fly towards one direction to make an entrance. If you turn it the other way around, you will have more privacy and a spacious storage area that is shouldered with a vestibule. The color of the tent is blue to give you a more cozy feeling.

Camping Recipes

If you ever thought that camping would force you to eat something that you usually don’t, then you are wrong because there are recipes you can follow even if you are a vegetarian.

Camping should be both adventurous and fun, but it doesn’t mean that you would have to eat stuff that you aren’t comfortable with. You will find here various recipes that are easy, yummy, uncomplicated, and enough to keep you fuelled all throughout your camping trip.

There is nothing better than being able to prepare and cook food that you will love eating even if you are in the middle of the wilderness.

Marshmallow and Strawberry Kebabs

You are going to need the following:

Via planningwithkids.com

  1. Marshmallows (about 20 pcs)
  2. Hulled strawberries (16 pcs)
  3. ½ Can of Caramel
  4. Hazelnuts and crumble biscuits

What you need to do:

Take 4 long skewers and put 5 marshmallows on each one before hulling 4 strawberries in. Hold the skewers over a campfire of gas stove and turn them slowly until you have successfully toasted the marshmallows.

Put a little salt in the caramel before drizzling it on top. Sprinkle the hazelnuts and crumbled biscuits.

Cowboy Chicken and Bean Stew

You will need:

Via foodnetwork.sndimg.com

  1. Drizzle of oil
  2. 1 chopped large onion
  3. 6 rashers and chopped smoked streaky bacon
  4. Chicken (portioned into 8 parts and preferably dark meat)
  5. 1 tbsp. of smoked paprika
  6. 800 grams chopped tomatoes with garlic
  7. 200 grams barbeque sauce
  8. 800 grams pinto beans
  9. Cheddar and tortilla chips

What you need to do:

Take a large casserole dish, but make sure it is one with a lid. Throw in the onion and then the bacon before. Cook for 15 minutes in medium heat just enough to brown the onion and make the bacon crispy.

Push it towards the side of the pan and add in the chicken before increasing the heat. Brown the meat a little, but it’s okay if the color is not equal. Now you can add the paprika, tomatoes, and 200 ml water. Mix in the barbeque sauce, salt, black pepper, and your choice of herbs.

Cover the casserole with the lid and lower the heat. Stir it from time to time for 45 minutes. If the chicken is already soft and tender, then it’s already cooked. But if not, cook for another 15 minutes. Now put the beans and allow it to simmer for 20 minutes without the lid.

Wait for the sauce to thicken before serving it with tortilla chips and grated cheddar on top.

Whole Wheat Hamburger and Hotdog Buns

What you will need:

Via 3.bp.blogspot.com

  1. Water (1 cup)
  2. Egg
  3. All-purpose flour (2 cups)
  4. Whole wheat flour (1 cup)
  5. Pinch of salt
  6. Shortening (1/4 cup)
  7. Sugar (1/4 cup)
  8. Yeast (3 tsp.)
  9. Wheat gluten (1 tbsp.), but this is optional

What you need to do:

Put all of the ingredients in a bread pan, select dough setting, and press on start. You can opt to put the wheat gluten if you want the bread to rise higher. Wait for the machine to make a beeping sound to indicate that the dough has risen.

Take out the bread pan and then put the dough on a countertop, but drizzle flour on it beforehand. Roll the dough gently and shape it into a rope that measures 12 inches.

Using a sharp knife, divide it into 8 pieces to make the hamburger buns and 12 pieces for hotdog buns.

Take a baking sheet and grease it with butter. Roll out pieces of dough and make them into balls. To make hamburger buns, flatten them out and into 6-inch rolls for hotdog buns. Place them on the greased baking sheet and then allow it to rise in a warm temperature for 10 to 15 minutes.

The oven has to be preheated to 400F and bake this for 10 minutes until they are golden brown. When they are already baked, allow it to cool before packing them for your camping trip.

