The Best Mountain Bike Pedals – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Mountain Bike Pedals

There are 4 best mountain bike pedals listed here that you will find online, but unlike other products, they are well-made.

While you are riding on the road or mountain, it is not comfortable that your feet keeps slipping off the pedals. There is also a possibility that your foot will get caught between the pedals and frame which could hurt you. This is not a pretty sight and it will ruin the ride for you altogether. The pedals that you are using should be well-adjusted to your preference.

The size of the platform also matters because it helps with the stability of your feet on the pedals while riding and the ones with thinner platforms give more ground clearance. Some pedals are slimmer but with a wider platform, but it all depends on your comfort and stability.

Top 4 Mountain Bike Pedals Review

XLC Alloy MTB Pedal

  • It is an XLC Caged Alloy mountain bike pedal color black or silver.
  • Its body is a one piece luminium material and aluminum cage.
  • Milled with CroMo CNC with Boron axle and a ball bearing.

XLC Alloy MTB Pedals are very satisfying and durable as well. They are expected to last a long time and based from my experience, they’ve been with me for a long time.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Great open bearing pedals perfect for mountain bikes.
  • Solid construction for maximum durability.
  • Made of a stylish brushed black metal.
  • They are very strong and can handle heavy pedaling pressure.
  • Road bike users are also able to use it well.
  • They give the feet a very solid grip on the platform so pedaling is easy.
  • The rotation on these pedals work great well.

Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals

  • Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals has a concave platform for better riding comfort and more efficiency.
  • Pins can be replaced.
  • The axle durability of the pedals has been proven by the market.
  • The width is 3mm and 85mm lower profile than MX30 pedals.
  • Color black and has a multi-use.

We are clearly complementing how the pedals look. It gives a great grip even if they are being used for quite some time already. The solidity of the pedals shows excellent durability and even if you don’t use cleats, your feet will never hit the crankset. Overall it is a great product that everyone should consider buying.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Has a very distinctive grip and they can be used for different bikes.
  • Pedals really look great and functions well too.
  • You are getting great pedals for its price.
  • Heavier than some pedals, but you will love how solid they are.
  • Your feet will never stick to the crankset even without cleats.
  • Really easy to install and won’t take much time from you.
  • The hardware is very beautiful and some even call it handsome.

RockBros Bike Bicycle Pedals MTB BMX DH Platform Pedals

They are pedals that will give you a large platform to rest your feet on and they will not slip off no matter what. These pedals can handle any riding condition because we have used them almost anywhere and are very happy with it. Overall these pedals are worth buying and being an option.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Really rigid pedals and made of high quality material.
  • Keeps your feet in place even if there are no cleats.
  • The color gives bikes an accented look.
  • The pedals operate very smoothly and it has a good price for what you are getting.
  • Big pedals that have a big platform perfect for any size of feet.
  • They are very strong pedals and even if you ram them on the rocks, they will not break.

Shimano PD-M530 MTB SPD Pedals

  • Specifically for mountain bikes.
  • It is a type of click pedal.
  • The compatibility of the click pedal is with SPD.

We really love how the pedals feel under our feet because of its size and even racers have tested the durability of these pedals. Shimano PD-M530 MTB SPD Pedals can be taken to the mountains, roads, terrains, and trails.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Even if you have used it for more than a hundred miles, it is still very strong.
  • Great pedals with no clips and easy to use for beginners as well.
  • They look good and feel great under your feet.
  • BMX racers also use these pedals.
  • Very easy to click in and out.
  • Pedals are very sleek and works very smoothly.

Tips To Choose Mountain Bike Pedals

When choosing pedals for your mountain bike, there are elements that you need to look for so you won’t go wrong:

The shape of the platform

  • The more modern designs that are flat have a thinner platform and a lot of people are saying that it gives better more ground clearance, lesser center of gravity, does not flip too much, and more efficient. They also come in wider platform even if they are thinner for better stability and more shoe contact.

Stance of your foot

  • If the pedal is closer to the body, it will be closer to the crank arm giving you more ground clearance when you are leaning over for more efficiency while pedaling.

Height of the pin, placement, and how to remove them

Best Mountain Bike Pedals
  • Having pedals that are flat means that there is really a chance that the pins will become damaged that can cause ground strikes later on. The pins that are at the bottom are easier to change and there are brands that have a traction stud. The size of these pins play a big role when it comes to ground performance.

The stiffness

  • The pedal should be very stiff because it connects you directly to the bike. When the pedal’s platform is rigid, less energy is required to pedal because you are able to feel everything. The grip, weight, and size of the pedal matters a lot too.

Seals and bearings

  • The pedals that have good sealed bearings can be bought between mid to high range and this is determined by having one or two lipped seals made of rubber to keep outside elements from entering the pedals that might cause damage.

How To Maintain Bike Pedals

  • Pedals can be removed for cleaning which can be done every few months.
  • Take off the cap at the end.
  • The flat pop out and the domed ones have screws that become loose and then use an allen wrench, but be careful not to damage it.
  • Use pliers to adjust the cone and a small allen wrench for the locknut.
  • There are decomposing grease from the bearings – use solvent to scrub them clean and it will be good to use waterproof grease and you can use the ball bearings again.

Questions That Are Usually Asked

Do these pedals have cleats?

Can you purchase replacement pins for them?

Is it possible to use the pedals on other bikes?

Do the pedals get rusty right away?

The Bottom Line

Now that you have 4 bike pedals to choose from, you can confidently go online and search them up on Choosing the right kind of pedals for your bike is important as it is the connecting area between you and the bike.

There are a lot of pedals you will find being sold, but these are very reliable ones even after a very long time. The best mountain bike pedals will give you a better riding experience and more leg control over your bike because they work really well.

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