The Best Mountain Bike Shoes – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Mountain Bike Shoes

When you are a serious mountain biker who likes to conquer trails that will make you feel like you are going having the time of your life, then you need to invest on seriously best mountain bike shoes.

They keep your feet on the pedals because there is always a risk that your feet can slip off and pedals are going to hit your feet. That is very painful and if you are in the middle of a race, it will slow you down.

Not wearing the proper gear and carelessness is going to cause you injury and discomfort. Make sure that when you are riding, have the proper gear on including shoes. There are 4 products that you will be able to choose from so you can go ahead and purchase them right away without second thoughts.

Top 4 Mountain Bike Shoes Review

Venzo MTB Bicycle Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes & Multi-Use Pedals

  • You will get a good value because it is a pedal and shoes combo.
  • They are great to use whether you are using cleats or not.
  • Upper part dries quickly, very breathable, made of mesh and synthetic material.
  • The lining is textile and has removable sock liner.
  • Pedals come with cleats.
  • Pedals weigh 370 grams per pair.
  • Forefoot is flexible.

Venzo MTB Bicycle Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes & Multi-Use Pedals is definitely a good value and we love how easy it is to clip and unclip. The shoes are very sturdy and the pedals are easy to install. The downside is that the ball bearings of the pedals aren’t that smooth when compared to others.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Pedal ball bearings aren’t that smooth compared to others.

Venzo MTB Bicycle Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes with Pedals and Cleats

We only needed 2 minutes to set everything up and the compatibility is great. We also love the fit because it is very comfortable and able to use it in all riding conditions.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Cleats need improvement.

Pearl Izumi - Ride Elite Thermal Toe Cover

  • The top part is made of 70% nylon, 15% spandex, and 15% polyurethane bottom.
  • The bottom part is made of 93% nylon and 7% spandex.
  • Comes in small and medium.
  • Item’s weight is 0.15 lbs.
  • Pearl Izumi - Ride Elite Thermal Toe Cover has thermal toe covers.

It does keep our feet warm and stays in place. We have no trouble getting it in and out of the clips which is really convenient.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • They work great in keeping your toes warm.
  • They fit great with cleats.
  • Stays in place and easy to put on.
  • Stretchy and light in weight.
  • Inexpensive and great on the feet.
  • Easy to get in and out of the clips.
  • The design is nice and rugged.

Giro Carbide Mountain Bike Shoes for Men

  • Giro Carbide Mountain Bike Shoes for Men is made of leather.
  • The upper material is synthetic leather and nylon.
  • The closure is hook and loop.
  • It is compatible with 2-hole mountain bike cleats.
  • Molded EVA is what the footbed is made of.
  • Aegis anti-microbial treatment to prevent odors.

We really love its comfort and durability because we able to use it for long distance riding. The shoes are very stylish and looks great on the feet. There were only two issues: the bottom is made of plastic and it’s not meant for people who have skinny feet. The shoes are still worth it to buy.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Not for people with skinny feet.

Tips To Choose Mountain Bike Shoes

Check The Kind of Pedals

  • You first have to check the kind of pedals you have so you know the number of clips it has. Usually, mountain bikes have a clipless system for pedals that lets you hook your shoes to them and also allows more power when you do an upstroke. Pedals of mountain bikes usually have 2 holes, but there are some that have 3 or 4.

What Is Your Budget?

  • Because this needs to be considered. If you are someone who likes to ride with a lot of speed, buy one that has velcro straps and made of carbon fiber because they are lighter and you’ll be able to ride faster. For casual riding, hiker-biker shoes will be fine for you. Their style is laced-up and can be for different riding purposes. The two styles have cleats so you can walk on the surface after getting off the bike.

Read Reviews

  • Reviews are important to read because you will know what customers are saying about the product. You will also know the positive and negative information about the product based on people who have used it.

Have More Than One Option

  • Have more than one option before deciding which one to buy. Research on the products that you like and narrow them down until you come to a decision. Check the features and specs for your preferences and choose one that best fits you.

How To Clean Mountain Bike Shoes

Best Mountain Bike Shoes
  • To clean mountain bike shoes, use cold water to rinse off the mud and other dirt from the shoes.
  • Get a stain remover and use that for spraying the shoes. You can do this or put them in a stain remover solution that’s bene diluted. Let the shoes stay there for about 1 to 2 hours.
  • Brush the shoes to clean everything thoroughly under hot water to kill bacteria also.
  • When it is time to dry the shoes, they will dry quicker if you stuff them with a newspaper or kitchen towel to absorb excess water and bring it back to its shape.
  • To dry completely, leave the shoes under a cool fan for a couple of hours.
  • To get rid of the odor, take your shoes off right away and leave them in front of the fan to dry.

Questions That Are Usually Being Asked

What are the soles made of?

Are the shoes really easy to walk in?

Can I use them without cleats?

Can I use these socks for cross-training?

The Bottom Line

These are the best shoes you can buy for mountain biking and you will not be disappointed wearing them.

They will give you a much better experience if you pick any of them because these products have received a lot of positive reviews and people rarely have something negative to say about them. To avoid disappointment, buy the best mountain bike shoes from the site of so you will also receive great service.

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