How To Survive Off The Land: Camping

Via campinghatley.com

  • Before setting up your tent, look up and check if there are threats nearby. Make sure the trees surrounding you are not weak and will not fall later on.
  • Use your shoes to stomp out a level tent platform. Allow an hour to sinter, but do not remove your shoes so you won’t create any discomfort where the tent will be placed.
  • Pack down a potty trail and make sure that there is a sheltered area about 150 to 200 yards away from the tent and where you are cooking. It should be away from main trails and water sources.
  • You can start pitching your tent already by sticking in the poles of the tent on the ground. Set-up your tent in such a way that it is facing downhill and keep it away from the strong winds.
  • If your tent has 2 doors, only use 1 to keep tracked in dirt minimal and from entering your tent. It is important that you keep your tent clean at all times especially the inside.
  • You can build a small wall made of soil around the tent to prevent winds from blowing it away.
  • Once your tent is sturdy and the vestibules are well put up already, you can start to enjoy your time and explore the wilderness.
  • In order to stay comfortable, do another check on the guylines of your tent and start to batten them down. Make sure that before you enter the tent; remove all the dirt from your shoes. Your clothes should also be free of dust and dirt to keep bacteria and dirt away.
  • Put insulation if the weather is cold and you can do this by putting the insulation pad first and then put a closed-cell foam pad on top.
  • Before going to bed unpack all of your things and plan about what you will be eating the next day and what you are going to use to cook it.
  • Eat a snack before going to bed to keep you fuelled in case you need to encounter and emergency in the middle of the night.
  • Keep yourself hydrated at all times especially when you are going through the wilderness. Carry a bear spray with you for safety.
  • Your survival knife should always be with you in case you encounter wild animals and other threats.
  • When you see a wild animal, do not run and stay calm. They can sense fear and will chase you down until they catch you. In case a animal is able to catch up with you, grab a stone or a stick and throw it at them. Cover your face and head before curling up. This is to prevent the animal from damaging your face and head.

The Most Essential Things To Pack For Camping Especially If It’s Your First Time

Via boyslifeorg.files.wordpress.com

When it is your first time to go camping, you need to know the most important things you need to bring. In the wilderness you do not know what you will encounter so it is best to be prepared for all kinds of situations.

  • Have a first aid kit with you for treating burns, scratches, bumps, and cuts. When you are actively moving about in your camping trip, accidents bound to happen and you must be prepared. Do not pack a camping trip without this because wounds need to be treated right away especially that there is a tendency to catch an infection while you are in the wilderness.
  • Matches and make it a pack because you need to have something with you that can start a fire. If you don’t have fire to cook your food, your source of food will be limited especially that you are not used to eating raw food. It is easy to catch small animals, but the problem is the bacteria that could enter your system if you eat their meat raw.
  • If you have a tarpaulin at home, bring it with you because it can be a layer for the bottom of your tent. This extra layer will protect the bottom of your tent from the critters on the ground and it will help in keeping it dry.
  • Peanut butter is essential because it has a very long shelf life and it is a very good source of fat and protein which you both need for energy all throughout the day.
  • Maps and compass to help you with navigation and keep you from getting lost. Even if your mobile has gps, there is no assurance that the campsite is not a dead spot. Getting lost is the last thing you want to happen while you are in the wilderness and you never know what you will encounter that can threaten your life. Staying on track is important.
  • Pocket knife which is also called a Swiss army knife and it packs a whole lot of different options for you to choose from.
  • Spice rack that is portable because you should still be able to enjoy good food even if you are not at home. The animals and fish that you will catch will be tasteless so they need seasoning. Don’t forget to bring salt and pepper.
  • Alternate clothes in case the weather changes because even if you have checked the weather forecast beforehand, there is no guarantee that it will not change anytime. You need to be prepared for any kind of weather situation. The weather is unpredictable and can change anytime.
  • Flashlight, lantern, and or headlamp for night time because you might have to get up in the middle of the night for food or to pee. You wouldn’t want to stumble on a tree stump, stone, or anything else that could make you trip and fall.
  • Do not forget your toiletries and hygiene essentials because you need to keep yourself clean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Camping

How big is the tent that I need to bring?

How much food and water do I need?

How long does it take to set up a tent?

What if I run out of water, what do I do?

Where is the best spot to set up a tent?

Last Words

Camping is a very enjoyable activity, but you need to be prepared for anything. There are dangerous animals that could attack you. You should also have a sun block and insect repellent to protect your skin against the rays of the sun and insect bites.

The gear that you will buy for camping has to be appropriate for the weather because you never know when the weather will change. If you would have to wear layers of clothes to protect you against the cold, do it. You can always decrease the number of layers that you wear in case the weather becomes hot.

When you try camping, you will experience something that will teach you a lot because living away from the city or outside of your comfort zone challenges you and that is when you learn how to think outside the box. You can also bring some things that you can play with to fight off boredom and keep things fun and exciting.

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